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Homework Interupts Home Life

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Started: 9/1/2014 Category: Education
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1st Round - Acceptance
2nd Round - Starting Arguments
3rd Round - Additional Arguments / Rebuttals
4th Round - Rebuttals and Closing Statements (No New Arguments)

Thanks and good luck!

In a nutshell, does homework take away from your free time? Does it get in the way of being home? Should homework be eliminated so that home and school is separated?


Homework - Work to be specifically done at home, does not include projects / work that was not finished in class

Interrupt - Disrupt / Take a substantial portion of time away from

Home Life - Time spent not in school, "free time"


I accept your debate and look forward to it!
Debate Round No. 1


First of all thank for you accepting the debate. I'm looking forward to it, as I would like to hear and argue with the other side of this matter.

I would like to start off stating the matter at hand here. Students receive a large amount of homework, especially those in honors level classes. While they do understand before going into these classes that this work is expected of them, the homework in general interrupts home life. The matter of this debate is that school should be kept separate from home. School should end after school hours and should not take up your home life, a.k.a. free time.

So now that that's out of the way I would like to start off by stating my two main contentions.

1. Having little to no free time at home, besides sleep, causes a stressful generation.
2. The level of homework does not match what students should expect in the real world.

Now that I've stated my contentions I would like to dive into more detail for each.

It's a wonder why this generation is stressed out. With the increasing selectivity of colleges, pressure from other countries, and technological demand, students have more on their plate than ever. They need time to relax and have fun. They are teenagers, they need to get out a bit, there's no point in them spending their entire night working on homework. Humans are social animals, we need time away from work. Instead of home being the relaxing and stress free place that it should be , there is a constant pressure for the students to get their homework done.

My second contention is that the level of homework does not match what students should expect in the real world. Most jobs, there are a couple of exceptions, end when the employee goes home. They do not have work to do when they get home, and if they do they can expect to be paid for it. Isn't that what school is all about in the first place? Preparing the students for the future?

Again, the stress is too high and the students are not being prepared for the future correctly.

I can not wait for the arguments for the other side!


I will start off by saying that students also have 3 months off that most adults do not get. Though that is more suited for a yearlong school debate than it is to this one so it is merely a comment.

My arguments are all interwoven but The Main points I would like to bring to light are as follows:

1) The act of learning is much harder than the act of doing.
2) Homework solidifies concepts in your mind.
3) Based on the current school set up homework is necessary.
4) Each class only get your attention for a small portion of the day
5) Homework puts the student in a place of responsibility for their education

In a classroom situation you are presumably being introduced to new concepts that take time and effort to understand. whereas in a standard work situation once you learn what you are supposed to be doing you can do it with no resistance from your brain. As an example: imagine you are learning to drive a manual car you are behind the wheel for the first time and you manage to back up but then you eventually stall the car because you did not pop the clutch. cut to three years of driving a manual car later and you don't even have to think about it any more. your brain needs time to learn new things and school is basically 12+ years of stalling different kinds of cars until you can drive each one fluidly. The classroom is great for introducing concepts but there is not enough in-class time to practice them all to the degree that they require. In this regard homework is necessary to give you that extra time you need to really drive the concepts into your memory.

The way the school system is set up causes homework to be necessary because (depending on the school) each class has a fraction of a 7 hour schedule to teach concepts that they will have to use in future studies or careers. While I would in fact argue against the way school is currently set up I will defend the current use of homework to supplement that time. Further more, and more relevantly, students are asked to trot around campus to their next class and they themselves take time to get ready for each class and though it may only be around 5 minutes or so it adds up.

Homework also sets students up to think critically outside of class and blurs the line between education and life. This concept is nearly the centerpiece for your argument but it it also for mine. Humans are very good at selective attentions. It is all too easy to go through a day of schooling without retaining a single bit of information but if you are required to prove on a daily basis that you understand what you are learning then it gives you and the teacher an analog on how you both are doing. If a question was missed by the entire class. a good teacher would not view the students as faulty he/she would go over it again to help the students understand it properly. One could say that is what test are for but tests are high stakes grades whereas if you get a bit of homework every night missing a couple of questions would not be too bad. As a student you should appreciate getting homework back. If you missed a problem it gives you the opportunity to correct it for yourself so you can improve your understanding of the subject.

On a final and hopefully shorter note if you diligently do all of your homework and return it on time you prove to yourself and your teacher that you are taking your education seriously.

All of this comes from a college student that took 6 AP classes in his senior year of high school. so trust me I know the definition of an overloaded work flow, and it is touch at times but (opinion ahead) I feel that proper time management is something everyone can benefit from learning and is generally the cause of stress. Also I am so sorry this is so long I might have gotten carried away.
Debate Round No. 2


I again would like to start off by thanking my opponent for accepting my debate and providing a very intelligent and thought provoking debate so far.

I'm going to spend the time that I have this round rebutting my opponents points, and stressing my contentions. I'm going to go one by one with his points.

"The act of learning is much harder than the act of doing"

While this may be true, why do we have to stress our students out like crazy before they even get to the "act of doing". How will we even know that they will be able to handle it? There needs to be more time for fun and relaxation in the time that they are home. You can't function with very high stress levels.

"Homework solidifies concepts in your mind"

My rebuttal for this one will lead a little bit out of the debate realms, but I believe it is justified in the end. This is not true for all students. The students that are able to grasp the subject at hand do not need that extra work, because it it is just "busy work". Maybe instead of assigning homework, students should become more responsible and do the work if they feel that they need it.

"Based on the current school set up homework is necessary."

Not much to say here besides maybe we need to change the school setup. Is it worth having our next generation and their parents stressed out from all the work?

"Each class only get your attention for a small portion of the day"

Again, this is a problem with the education system. Why stress out the students because the education system is not perfect.

"Homework puts the student in a place of responsibility for their education"

No, homework is forced upon the students, even the ones that do not need it. If homework was optional the students that do not need it would be able to be responsible and understand what they need and what they do not.

So far this debate has lead out of the original path that I expected it to go, which is very amazing. It's awesome being able to think about the education system as a whole and it's impact on students, the homework levels, and the students stress levels because of it.

I look forward to hearing my opponents rebuttals in the next round.


KalleS forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Delons forfeited this round.


KalleS forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Delons 3 years ago
I think that's more what I was going for, and I said that in my argument. It could have been worded a little better.
Posted by Atheist-Independent 3 years ago
Obviously homework interrupts with ones free time. I think that a better question would be whether or not this is a good thing.
Posted by wxyz2000 3 years ago
Please define "home life"
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