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Homework Should be Banned

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Started: 11/15/2013 Category: Education
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Should homework be banned? I think so.

"Free Time"
After an average of eight hours of school, kids then need to do an average of two hours of homework. Then they need nine hours of sleep, and about an hour to read. That means they only have about four hours of free time. We also push them to do sports, which takes about two hours, which leaves just two hours for kids to be themselves. If homework was reduced, they would have 4 hours to be themselves, (or six hours if they don't play sports.)

That is only one reason. Schoolwork after school puts extra stress on kids. They need to get it all finished by the next day so they can get a good grade. If homework was banned, stress levels would be reduced. That means less grinding of the teeth at night (sometimes,) which means less pain at dentist appointments.

Good luck to anyone who accepts. Please note that these are only two of many arguments.


First of all, thank you for starting this debate. I look forward to debating you.

I am not very passionate about the subject that i am arguing in favor of but i will try my best. If you viewed my profile you would that i am a 14 years old american, so i have experience with this topic. The argument that i will be laying out is that schools should assign homework to their students, but not in excess. You on the other hand are advocating for a federal prohibition on homework.

In your first argument you make the claim that students need free time and that homework gets in the way of that. i agree with this, I agree that two hours of homework in excessive and i am surprised that any school would assign that much. But it never takes me more than an hour a day, at the most.

On to your second argument. You claim that homework leads to an increase in stress. This is true, but so does work, social relations and pretty much every other obligation in life. In my opinion, as a student, the most stressful thing about school is test , exams and studying for those test and exams. Homework is relatively easy on students when it ones to stress.

My argument in favor of Homework is as followed. Homework is just another form of studying that requires one to show proof that they studied. Homework makes a student think, it forces the student to do the things that we will be later tested on. Plus, it helps your grades in subjects that you don't preform well in.

Thanks for starting this debate
Your turn, good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


So I guess we're debating on two things, huh? This is awesome! Good luck to you!

"Two hours of homework in excessive and I am surprised that any school would assign that much."
Touché. In high school and college, that much homework is usually assigned. This argument proves the stress thing, also. In college, they already have enough to study for.

Homework does lead to an increase in stress. Many websites also say this [1]. Even when you are trying to escape, it is always somewhere in the back of their minds. With all of the projects and studying alone is enough to do at home. What I see as homework is work that teachers assign that is not stemmed to a test or a project. Please note stemmed to a test is a test you know about and is less than a week away. I'm fine with just projects and tests. Some junior highschoolers (on this site, even [2]) want to ban homework and ste that it is one of the reasons that they fail. Please see the [2] link at the bottom.

Half of the homework you recieve are something that you already done in class. The other half is the thins that teachers either failed to mention in class or just want to throw it out there. Something kids need to learn in the young life is responsibility. You should have the choice to not study or to study. That is responsibility and making the right decisions in life.

Here's what would happen to students, parents, and teachers if homework was banned:

Students: Stress levels reduced. More free time added.
Parents: Don't have to tell children to do homework and stop worrying about grades.
Teachers: Don't have to add as many points to gradebooks and don't have to correct any more papers.

Some kids have cheated and have had their parents to do their homework [3]. That does not make them learn anything except a crime is O.K if you don't get caught. I ask you: Why shouldn't homework be banned?




Well my opinion on stress levels and school is more closely related to testing and exams which is another Debate. I think homework in moderation can be very helpful. you said that students should take responsibility for any education outside of school and study on their own will. Im somewhat of a slacker, in fact most teenagers are slackers so many students won't take the time out of day to study resulting in students making lower grades. i believe that homework is just another form of studying .
Homework requires a student to exercise the knowledge they have or to go search for it if they don't know. Homework is probably more helpful then just normal studying. Homework has actually helped my grades in some classes. For example, I'm an English, History person I'm not very good at math and usually do bad on tests, but the only reason I'm not failing math is because i do my homework every day. And homework should be something that yo have already gone over in class, its supposed to make yo understand and know the information.

Again, I'm not advocating for hours of homework every night just a little review from every class.

i would like to meet the lucky person who's parents do their homework.

Homework shouldn't be banned because in moderation it can be helpful to many students, it can also help assure students learn outside of school instead of just hoping they study.
Debate Round No. 2


Just so you know, I'm not 60 like my account says. I'm still in school, but I'm not going to say what level.

"I believe that homework is just another form of studying."
This is somewhat true, and I will give you credit for it. But many kids in my class don't study and get good grades anyway because they listen and take notes. It is unfair to force a kid to study if they don't want to. Just make them deal with the consequences.

"I would like to meet the lucky person who's parents do their homework."
Hold on. You see homework as another form of studying, but you declare the person lucky if they don't have to do it? Therefore, you dislike homework.

Now onto my own arguments.

"Review" (This is kina yours)
In class, we have 43 minuete periods, which seems like more than enough time to learn and review a subject. If techers can't tech it all, they give us homework. It's not our fault if they can't teach it all, and we shouldn't be penalized for it! Also, sometimes you get to do your homework in class if you have enough time. That means that there was no point in assigning it if the information was JUST learned, instead of a little review to jog your memory later tonight.

"Homework is good and bad in some examples."
It is good if it is moderation, that is true. But here is a bad example:
Homework: Study for Social Studies Test. Do page 189 and 190 in math book. Pages 133-137 all in grammar book.
So you study hard.
You do your math, but forget to do your language arts because you're tired and don't have much time
Boom, your grade drops 2%. A- to a B+.

Homework should also be banned because of after school sports. (I mentioned this in first argument, I think.) You are very tired after your after-school sport and your brain is totaled from all of the decisions you have to make. Now you have to do homework. But wait! What if you have a doctors appointment?! You then can't do your homework.

Fun debating, your turn!


You say that weather or not someone takes responsibility for their education outside of school should be left up to them. We'll this defies a core principle of the public education system. Students are forced to go to school even if they don't want to. This is because society says that you should be forced to make the right decisions. Homework is just another example of that. I claim that homework should continue but in moderation because it can help the students study, while you claim that it should be banned because studying should be left up to the students. You and I both know that many kids won't take the time to do this, so we assign homework to assure they do.

Yes I hate homework. Obviously, but it is helpful and in come to terms with something I dislike because It can be helpful.

Yes, excessive homework is a problem and teachers should be instructed to keep home at a minimum but still assign home
Work. Also, students should have enough time in their day to do a little homework, honestly it probably would take only 45 minutes to do what you listed, and that's more then I'm advocating for.

To sum my argument up, homework should be assigned to students, in moderation, as a way to review.
Debate Round No. 3


"Only 45 minutes to do what you listed, and that's more then I'm advocating for."
I see less than 45 minuets of homework as useless. I usually get homework assigned in five of my classes. If I can zoom through each subject in nine minuets, then it is worthless. My algebra homework usually takes an hour alone. When you do your homework in nine minuets, you're not really trying and therefore is worthless.

"Should be forced to make the right decisions."
If you never make a wrong decision, how can you learn from it? So suddenly the human element is worthless? Humanity has to learn from making wrong decisions. Society doesn't force you to make the right decisions. For example, you can still chose to just not do your homework.

"You and I both know that many kids won't take the time to do this, so we assign homework to assure they do."
I hate optional studying to the very depth pits of my heart, but I still elect to do it. Why? Because I know I will get a good grade on the test if I do. I think many responsible students will study when there is a test coming up. Learning something in class should be enough. If we both know that many people wouldn't elect to do the extra work (like you said,) that would just punish and effect them later in life when they don't want to do the extra work of a job.

Now onto my own arguments:

Homework usually takes a computer to do, which not everyone has. Therefore, it becomes somewhat impossible to complete your homework, making it completely unfair to the person who gets a bad grade because they don't have a piece of electronic equipment in their household. This creates s ton of stress, and usually doubles the time it takes to do your homework. Therefore, you can't hang out with friends and you can't get enough sleep.
Sleep is also one of the reasons homework should be banned. If you don't have time to do it in the day, you have to do it in the night. Then you have to get up early the next day, while getting only about six or seven hours of sleep, well below the suggested nine hours, and go to school. Kids need to grow, you know!

The main reason kids do not want to do homework is because it is boring and takes time away from what your really want to do. That is actually a completely valid argument. Kids should always (when not in school) be able to rest and do what they want to do!

Your turn!



So what if certain kids don't want to do it. But that's totally different argument.

You claim that homework takes a lot of time out of your day. If it really takes you hours to complete your homework, My heart goes out to you, obviously your teachers have no compassion.

Instead of reiterating my argument I'm going to try something new and kind of go into a in related debate.

Why is it the federal governments responsibility to interfere in the classroom? Shouldn't teachers be allowed to teach their subjects with the government telling them what they can and can't do? I think that teachers should be allowed to teach how they please and if they Are effective they should be allowed to continue. We shouldn't ban homework because it interferes in the classroom.

I'm running out of ideas. Your turn.
Debate Round No. 4


I'm pretty much out of ideas too. Probably should've made this thing four rounds, huh?

You can open that related debate and maybe I'll answer if I'm up to it.

My last argument, which hopefully will lead the voters to voting for PRO, is that people are literally KILLING themselves over unfinished homework. Check out this link:



My arguments summed up:

Homework is a necessary evil as it assures that students take an effort toward their education outside of school.
Homework is just a way for students to exercise their minds are prepare for tests and exams.
In moderation, homework can be helpful.

And I'v always believed that the main cause of academic strain and stress is caused by exams. Huge tests that hang over your head and force you to study at risk of failure. But that's a different debate.

It's been fun. Vote con!
Debate Round No. 5
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