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Homework should be banned in USA

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Started: 3/25/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Homework should not be banned in the United States because it helps students learn the subject/topic they are working on and it prepares them for the real world.

My first reason why homework should not be banned in the USA is that it helps students learn the topic they are working on. Learning at school does help a student, but taking the same work home and practicing it and studying it in the comfort of their home is better than at school. At school, there are many distractions around you that could make you unfocused at what they are teaching but at home, you have no such distractions and can focus on your studies more easily.
Homework also helps the teacher find what the student is missing and what they need help on. Example: If a student got all the problems that require Law of Cosines wrong then the teacher knows that the student needs help in learning how to use the Law of Cosines.

My second reason for why homework should not be banned in the USA is that it prepares students for the real world. Homework teaches children responsibility. They know they have an assignment due two days from now and they will learn that they have to do it, whether they like it or not. That's what's a responsible person would do, and that is how things are sometimes in the real world. It teaches them time management. They learn that you have to learn to manage your time between homework, social life, and doing what they want to do. It teaches students perseverance and how to deal with adversity, which they will definitely encounter throughout their lives. It can also help raise their self-esteem if they did got an A on a project or research paper that they worked really hard on.

(1)- First-hand school experience

Thank you for reading this and I wish the best of luck to my opponent.


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Debate Round No. 1


Well I thought I was going to get a real opponent but it is just some guy trying to advertise Call of Duty or posted it on the wrong debate (which is not likely at all). I am still going to continue with my argument.

Homework prevents the waste of time and gives students something beneficial to do with their time. Students waste a lot of time on social media, on the Internet, playing video games, etc. It is okay to use those things in with limitations when you are taking a break from something and trying to lower stress by doing something you love but mindlessly wasting their time and using these things to an over-extent is not something they should be doing. Studies show that students who have homework and do it get better test grades and overall grades in school than ones who do not have any homework.

In my closing statement I would like to say that having and doing homework, but not too much of it, is beneficial in learning from a student and teaches them life skills they will use in the real world as well as giving them something useful to do instead of wasting their time.



Prepare2Lose forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by zookdook1 2 years ago
Prepare2Lose should automatically forfeit all points for attempting to advertise CoD on a debating website. IMO anyway.
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