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Homework should be cut down in high school.

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Started: 7/18/2017 Category: Education
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For most high school students, homework pushes kids far beyond the school day. High school students get a average 17.5 hours of homework a week, which equals ~2 hours of homework each day. (including weekends). That time could be spent doing extra curricular activities, like sports or after school jobs.

Even with all of its benefits, it proves that places without much homework do better. For example, Finland, which stopped giving a lot of homework to students in 2009, scored 6th in reading and 12th in math. This proves that cutting down on homework can boost a childs ability to learn.

In conclusion, homework hours should and must be lowered if high school students want to get a proper and thorough education.

btw, this is my first debate, so please go easy on me.

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I am representing the con side so I stand for the general statement that homework should be cut down.

Homework is fine at the rate it is now. Homework has a great system because it is looked at as another one of your grades. The teacher can get the impression that you either need help with your work or you are at a level where you can be grated to a higher level of some sort.

In high school, even though the pressure is on, and you have a lot of homework [so I've heard I'm in seventh grade], you have no idea how much it helps. The school that I go presents with the same amount of homework in high school that the other schools offer. Because of this, my school has had a 100% college acceptance rate for a long time. The affect of a lot of homework seems to not have offered much problems in a student's life besides the fact that they may feel stressed, but if you switch the average student's daily routine from doing homework to the dramatic change of little to no homework, the affects in their grades could change. It's hard to adjust to a new thing pretty easily.

The reason why we have homework is mainly for two reasons. The first one is:
1. To catch up on anything you missed in class.
Most teenagers are known to have a short attention span and can easily miss things in class. Numerous schools have students learn at the same time and pace even though everyone learns at a different pace. This can be hard on students. With the help of homework, they can easily get things they missed in class, and get clarification on the things they may show weakness on.
2. To remember what they have
I know this may sound stupid because it will be less than a day until you get back to school but you can easily forget what you learned. If you're in class and you learn something once and then distract yourself with something like going out with your friends that night, you can simply forget the information and fill it with the joy of hanging out with your friends. Studies also show that if you put a lot of effort into one task, you're sure to be less effective on the next task. If you can fully comprehend the information you processed in a short time by going over it, you're sure to remember it better.

For my last point, for some people, it can be hard to focus in a classroom. People with anxiety and ADD and ADHD find it extremely hard to focus. Then, there's the fact that they are surrounded by people in a limited space with pressure on AND limited time. With homework, you can use your free time to let stress go and really go over what was harder for you to focus on in class without stress.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, thank you for joining my debate. Secondly, I agree with somethings you say, but I disagree with what you say about homework being fine now.

First of all, as a grade 9 student, I had many nights where I was not able to have any free time to myself, because of sports and homework. I got back from school around 3:00 and finished my homework around 4:30, and then I had to eat supper and then go to sports. The only free time I ever had was during weekends, where I would have to finish my homework on Friday and Saturday. My brother, who was in grade 11, had it much worse. I think that homework should still be a thing, but they should cut it down to 1 hour a night.

Furthermore, as for the ADD or ADHD kids, at most schools there are different levels of classes. Most schools have applied and academic, but some school have essential, which is the easiest.Applied doesn't give much homework, and people there get better marks than people in academic. Also, there were kids in my class who had ADHD and they got a IEP, where they got easier homework and more time on tests.

Finally, homework is not fine at the rate it is now. 2 hours on homework is 1 hours wasted. Studies show that students should only spend around 1 hour on homework each night. Most students agree with my argument, that homework should be cut down.

In conclusion, even though homework is important, students should not spend all of their free time on it.



If a student cannot finish their work, that's on them and that's based on the skill they represent.

Some of the points you brought up became irrelevant due to the fact that the only evidence brought up was from your own life, not a general thing. Technically standing, that's an opinion that you think the time you finish your work stands for the actual time it takes most students to finish homework, making that so opinions and personal life in debate don't matter and about a paragraph of what you state will not matter under any circumstances.

Like I stated in my last round AND what I stated at the beginning of this round, if students don't finish their homework, that's on them. If they can't get their work done or it's not correct, it's because the grade level for them is a bit too hard, which makes sense because your homework should be doable if you are in the right grade level. When you were saying my point on kids with ADD and ADHD, it depends how bad their disorder is. sometimes the teacher will completely ignore it and give them them normal homework. I just said it's especially hard for them sometimes. I'm not saying them personally. It's scientifically proven that you work best when you are not under pressure with people around you, in a confined space, and barely any time, basically stating that you work best by yourself and on your own time.

Going back to your point about how you have almost no time, that's why we have weekends and breaks. The week is for hard learning and the weekend is your reward. It's not like you do nothing in life.

On your point about changing it to 1 hour a night, I want to connect it to my first point. If students can't get their work done, it's on them. They should be able to get their work done at a certain time.
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