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Homework should be mandatory.

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Started: 3/5/2013 Category: Education
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Homework helps the teacher and the student in a school. Homework helps the student because the student understands the lecture the teacher gave better. Homework can also show if you know the topic or not. If you figure out you do not know the topic, you can ask your teacher. Homework helps the teacher because the teacher has less stress. When the student does the homework, and they get everything right, the teacher knows that the student understands the topic clearly. This can also notify that a student doesn't know the topic, and he or she will be helped.
Homework also helps students on tests. When a student does his or her homework, he or she understands the topic and will do well on the test. Homework is good for everyone is a school environment.


Many children these days want to pursue their dreams in his or her individual lives. If a student can truly understand and connect with a subject, they will go out and learn more about it on their free time because it interests them. By forcing high amounts of homework, teachers are forcing their students to like everything. That sounds an awful lot like communism to me. There won't ever be anybody out there who enjoys doing everything in life.
Another main fact is that homework does not at all improve the grade a student gets on the test. There have been accurate studies that support this idea. So what is the point of wasting the children's time on what they won't be doing for the rest of their lives when they can be doing what they love?
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Posted by TD_Cole 4 years ago
Another factor: What if they cheat?
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Vote Placed by lit.wakefield 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Not much of a debate. However I found Con's arguments to be more convincing, as he not only disputed whether homework actually does help grades, but also presented an argument that regardless, it should not be mandatory (Pro, having chosen to make this debate one round, was not able to argue against this)... but communism? Really?