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Homework should be optional

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Started: 8/20/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Honestly I don't see any good reason why kids have to have homework. This is an open debate, anyone can accept. I am pro (for.).
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that kids should not HAVE TO have homework because most people would rather get things done at school instead of at home. If needed we could even extend school hours so that there is no need for homework. Also, at school there are teachers that can help you if needed, while it is harder to get help at home (for most people.). Some kids have parents that are busy or just plain do not want to help their kids, and they are likely to NOT pick their kids up later after school if tutoring is needed. Even if they do, tutoring cost money 1/2 the time.

Sources: Me, myself, and I.


Homework helps develop a student's study skills; their ability to research a topic on their own. If a student needs help, they can ask questions in class, or develop better note-taking skills or research habits.

Homework reinforces thr topics learned in class and sometimes prepares students for future cconcepts, so, if everyone has done their homework, class time can be used to continue on to more advanced topics.

Homework allows parents to take a part in the student's education, if they are willing and able.

Homework encourages the development of a student's self-discipline since it requires them taking initiative/responsibility for themselves without their hand being held.

I am a free tutor, and peer tutoring is often a free route to take; further strengthening relationships in class.
Debate Round No. 2


That is a very good argument Alyfish, but that does not prove that homework should not be optional. If school were to add on about 10 - 15 minutes to each class, there would be enough time to get to anything extra. If a student still has trouble, they could stay after-school for help, or they could decide whether or not they should have homework or tutoring.
As the topic states, I believe that homework should be an option,not no homework at all.

So the only thing you proved in your argument was that tutoring is often available.

Sources: Alyfish's last argument.


I will do my best to avoid new arguments, even though pro sees my past argument as insufficient. If homework were an option, then little to no student would take such an option. In the reall world, we have responsibilities outside of school. Homework is one way to demonstrate that to children and it should be required for all students. To demonstrate that one can survive outside of school, they must demonstrate the ability to balance themselves without holding someones hand. If a student cannot handle homework, then they need to learn how to fix cars or do carpentry. There's the option I would agree with: pass (homework) or fail (no homework). Weeding out the strong from the weak. It's not rocket science, it's a review.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by sasquatch365 3 years ago
Homework is always optional!
Posted by Armysoul88 3 years ago
I agree with seraphobia
Posted by seraphobia 3 years ago
Technically that was punctuation, not grammar. but that's what the warning says. XD
Posted by seraphobia 3 years ago
Grammar... you forgot a period.
Posted by seraphobia 3 years ago
Good luck Alyfish126!
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Reasons for voting decision: Both made a lot of statements that are not relevant to the topic. Kids with optional homework go to tutor as well. Only thing that I count as Pro's argument is that learning is more effective in school, and therefore homework should be done there; Which is refuted by Con's argument that kids should develop ability to work in "bad" enviroment. Pro has failed her burden of proof, therefore Con wins.