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Started: 11/15/2011 Category: Education
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I would like to see what others think about the subject of homework and try to prove them wrong. Good luck to whoever accepts and Pro can state their argument first.


Thank you for bringing up this topic, as I will be quite happy to refute your arguements.
Although your topic is not quite clear, I shall believe that as I am pro, I am saying that homework is good.

Homework, especially in America, is a fundamental part of children's education. It is a necessary tool to go over what they learned during class. Most, if not all, of classes need to review topics. Listening and taking notes is not enough in school.

If children do not have homework, would they actually go over notes? Would they really find worksheets to fill in, projects to make, essays to write, and problems to solve? Unless their parents enforce their kids to do work, if homework was optional, at least 90% of kids wouldn't do homework! Even for the children who WOULD do the homework, homework is an essential guide that leads them to success on their next test or quiz.

To sum it up, homework is a necessary tool, most children wouldn't do homework if it was optional, and it will make them better students.
Debate Round No. 1


I would first like to say thank you for accepting this debate. It should be interesting.
Now, as Con, I'm saying homework is bad.

Homework doesn't work

This statement is quite self explanatory so let me give you some research I found: "there is absolutely no evidence of any academic benefit from assigning homework in elementary or middle school. For younger students, in fact, there isn't’t even a correlation between whether children do homework (or how much they do) and any meaningful measure of achievement. At the high school level, the correlation is weak and tends to disappear when more sophisticated statistical measures are applied." Now, why give children homework if it doesn't work? You say it is because it leads them to success for their next test or quiz. Well- and this is my personal opinion- the teacher should prepare you for that test or quiz. The teacher should be responsible, have the students take notes, answer some questions in class, and then have the stuff that would've been homework, become class work. It's that simple. Now there may be some thought on that there's not enough time in the class period. Well, then extend it or if the student has questions, let them come into you after class so that they still get the concept. Then, before a test or quiz, review a little, get the student's brains going, and take it. I don't study for certain classes because the teacher reviews it when we get in the class for ten minutes and then we take it and I've aced almost every one. If someone needs to study extra, good for them, but don't make a study guide mandatory. And in fact, if someone gives too little or too much homework it bring diminishing returns (the opposite of where you want to go) and because a teacher doesn't know the exact amount of homework to give for every individual student, then homework wouldn't work anyways. Now to my next point.

Homework and time

Between the busy life schedules of parents and students, homework can get in the way. I have already covered that homework simply doesn't work; so if it doesn't work, why waste time on that when you could be doing something exciting? Many students have other things to do than sit at their desk doing pages of homework and studying for the three tests they have tomorrow. It can become a burden and make the student's not want to go to school or not do it because its time consuming nature. Kids want to play sports and do things they enjoy and hang out with friends. Why should all of those suffer because they have to sit at home and do some homework that doesn't work anyways? Why should their social life suffer or their relationship with their family suffer because of useless homework? Let kids be kids and let them have fun instead of burdening them with homework.
Now to my next point.

Homework creates stress.

Homework, stress, and time can all be related. Because of other things, kids don't have enough time to do homework, or visa versa, and then it creates stress. Like I have said before, homework doesn't work. Studies have shown there is zero correlation between the academic scores and homework. The best is a very low percentage and the worst, nonexistent. So, if homework creates stress, that's unneeded stress and another thing to add on to the disadvantages list. Especially for those who don't have a good family life or are poor, they don't have resources. If teachers are giving the kids homework and the kids doesn't have a computer or can afford a text book, well then there goes their grade. Even if they try, they won't be able to succeed with resources that a classroom has. This can cause stress on them because they want to succeed and they can't help their position in life. It stresses kids out. In a statistics article I read a few months back, it said that homework was the main leader of the five stressors in a life and family. Why is stress better than homework?


If the kid really tried and wanted the grade then yes, they would got over notes and the book to make sure they are going to get an A. Most parents care about their kid so they'll make them anyways do the studying. Homework isn't essential if they have a good teacher. I've gotten good grades without studying because the teacher reviewed and made sure we understood it before she handed out the test or quiz.

I look forward to your response and here are some sites:;


Seine forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


OH NO! I was in a vacation, and I was unavailable to internet. Oh, well. I will continue.

Anyway, you say for kids, it is not very helpful. HOWEVER, despite scores of studies, definitive conclusions remain a matter of some debate. It depends on what state, city, school, and amount of homework, and many conclusions tend to be biased. (quote from

You claim homework creates a lot of stress. But I can easily finish all of my homework in about 2 hours, and has the rest of the day to do whatever I want to do. All kids who take more than 5 hours on homework is usually due to procrastination, lack of focus, and lack of knowledge on the subject.

There is no alternative to homework. If you want to review something, that is the only way to do so. At schools, they have the best studying material, as they should. Homework shouldn't take much stress, and the kids who do take stress must be very weakhearted, unable to do something all the other peers can do! Most stress are caused because of irresponsible parents who cannot enforce kids to do the homework, and have the rest of the day free, and rather walk around the house, lull about, and take as much time as they can on doing homework. Any sane parent would say something about their behavior.

You also say teachers should be responsible for the kids, be responsible, and take good notes. But in a country where teachers get paid around 10 dollars and hour, you'd be very lucky to find a handful in a city. You also say that you can just increase teacher work time. But they are already complaining about long work hours, and increasing work hours would also raise taxes to pay extra for teachers.

I really don't want to do this, but let's compare the US and South Korea (only because I am knowledgable on both teaching systems). South Korean children come home at ten o clock (it's not an exaggeration, look it up online) from cram schools, homework, and other things. At school kids are under so much stress that there is a 10 percent chance that a child will commit suicide before the age of 18. At the beginning of elementary school, they are taught about competition. The class average is an A-. In EACH CLASS there is a child that has skipped THREE GRADE LEVELS.

Of course I am not saying that America should be this way!!!! But one cannot help but notice that many of the smartest countries are in Asia. The US is 25th. 25TH! (look it up in google, I can't find the URL. Sorry) Homework MUST be one of the key factors that they are doing so well.
Debate Round No. 3


Second time writing this since my computer decided to exit me out of the Internet.

Yes, there have been different conclusions, but the different conclusions show that homework is not a very secure thing to hold on to for academic success. The different conclusions show that homework is lacking and pretty much useless. Even if it did work some of the time, that time that it didn't work would be wasted time for teacher and student.

Homework does create unneeded stress. For those kids who take a long time because of misunderstanding, it is unfair to them. They do not understand it so they go home, attempt it, come back to school, get a bad grade, and then with too many bad grades, their report card grade will surely be low. Homework drags a kid's grade down. Teachers shouldn't give out things to take home without them before they are sure everyone understands the subject. That way the teachers are setting their students up for success instead of failure.

Those kids who don't have responsible parents can't help it. They weren't able to choose their parents before time. They shouldn't have to suffer because of their parent's mistakes and irresponsibility. Then, we'll just have more and more generations of poorer and poorer people. Their grade will suffer because of the parents and lack of supplies which isn't fair.

Teachers came into the teaching profession knowing about their pay and all the work it would take. If they don't like it, get another profession. They walked into the profession knowing about the time and work they would have to put into it, so they should not have a problem with it. It's the job they chose so they have no reason to complain about it.
As for the South Korea point, here's a website that shows the comparison between different countries. Look at the SECOND point and you'll see. I would just like to point out though that U.S. families are generally more relaxed about their kids' grades and so on. In Asia, there is a huge push and they are taught that they MUST get As and they are taught competition because only THE BEST will get into college. That's not the case in America.


Alright, now here I shall refute all your arguements.

I still imply the fact that you cannot really see whether or not homework helps a student. It can be easily made so you get a group of smart kids and not make them do homework, but since they would study on their own, their tests grades wouldn't drop.

How can a child not understand a homework problem? The teacher certainly would have taught them how to do a problem. If they cannot understand it, thirty minutes with a parent, a sibling, or researching on the computer would CERTAINLY do the trick! Many kids, when they see a seemingly difficult problem, tend to say the famous cliche "I don't get it" and not really put any effort.

Homework SHOULDN'T create stress! As I said before, if you have a little pride, then you should be able to do what a hundred other kids are doing! Sometimes, homework does create stress, such as a huge project worth a lot of their grade. In a way, that stress is GOOD, since they are learning how to cope with large amounts of stress, and are GETTING READY FOR THEIR ADULTHOOD WHEN THEY WILL FACE MANY MORE CHALLENGES. If a child complains about a small homework assignment in high school, then he or she will also act that way when they have a job. As a child, you learn that you should do your work, and if you don't, there are consequences involved. At the age of 13 it's getting a C. At the age of 30 however, it means losing your job and living out in the streets.

You also say that because of irresponsible parents, their grade will fall behind, and it isn't fair. EXACTLY! That's EXACTLY the reason why we should have homework! It's like another parent who's giving you work!

You imply the fact that teachers teach because they want to and if they don't like it, they can get a job. It's not necessarily so. Some of the time, it's because it's the highest paying job they can get, or it's the only available job that is better than working at a fast food restraunt.

You refute that smart countries do not have a lot of homework. But it is because they have EVOLVED. Once again, I shall be using South Korea as an example. It is the year 1953. The aftermaths of the Korean war is on everybody's minds. THe country is in total disruption. So how is it that in 50 years, South Korea not only rebuilt itself, but is now one of the strongest countries in the world??? It was because of the children. They studied and studied, studied themselves into a good college, studied themselves into a job, and studied themselves into a brighter future. Homework was a key role during that process. But now, THEY HAVE EVOLVED INTO A STATE WHERE HOMEWORK ISN'T NEEDED ANYMORE. Why would they, when they have such smart parents who teach them better than the teachers?

We aren't in that state yet, and until the government doesn't even need school, because the parents are so good in raising their children, we must rely on HOMEWORK.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TO ALL THE VOTERS OUT THERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please choose pro, as this can be as a matter of value. The con's websites contradicts him/herself, as it recommends that a small amount of homework is good for children, WHICH IS TRUE. YOU MUST REALIZE WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT! Is it a little stress on behalf the children, or is it a BETTER FUTURE FOR THEM? Think of all the time you spent at school! Please think of the projects you did and what you LEARNED through the stress, and the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT as you got an A! The stress you dealt with certainly helped you mature, has it not? As an old Asian proveb, good medicene is bitter. The medicine is the homework, (although in America, homework doesn't cause a lot of stress), but the result is a good job, car, and a house! Please choose pro.
Debate Round No. 4
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