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Homosexual couples should not have kids since the kids will have a tough time growing up

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Started: 5/27/2015 Category: People
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Okay... So for this topic, I'm gonna be a Pro since.... I have debated about this in my class being a Con and I failed. Sorry. Therefore, this time I'm gonna be a Pro and I'd like to restate the ideas that won over me the last time to anyone who's willing to be the Con.
P.s: Don't be too hard or serious please... :p I'm not a native English speaker and I'm here to improve my English and also improving my skills in debating. So thank you :)


I accept your challenge. I won't be too serious unless necessary.
Debate Round No. 1


First point I'd like to bring up is that: On the stand of a kid of a homosexual couple, it is harder for him/her to grow up because the family he/she has is not observed to be normal as other kids. Kids can be very ignorant and cruel in their ways.,depends on how their parents teach them. The kids that are raised by homosexual couples might be more open-minded about same sex relationship/marriage but they will be teased at schools and get hurt for what they didn't do.. Let's say they were adopted when they were very young., babies to be specific. They never got to choose their parents., yet now they have to suffer a tough time growing up accepting that their parents are not like others. Also., as parents.,none of us want our children to be teased and to try to stand up everyday for what we are responsible for.,do we.?


Normal - conforming to the standard or the commontype; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural

What do you mean by normal? If you mean normal in America, there is practically no such thing as a normal family. Families can range from a married mother and father, a single mother and father, to two mothers or two fathers. As mentioned in the definition of normal, it's very common and usual at least in the United States(1). Besides LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) parents, there are also parents who are poor or parents that are multiracial. Children with LGBT parents aren't the only children who have a tough time growing up; poor and multiracial children have the same problem with their parents being "not like others" in some cases. Yes, kids can be cruel and ignorant but they can be cruel and rude about anything- from the way you dress, to the way you act and look.

Debate Round No. 2


Talking about the definition of Normal, I'd state that I agree to you that "There is no such thing as normal". True. It's too complicated to really judge something if it's normal or not, regarding to the definition of Normal. Yes at least in USA, it's more Okay to have a family of two homosexual people. But is it okay for me to widen this viewing point a little bit more because for now, although people are more likely to accept same sex marriage/homosexual but it still depends (nations, cultures, religions, etc.). By "normal" here, I mean "claimed to be normal/more likely to be accepted for a long time". I apologize for not mentioning this but anyway, about the child of a homosexual couple. Yes kids can tease each others on whatever, the way they dress, hair, having a poor family, not having both parents like what the standards in their minds have. You can see... that's already sad enough. Now when having homosexual parents comes in, imagine a kid being asked and gossiped about at school "Are your parents both men? Or both women?", "Who do you call Dad? and what about Mom?...blah blah". It's pretty irritating for the kid. Though the kid can be loved by both parents just like most of any other kids but ... you know what I mean. And to repeat, the kid was adopted when he/she was really young, just a baby perhaps, so being a homosexual couple's child was never his/her decision to make. The kid can grow up being more opened to homosexual/same sex marriage but they can have a tough childhood because they would be more focused on, maybe even tougher comparing to those "typical" kids that live in families with both straight parents. Since not all the kids accept homosexual parents, unless all parents teach them to so It's pretty much new to most kids.
p/s: I'm sorry for my English if my post is giving you difficulties understanding.



Logic- a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something; a particular way of thinking about something.

I know you barely speak english, and that's okay, but I still find it difficult to understand what you are trying to say, so I will do the best I can to answer your questions. No child chooses their parents- homosexual or straight. All of us have been bullied in some part of our lives so I'm well aware how sad it is to be bullied by certain things (looks, beliefs, ethnicity, etc), but I don't see any difference if children were bullied because of the sexual preference of their parents; bulling is bulling. Do you think that kid you want me to imagine, who was adopted by two homosexual parents, would not be bullied or talked about if he/she had straight parents?

As much as I would like to talk more about bulling, we're kind of getting off topic. This debate is about whether or not should homosexual couples be able to have kids. I understand that you want a fuller view of the topic, so I will do the best I can with that as well. Instead of thinking religiously or culturally, what about logically?

Is there a logical explanation as to why they shouldn't have children?

Will they endanger the welfare of the child?
In my opinion, I think the system (such as foster care) is doing more danger to the children than LGBT parents. What I mean by this is many states in the US still ban LGBT couples from adopting while there are over 400,000 kids in the US foster care system. Same-sex couples are six times more likely than their different sex counterparts to be raising foster children and four times more likely than their different-sex counterparts to be raising an adopted child(3). If there are this many LGBT couples willing to adopt than heterosexual couples, why stop them? Why stop children from having a potentially loving home?

Will the children of LGBT parents be mentally or emotionally different from children of heterosexual families?
Research has shown that the kids of same-sex couples " both adopted and biological kids " fare no worse than the kids of straight couples on mental health, social functioning, school performance and a variety of other life-success measures(2).

"[T]here is no evidence to suggest that lesbian women or gay men are unfit to be parents or that psychosocial development among children of lesbian women or gay men is compromised relative to that among offspring of heterosexual parents. Not a single study has found children of lesbian or gay parents to be disadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children of heterosexual parents. Indeed, the evidence to date suggests that home environments provided by lesbian and gay parents are as likely as those provided by heterosexual parents to support and enable children"s psychosocial growth." - American Psychological Association, Lesbian and Gay Parenting(4)

Debate Round No. 3


AlarisaTran forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


AlarisaTran forfeited this round.


Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by AlarisaTran 2 years ago
Thank you PanchoCisco for posing your opinion. I really appreciate that. I understand what you mean and I've thought of it. But you know I also think that the world is full of possibilities. So even if we haven't heard of any homosexual couples wanting to adopt a kid doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I actually did read an article about a gay couple adopting a baby and they want to raise the kid as a family. So it's not always pretty much all about self-center.,is it.? Although yes I have to admit that the child will have a really tough time growing up and that's really sad cause they have to suffer from what they are never responsible for. Oh well...... I guess it is much tougher to be homosexual parents too to teach the kids and help them deal with all the problems they have. Plus... I've not seen any laws that don't allow homosexual to adopt kids so yeah... That's their own rights tho I agree... It's not at all easy for the homosexual parents and the kids.
Posted by PanchoCisco 2 years ago
Picture this: A boy being brought up by gay "parents" is at school, and some of the other boys come up to him and say, "Hey, is your mom a man?" or "Are your parents both men?" And then they beat him up. The liberals don't like to hear this. But when they do, they'll put the blame on the those boys who beat that kid up. As if it were their fault. And they will argue that "family comes in all different forms, different styles." Think about how a boy or girl feels later on about not having grown up like the other kids. It's one thing when two CONSENTING adults decide to get together sexually. That's their own business. But then they decide to add another person to the equation -- a baby. The baby isn't being/can't be asked if he/she wants to be a part of that. How are they going to get along in school when the other kids find out? How will they feel about having had gay "parents" after they grow up? I hear gay people demanding the right to get married ... but i don't hear ANY of them talking about the rights of the children they want to adopt, which is very self-centered. Liberals think that "the day will come" when everyone will come to accept gays adopting children, but no, that isn't going to happen. Some people accept it, but it's never going to be accepted by everyone. And of course, the impulse to punish those who refuse to go along with this kind of thing has grown very strong. It should be stated, as well, that babies are not the product of two men or of two women. In the natural order of things, a baby is brought up by its biological parents, and if that isn't possible (due to death or the disappearance of one or both parents), then that child will be adopted out, but it clearly needs a male father and a female mother. Imagine a child with gay parents, as i already stated, going to a rough school. Is he/she going to be accepted by the other children when it comes to light (and it will) that their parents are both men or both women? Think about that ...
Posted by AlarisaTran 2 years ago
I agree with you but to some people kids that are raised by homosexual couples have tougher childhood than other kids and they have to suffer from a lot more teasing and less sympathy for what they are not responsible for.,perhaps.,what they never got to choose. I always support homosexual people to have their own rights just like everybody else.,don't get me wrong.,I just wanna restate the idea that won over me the last time I debated on this to see what else I can learn and observe.,but anyway.,thanks for giving your opinion.
Posted by HifzaMinhas 2 years ago
I think that Homosexual couples have an equal right to have kids as the regular couples. If they can't have their own kids then they should have the right to adopted any kid they want. Every kid faces some kind of trouble while growing up, this does not mean that their parents don't support or love them. Every kid is equally loved by their parents Homosexual or not.
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Reasons for voting decision: (1) Arguments. Pro's only real argument is that children of homosexual parents would be teased and that they don't choose their parents, so they don't deserve the teasing. Con successfully rebutted this, however, by pointing out that *no* child chooses his or her parents and that children tease and bully each other about pretty much everything that they can think of. Sparing a child from bullying about one specific subject isn't worth denying children entirely to same-sex couples. As Con points out, the kid might get bullied anyway (about his or her looks, weight, etc.). Con also establishes that even if homosexual parents are not ideal for a child being bullied, it's better than the alternative, which is foster care. Con successfully points out that there are a lot of unwanted children stuck in foster care who would be better off with a homosexual adoptive parent than stuck in "the system." (2) Conduct. Pro forfeited two rounds.