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Homosexuality is not a decision, it is natural

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Started: 6/30/2012 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The topic of this debate will be: "Homosexuality is not a decision, it is natural". The pro will be arguing that homosexuality is not a decision, and that it is natural. The con will be arguging that homosexuality is not natural, and optionally argue that it is a decision(However this leads on if it is not natural).


Decision: "the act or process of deciding; determination, as of aquestion or doubt, by making a judgement" [1]

Natural: "existing in or formed by nature ( opposed to artificial): anatural bridge." [2]

In this debate, we will be referring to natural as something that is formed by nature. Making a decision does not constitute being formed by nature.

Debate Structure

Round 1: This round will be used for acceptance of the debate and/or for any definitions either side would like to make prior to their arguments.

Round 2: In this round, both sides will state their arguments. Neither side will respond to each others arguments directly.

Round 3 and 4: In this round, both sides will respond to/rebutt their opponents arguments. No additional arguments may be made during this round, only response to pre-existing arguments.

Round 5: In this round, both the pro and con will conclude their arguments. No additional arguments may be made.

Debate Rules

Burden of Proof: The burden of proof is on both the pro and the con. Pro must prove that homosexuality is natural and is not a decision, whereas Con must prove that homosexuality is unnatural, and optionally that it is a decision(However this follows if it is unnatural).

Respect: Both the pro and con must be respectful to each other, and must refrain from any insulting, discriminating or harmful remarks that are not directly relevant to the debate.

Evidence: Provision of evidence will be required for any kind of statistical/scientific finding. All evidence mentioned or used during the debate must be cited or else the opposition will not be required to respond to the particular argument in which the evidence is used.

Listing of Arguments: It is required that when making an argument, that it be labeled and optionally numbered. If an argument made by either the pro or con is not able to be clearly referenced, misinterpretation will be the fault of the person who made the argument. In other words, number/name your arguments so clarity can be ensured.




I think homosexuality is completely natural. I originally thought that the title was 'Homosexuality is a choice, not natural' and clicked on it. I'm not sure what I should do now, because there's absolutely no way to argue that it isn't natural. Can we just finish the rounds and let it be a tie? I honestly don't want to lose points over something I agree with you on.

I'm very sorry I messed up your debate like this. Truly!
Debate Round No. 1


As per my opponents stance and mistake, there is no reason to debate. Each round will be void and the debate will be considered a tie for statistical purposes.




Please let this be a tie.
Debate Round No. 2



Please let this be a tie.
Debate Round No. 3
Debate Round No. 4
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by gleza.chilliz 6 years ago
Huh? I think it is natural, straight people are the ones who brought homosexual people out of this world anyway lol
Posted by Mrihearvoices 6 years ago
This just happened to me, except my opponent somehow got all the votes, even though neither of us argued.
Posted by Chelicerae 6 years ago
1: It's unfair to penalize me for making a mistake.

2: I am going to argue for something that I do not believe in, and find morally reprehensible.

3: Like wiploc said, we asked for a tie.
Posted by wiploc 6 years ago
If they agree to a tie, they should get a tie.
Posted by TheOrator 6 years ago
Unfortunately, I'm probably gonna vote for pro even though you're insisting on a tie. Not on arguments, because none were made, but for the conduct. Con should have either a.) read the title fully, or if that failed b.) debated it anyway.
Posted by Chelicerae 6 years ago
I have an idea. We'll just forfeit each round.
Posted by ADT_Clone 6 years ago
First time using this, so Ill see if I can set this as a tie when I get home, and will repost this up. Ill put a less confusing title next time. :p
Posted by Chelicerae 6 years ago
Crap! I thought this said 'Homosexuality is a choice, not natural' and clicked on it.
Posted by ADT_Clone 6 years ago
In regards to chaos, just have to say it would be such a silly God if it had a plan, was omnipotent yet designed some human beings to like other humans of the same or either sex. Then punished these people for not being part of his plan.

Not a type of god that I would like to exist.
Posted by The_Chaos_Heart 6 years ago
I read what someone posted as the Catholic stance on things.

My only dispute with that I suppose would simply be, if it's not causing harm, what makes it "bad"? Because some guy up in the clouds says so?

Sorry, but if it's not causing harm, I see absolutely no reason why it should be persecuted. In fact, persecuting something that causes no harm in of itself generates harm, making the persecution of that act the sole cause of harm in that situation, and the other party innocent and worthy of protection. God be damned. If He is a god who likes to persecute people who aren't causing harm simply because they don't match up with his "plan", then He is not a god worth worshipping.
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