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Homosexuals Are Not Going to "Hell".

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Started: 5/24/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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It simply is true. I will specify on my reasons when I have an opponent.


State your case. I'm going to Devil's Advocate this one.
Debate Round No. 1


So, according to the Bible, you are not to have "sexual relations" with someone of the same gender as that is detestable. There are other areas where the Bible mentions sex between two homosexuals and whatnot, but I'll focus on the most important part, in which the Bible blatantly states that homosexuality is wrong.

Let's pretend that God exists. He says homosexuality is wrong, therefore making it a sin. It is then placed alongside other supposed sins such as cheating, lying, committing adultery, whatever actions God has deemed impure (this is laughable in my opinion, but I digress.)

So, homosexuality is a sin. Great. What makes it any different from other sins? According to God, if you repent for your sins, you'll be forgiven for them and won't have to go to "Hell". Just because homosexuality wasn't mentioned in the Ten Commandments doesn't mean homosexuality wouldn't be a sin. Since homosexuality would be a sin, as long as you repent for it, then you're all taken care of. It's extremely unfair and pointless on God's part, seeing as people have to ask for forgiveness on something they didn't even get a say in, but again, I digress.

By the logic that if you are homosexual you will go to "Hell", that means we're all going to this "Hell". Homosexuality is no different than other sins, and not one person on this planet is perfect. If homosexuals are going to "Hell" for sinning, then heterosexuals are, too. Everyone is.


At this point, my opponent cannot fulfill his burden of proof.

He asserts conclusively that homosexuals are not going to "hell." However, not only does he concede that in order to not go to hell one must repent -- meaning that a homosexual CAN go to hell -- but that it is a sin.

If we were to assume that God exists, hell exists, the Bible is accurate, etc.., this is the syllogism we are left with.

A. If (x) is a sin, you should, according to the Bible, be going to Hell.
B. If you repent, according to the Bible, you will not go to Hell.
C1. If you do not repent after committing (x) sin, you will be going to Hell, according to the Bible.

My opponent states homosexuals are NOT going to hell -- meaning that not a single homosexual can go to hell, and if one does or could, my opponent loses this debate.

However, this statement not only has no truth value whatsoever, meaning he cannot fulfill his burden of proof, but it is simply not the case. An atheist or agnostic will go to hell, according to the Bible, regardless of whether he or she is homosexual or heterosexual. At the same time, a believer in, say, Islam, will go to Hell, according to the Bible, if the Christian God is the real God, and vice versa, and the same can be said of any religion.

So the notion that my opponent can make this positive statement is ludicrous. He cannot fulfill his burden of proof and thus has already lost this debate.

My opponent's argument is this:

A. If you repent, you will not go to hell.
B. Homosexuals can repent.
C. Homosexuals are not going to hell.

A and B are true, but C is not because not all homosexuals will "repent," nor will all of them follow the same religion and so forth, so on. My opponent cannot argue conclusivley that his conclusion is sound. Because he bears the burden of proof, he has lost this debate.

Debate Round No. 2


spunkyflunkymonkey forfeited this round.


Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Carthage 3 years ago
However, (according to the Bible) MOST homosexuals will go to hell, just as most humans will go to hell.
Posted by Kongming 3 years ago
This debate is assuming the Bible is real, and yet two thirds of the world don't believe in it. Therefore, if the Bible is wrong, then your first argument is completely invalid to start with. If you are going to force people from loving one another, do it using logic, not a book that could possibly be fictional.
Posted by TrexieGirl 3 years ago
In the Bible, it never says homosexuals are going to hell! They have simply commited a sin, like every other human that has ever lived(except Jesus).
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