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Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt

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Started: 2/17/2015 Category: People
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I believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt, because it as not peoples sexual relations that states whether they will be able to take care of a child or not.. homosexuals should have the exact same rights as heterosexuals.


Children raised by gay couples will find it more difficult to learn appropriate gender roles in the absence of male and female role-models. Although not an exact match single parents provide a similar case where there has not been someone of the other gender as a role model. Although the evidence is not nearly as conclusive as is often claimed there have been many studies that have shown that two parents from different genders is beneficial to the child in its development. Similarly it is often claimed that boys develop negative attitudes to study because there are very few male teachers in primary schools.

Numerous studies have shown that children do best when they are raised by two married, biological parents. In the case of adopted children that is impossible, but a man and a woman is the best approximation of that family. Since that is the best environment to raise children, the government has to encourage and promote these traditional unions, not undermine them. Allowing gay couples to legally become parents, would legally and socially redefine what a family is and society as a whole may suffer. Children who are adopted already face bullying and exclusion in school because of their difference, placing them in same-sex households will double their exclusion and make their lives much harder than if placed in an opposite-sex household.

The focus of this debate should not be on gay rights, but on what is in the best interest of the adopted child. The adoption process' goal is to find the most suitable parents for that child, not to resolve other social inequalities and injustices. Being raised in a traditional family, by a mother and father, is the best environment for a child. Studies have shown that children who are raised by homosexual couples can have problems with substance abuse, violence and 'at risk' behaviour. Therefore the state has the obligation to try to provide the child with that environment.
Debate Round No. 1


In my opinion, there is no such thing as "appropriate" gender roles. The society should be able to accept homosexuals as people and a part of the society, rather than as a minority of different sexual perspectives. Also the many studies showing that it is beneficial to the child to have two parents of different genders, the many studies are hard to prove, because there are a lot more families with two different gender adults, than families with same sex parents. Therefor there will of course be more children in the first group, with a better development.

When you choose to point out a study that shows things like this, you need to consider the fact that you can not be sure, that the parents in the families have the same background story or other factors, that could influence on the children's development. I disagree that a family should be described as a mother, a father and maybe children. Family is a word that describes people loving and respecting each other, which is both things that you should do to all people. therefor the government should not encourage just these traditions to much, because it affects the way a thing like family should be seen and respected.
It is not all adopted children that experience bullying as a part of their development, and those children who does, is because the children who bully has not been taught from home, to have respect for other people. Likewise, it is not a question whether we should place adopted children in families with homosexual parents or in a family with heterosexuals parents, but instead a question whether people should learn their kids about love and respect or not.

I agree that it should be about what is best for the child and its development through its childhood, but i also believe that gay people can raise a child just as fine as heterosexual people can. It is a lot harder for them, especially because they do not have the same support from society and other people, as other families has, and that can eventually cause some problems.


It is wrong It clearly states in the Bible to be homosexual is wrong. God created women and men to love one another that is why in the begining there was only one man and one woman. Having gay parents could cause the child to question his/her sexual orientation where as if they had a mother and a father they would less likely question themselves. I understand that they are humans too and they deserve equal rights. But when the step out of the norm they have entered their own state of equalisim because they have taken the equal right of being married and made it into their own favor instead of the way we were made to love.

A child needs both Mom and Dad... Not two Moms, and not two Dads. A father can never make up for the place of a mother. This subjects is usually about the couple, but we need to stop and remember the child. The child needs both parents to have a healthy house. Being raised by two dads or two moms is no different than living in a divorced house... You have plenty of one parent, but none of the other

Some find it to be morally wrong. =553;To grow up to be well-balanced adults, children need role models of both sexes. Boys without fathers under-achieve, especially since there are now fewer male teachers in primary schools.
=553;We are a 'Christian' country - even if few go to church, our values remain based on Christian teaching. Two parents are axiomatic - 'Honor thy father and mother' invokes the Fifth Commandment.
=553;Children raised by gay parents are offered only one partnership model and are therefore (some argue) more likely to be gay.
=553;If Roman Catholic adoption agencies close rather than allow gay couples to adopt, the number of adopted children will decline, leaving more in the unsatisfactory care system.
=553;Some areas of life cannot be legislated for and must be left to individual conscience. A sufficiently large minority simply find gay parenting 'wrong'; the practice therefore should not be enforced on all.

According to the bible and the Qur'an, Homosexuality is looked upon as a "Sin". Why would then God create Gays or Pedophiles ? The logic: He already must have decided that they are going to hell without even bothering to wait for the 'Judgement Day'. For example: If you had a son who is born homosexual, how would you feel if you went to heaven and he went to hell? Religion is a man madeA279; creation (illogical fallacy). Having said that GOD does exists but will never know anything about him EVER. Moreover a logical question for the religious community: Why would God wait for the Judgement Day? ( An omnibenevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient being). He should already assign to each individual a Hell or Heaven option without the illogical testing procedure as he can foresee who is Bad or Good. ( "Free will" is unsound since God has the power to see the future ). Is god playing a game with us? Answer. No. Conclusion: All religious beliefA279; systems are WRONG.

HomosexualityA279; should be accepted into the world civilization.

Criteria and rights:

1. Marriage in specialized institution

2. Human rights as enjoyed by all human race

3. No same-sex child care option: Argument to support this claim: ( We'll obviously use the natural argument i.e ( Existence of some Homosexual spices in the Animal kingdom - It is natural why don't we accept it?).
Question: Why in the animal kindgdom there is no a single evidence where a heterosexual animal couple entrusts a child or an infant to another homosexual couple ( No evidence in any specie ). Conclusion: There MUST be a biological balance andA279; harmony. If homosexuals can produce a child then it is considered natural ( infertile is different - willing but unable biologically (born with disability)). As harsh as it may sound this is the reality ( Air and water is reality! try to change?). Man + Woman = child. (Infertile = Man + Women = no child). However adoption is acceptable. It still maintains the important biological balance in nature which is the Man + Women equation. Mother and father provide different and unique love and are naturally able to produce a child by their naturalA279; harmony with the bio system in place).

In conclusion, it is not fair on the CHILD! A child should not be brought up by two gay men. He/she needs variety in his/her life. They may end up sexist, depressed, bullied. A child should never be adopted by homosexuals. It is not fair!
Debate Round No. 2


trbo999 forfeited this round.


My opponent failed to provide an argument for round 2 so therefore this shows a lack of effort and willpower from my opponent.
Debate Round No. 3
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