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Hot or Cold? Winter or Summer?

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Started: 1/13/2012 Category: Science
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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See, i love winter, i always have, but would you rather it be freezing cold, where you can snuggle up in blankets, and the person you love. OR, be sweating in the burning hot sun..
See some people, well most people argue that, In the summer you can do many things to get your mind, and your body off the heat.
Swimming, sports etc.
I myself, just love being comfortable.
and in heat, i am NOT comfortable


So I guess I will be Pro-Summer is better. I believe that Summer is better for these reasons:

- Much more time to sleep in
- More free time for most people
- Excellent time for majority of sports
- Time to try out new skills
- Less expensive for families
- Less constrictive for people in summer
- Excellent time to relax
- See friends and family more often (sports, family reunions, etc.)

Plus, in Michigan with the freezing weather, Summer is considered by many the best time of year. For personal experience, as well as the reasons above, I have more time to do what I feel like. Plus, I am a long distance runner and the summer is our best time of year because of the warm temperatures, you don't need to "layer up", and many 5K's and other distance races are available. It all comes down to presonal opinion, but for the majority of people, Summer is better than Winter.

Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


1- less expensive for families.
my argument- In summer, most families are dying to get out of the house, most wanting to just spend all there money,
See here in PA, most people waste their money on going to the pool, or amusement parks.
Causing them to spend a large amount of money for no reason.

In the winter, you are practically cut down to only a few things to do.
When it snows, you go outside and have fun.
See winter, can be amazing.
Esp, when people like me, love photography, the snow, and the sky seem to make amazing settings.
In the winter, its ALL about relaxing.
You lay in bed most of the time, and stay warm.
You do have good points, i must say.
This debate is going to be very fun.
Thanks for accepting.
This is my first debate.


I live in Michigan. Regarding to your counter-attack about summer being more expensive, there is a hard line to figure if this is true. See, I have a pool, so our entertainment is basically free (besides pool pump). Plus, in the summer, you don't have to buy winter jackets, mittens, sweaters, and all of these accessories.

Plus, although winter can be more relaxing (it depends on own life), summer is more relaxing for more people. Many people have reduced work loads, such as students, teachers, school administrators. Other workers get some time off as well during Independence Day and the surrouding times, as well as during Father's Day. In the winter you get time off during the holiday's, but activities are less wide in variety.

Costs for a family

Plus, in the winter, people have to bundle up and get comfortable and it is bulky to get from place to place. For example, a student (such as myself) has to bundle up in jeans, (varsity) jacket, and long sleeve shirt and t-shirt and socks. In the summer, the only things you need are shorts, a short sleeve shirt. People should wear under wear year round. Plus, in the winter, the poorer citizens of an area are in danger of catching frostbite and getting sick. In the winter, many families resort to propane to heat their home. This can cost hundreds a month to fill up the tank, while a family could just be relaxing by the fans, enjoying a smoothie.

Citizens are healthier during the summer.

During the winter, people are restricted in their ways of athletic fitness. You cannot go out for a run. You cannot go for a swim, bike ride, jog, etc. In the winter, winter sports exist but are less available and poplular. For example, to go on a walk only requires your current pair of shoes, a downhill skiing trip (I'll admit - it's really fun though) can cost up to hundreds of dollars for the equipment and hotel/ location residency (people usually stay for more than a day at a time). People have less opportunities during the winter to exercise, because of the cumbersome snow, or dangerous ice, and no running, swimming in the pool, or tossing the football in the yard is possible. Sledding is possible, yes, but this is still not a reliable sport, it varies on snowfall. Point is, people can easily move around and have a good time in the summer, but in the winter, much of the populace cannot enjoy this.

- I also don't think spending money going to the pool is a waste. It encourages family cooperation, and also stimulates the local economies, gets out the citizens into the towns to spend elsewhere most likely, and gives the citizens some more exercise, reducing health care costs by improving health.

- Also great photography is available on coastlines and on sunsets in the summer. They are more valued as well, since they are harder to see.

- The days are longer, leaving more time for families to enjoy their day.

- I get the feel that this debate isn't a truly serious one, so I only really have one source that isn't based on pure personal experience, or the experiences of the people I know. Also, I didn't name website, so please no harsh criticism of the name on the voting. Thanks
Debate Round No. 2


See, i guess it also makes us have different opinions considering out living condition.
Reading, PA.
if you looked it up, its not a very great place, so maybe thats why i like winter more then summer.
Less drama, and obnoxious loud people.
See, we dont have places you can just go and play sports at, its kind of the poorest state in the whole united states...
So maybe thats why, i can agree with what you say.
In winter, i always seen that as a forceful way, of getting the family together.
See, its freezing outside so why go outside, when you'd rather curl in blankets and watch movies.
You are completely right on the heath thing, im not even going to go there.
In winter, i know people tend to get lazy, and dont get out much, but considering where im living,
i love that. Not having to deal with all those people.
I can honestly saw, you won this whole argument, because your points are valid. Mine are more on opinion, and are very biased.


I thank my opponent for her swift response.

Concluding all of this debate, winter is more liked by people who are less likely to participate in outdoor sports event, and the summer is a better time for health. In the country, the summer can serve as a strong family/ friend bonding time, with sports, pool parties, and cookouts being common. Others prefer the winter with a closer family bonding experience. Although it depends on who the person is, summer is usually more affordable for the average family, and is a more active time, although for some places, being able to get somewhere easily may not be beneficial because there are no real areas to play sports at. I have to say that since I am in Michigan, where almost year round it is cold (but snow is not as common), many of us value the summer for a short glimpse of summer enjoyment with people we know, with our relaxation, our schedules being more liberal, and more freedom.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kittypatt 5 years ago
i prefer summer ... my opinion because it is more freedom ... and then most kids dont go out in winter to be active and people are more active when its warm not cold...
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