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How percy jackson movie is different from the Novel is it bad?

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Started: 12/25/2012 Category: Entertainment
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First of all i would like to say: The book and the movie are incredibly different. The characters and general plot of retrieving the lightning bolt are the same, but that is about it. Such examples of differences:

- The biggest thing: Kronos isn't in the movie, and he is the main villan in the rest of the series

- The novel starts with Percy at boarding school. He wasn't allowed to live with his mother in order to keep him safe.

- In the movie Annabeth fights with a sword most of the time, and at one point uses a bow and arrow. In the books Annabeth always uses a celestial bronze knife that was given to her by Luke.

- Annabeth and Percy are 12 in the novel.

- Medusa is killed by looking into a crystal ball (once or twice Percy's sword), not by looking on the back of an iPod.

- Hades does not want the bolt. In the novel it is suspected that Hades had a demigod steal the bolt for himself. It is revealed later on in the book that his helm of darkness was taken as well. Luke stole this along with the lightning bolt.

- There is a party on Olympus after the bolt is returned.

- The Hydra is not in this novel, neither is Nashville. In the novel they never look for the pearls, they just make their way to Los Angeles with problems along the way.

- The pearls are not a major part in the book. Percy falls from the St. Louis Arch into the Mississippi River where he meets a sea nymph who was sent by his father and gives him the pearls. He ends up in Santa Monica after using them to escape the underworld.

- They go to Aunty Em's in the novel due to an attracting aroma, not to find a pearl.

- Ares plays a major role against the trio in the novel, often trying to make their quest fail. In a scene cut from the film, much like the novel, Ares picks them up from the diner and takes them away, gives them supplies and clues on how to get where they want to go. He is tricking them, however, and Percy has to fight Ares in L.A.

- The book has the entrance to the Underworld in the fictional DOA Records building, not the Hollywood sign.

- In the book, they don't drive to Las Vegas, they hide in an 18-wheeler, where they are with abused zoo animals. It's there Percy learns he can talk to horses (Poseidon is the God of Horses).

- Percy is at camp a week before playing Capture the Flag, not a day. He is also on Annabeth's and Luke's team. Annabeth never attacks him, instead she uses him as a decoy so Clarisse (Percy's bully, who was cut from the movie) will go after him.

- Camp Half Blood in the novel has separate cabins for each god, excluding the minor gods and Hades where it was largely elaborated and has different themes base on the what the god is known for. Percy has a very large Poseidon cabin all to himself for the first book. His cabin was not built by Poseidon, and was supposed to be more bunker looking.

- Annabeth is blonde in the book.

- Luke, Annabeth, and Thalia, a daughter of Zeus (mentioned in a deleted scene), were friends from an early age, and lived on the streets and fought monsters. They eventually arrive at Camp Half Blood, where they are being chased by multiple monsters. Thalia's protector is Grover, and she decides to stay behind and fight so the rest can get to safety. She is injured to the point of likely death, and Zeus takes pity on her and transforms her into a Pine Tree that now guards the the camp and provides a "shield" from monsters. Annabeth also harbors feelings for Luke for the entire series.

- Percy and Annabeth meet in the infirmary (this was originally in the film, though cut)

- The flying shoes Luke gives Percy are cursed in the book, and Percy never uses them. Zeus hates Percy, as he is the son of Poseidon. Percy can't use them because, if he flies, Zeus can strike him down for going into his domain. He gives the shoes to Grover and, while in the underworld, the shoes try to drag him down to Tartarus, where Kronos (the main villan, who was cut from the film, is).

- There are "Iris Messages" half bloods use, where through water and mist, they offer coins to Iris, the Goddess of rainbows, and with this they can communicate with anyone they need to, and they use this several times.

- Persephone is not in the novel, as it is summer, and in mythology, she would be with Demeter, her mother.

- Camp characters, such as Clarisse, daughter of Ares, Beckendorf, son of Hephaestus, Selina Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite, Connor and Travis Stoll, twin sons of Hermes, etc. are excluded in the film.

- Zeus never says that the gods are forbidden to see their children in the novel because the gods become too "human," but only the big three can't have children (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades), because their children are too powerful. After WW II, this pact was made, but both Zeus and Poseidon broke it.

- Luke claims in the movie he never met his father. In the book series, Hermes and Luke have only met once. Luke also never robbed Hermes's house, if he has a house it was never mentioned.

- No one knows who Percy's father is in the beginning of the novel (Annabeth suspects it is of Zeus). It's just known he is of the big three. It isn't until the river heals and strengthens Percy during capture the flag that Poseidon "claims" him, by having the figure of a trident glow over Percy's head, and everyone bows to him. This is how gods claim their children, which is excluded from the film.

- Percy often questions his motives while on the trip.

- Ms. Dodds doesn't turn into the Fury until much later into the field trip when she sees Percy push someone into a fountain by controlling the water. Percy is given the sword, which is called "Riptide," by Chiron and he uses it to Ms. Dodds. Chiron later claims none of it ever happened, and it's Percy's imagination.

- When monsters are killed, they don't slump over and die. The are stabbed, turn into dust, and go to the Underworld to reform.

- A major plot point left out, the "Mist" in the novel. In this, mortals are blinded of anything related. They see things different from demigods, for example. A fight between a half-blood and a monster could be seen as a street mugging. In the first novel's St. Louis arch scene, the fight is seen by mortals as Percy setting off a bomb. In the last book, Hermes explains it more clearly. After the large battle in The Last Olympian, he claims humans will more than likely pass it off as some kind of a solar flare. They know nothing of the mist or anything to do with the gods. Certain mortals, however, can see through it, including Percy's mother. (All mortal parents of demigods seem to be able to).

- Grover in the film says some demigods are "White-House famous". In the novel, it's explained that George Washington was a child of Athena, Roosevelt is the child of Poseidon.

- What could be seen as the biggest thing from the novel left out was the deduction of the main villain, Kronos. He only gets Luke to do his bidding for him by brainwashing him through dreams. He is responsible for everything in the novel.

- Zeus' Master Bolt is stolen (along with Hades' Helm of Darkness) by Luke on a field trip to Mt. Olympus during the Winter Solstice.

- Dionysus, the God of drama, wine, theater, entertainment, etc. is the head of Camp Half-Blood, sent there for 100 years as punishment for chasing a nymph. He hates his job and hates Percy and most demigods, and also has a few children at the camp that are his. He's known for his nickname Mr. D. He is never mentioned in the film.

- Percy is often bullied at school and at camp when he first arrives. This is first shown when Clarisse, daughter of Ares, and a few of her siblings attack Percy when Annabeth is showing him around camp. They try to dunk his head in the toliet and later when they attack him during capture-the-flag (novel).



You pretty much showed all the differences
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I sorry i am suppose to be on your side i accidentally press the wrong one :(. So you take over y place :D


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My opponent has forfeited and has not arguments to mine. Please extend all arguments.


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