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How to Solve Every "Big Issue" in One Year.

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Started: 8/16/2013 Category: Technology
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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        • 0. Use Stuxnet to control all wireless technology. Use EMP's for tech that cannot be reached VIA stuxnet.

        • 1. Automate every mine on Earth.

      • 2. Build high-capacity mag-lev trains to transport resources anywhere on Earth.

      • 3. Build geo-thermal plants on volcanoes. Use artificial dams. Use dome-shape designed solar cells on kite's in orbit. Harness wave and tidal power by targeting hurricanes, tsunamis, and typhoons.

      • 4. Store the energy from these farms. Acquire 100,000 years of clean energy.

      • 5. Use the graphene to de-salinize sea-water on every continent.

      • 6. Pasturize animals to desertify every desert on Earth.

      • 7. Use .5% of the world's surface area for vertical hydroponic and nutriculture farms.
      • 8. Mass produce Soylent.

      • 9. Print out 5 billion homes and 3 billion community buildings using memory concrete and memory metal.

      • 10. Place every re-infoced building on shock panels, making them earthquake-proof (in addition to being indestructable by fire, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, flood, infestation, structural eroding)

      • 11. Place sensors in every transport vehicle to be autonomous.
      • 12. Connect every electronic device to wifi.

Within 1 year, my 12 step program will spare the world from global warming, deforestation, unemployment, starvation, homelessness, dehydration, abortion, political war, financial war, religious war, disease, malnutrition, censorship, environmental destruction, illiteracy, peak oil, and crime.

My program costs no money or manual labor and overlooks no major issue plaguing humanity.


I will tackle each of your steps in what seems an obvious troll debate, simply because it'll be fun.

0; After the NSA leak, you think anyone will let you use a virus to control their device separately? Why would anyone agree to such a notion? How can you control the accuracy of an EMP? If you think that a town has hidden technology, you can't filter out your own. You'll cost those towns hundreds if not thousands of euros of damage from the destroyed computers, phones, and electrical systems.

1; Control every mine on earth? There aren't many mines left, except in minefields. This won't do Jack Schitt unless you intentionally plant mines everywhere on Earth, which violates several laws, and threatening to blow everyone who opposes you up at the flick of a switch doesn't make them feel safe.

2; Mag-lev trains are expensive to build, and in hilly areas or near islands, they'll be downright impossible to maintain.

3; Where is the money for this coming from? Geo thermal plants are very hard to build already because of distance from the core, but building on a volcano will violate several safety regulations and no one will volunteer to work there. All of this renewable tech will be impossible to build in one year, and will bankrupt the country that tries.

4; See point 3. And how do you plan to measure 100,000 years in energy consumption without establishing a single state Earth, which will also be impossible.

5; De-salinizing sea water, for the whole sea as you described, will wipe out sea life that cannot live in fresh water.

6; I assume you mean de-desertify the deserts, they're already desertified. You'll have to solve the locals from cutting down trees as well, which once again will require a single state Earth.

7; You will leave thousands if not millions of farmers out of a job with that system unless you plane to ship every farmer to the specific farm.


9; Is memory concrete even real? Keep in mind that you have EMP'd the houses, so they don't have power.

10; Costs again. The problem of where will the money and labor come from.

11; What about already present vehicles?

12; No one will agree to that. We've already had problems with Microsoft for always online regulations.

You had thirteen points, but I'll assume you're a troll debater. I did this for a laugh. Bye!
Debate Round No. 1




Stuxnet - "you think anyone will let you"?

No. That is why a virus with forged security clearance is necessary. We are hijacking the Earth's energy reserves, not asking for them nicely.

EMP's -
"How can you control the accuracy of an EMP?"

e are not using 1 EMP. We are using millions, selectively placed around the Earth.

"Hundreds, if not thousands of euros
of damage from the destroyed computers,
phones, and electrical systems"

Civilian life isn't a threat to this program. Only defense and weapons technology, surveillance systems, and financial databanks will be fried.


This program fries the technology used already to hold the world hostage. The goal is not control, but open access.

The mines referred to are resource mines and will be automated to stockpile and organize every usable resource on Earth.


If the preliminary measures and Step 1 are initiated successfully, by this step all resources and energy reserves are at our disposal. Cost is of no consequence.


Every renewable farm is fully automated.
Safety regulations are of no consequence.
Cost is of no consequence.


50% of energy usage worldwide is currently for war (or preparations thereof).
Frying every trace of military technology assures no further waste.
An international monitoring program will be established to measure energy usage.

The reserve is determined by the planets annual energy consumption, not the other way around.


We are de-salinizing water on every continent.
We are not de-salinizing the entire ocean.

Speculations suggest that less than .5% of the oceans will require de-salinization - even less with proper water recycling.


Very few humans will choose not to live under our system, but those that do are welcome to.

"A few locals" do not threaten the intercontinental forest established in this step.

Intercontinental monitoring systems will keep the forests pasturized and hydrated forever; for any of our lumber needs or theirs.


The goal is to put everyone out of a job. 50% of the human race is still tilling the land. That's pathetic.

We were made for greater things.

Once our system is established, there will be no incentive to farm beyond personal means. There is no point in market-sized farming if there is no market.

Anyone still wanting to farm for themselves is welcome to, but the economic demand will vanish when our system already automatically feeds everyone... for free.


Soylent is a tweakable chemical food replacement.
It can provide 100% of an individual's daily nutritional needs on a level of accuracy incomparable to solid food.

Nobody will be forced to consume it, it is only mentioned as a preliminary step for individuals near starvation or facing chronic illness.

Food is for recreation, not survival.


Memory concrete is real, yes.

The houses will not be fried by the EMP's. Most of them, however, will be recycled for useful resources.

None of these homes will be recycled without permission from the squatter, however trading them in for an indestructable structure is hardly a sh*t deal.


Costs again.

We have all the resources and all the energy reserves.

We've also wiped out the financial grid.

We also have technical specifications from every patentenabling us to build just about anything - City Printers notwithstanding.


What about already present vehicles?


Every vehicle will also be capable of manual steering. Very few people will choose this option, as they are only putting themselves in danger. Any dangerous driving they engage in would be of no consequence to the rest of the world.


Google CEO Larry Page stated "If you aren't doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide".

Likewise, the criminal justice system is no longer used on any level of society. No online activity can be considered wrong and therefore, there is nothing to hide. Nobody faces punishment for anything they do or say on the internet.



Pick a smaller font, it's really annoying.

This seems to be an opening for totalitarian systems. Your plan is to put everyone out of a job, take all their technology and then say; well you don't have to join if you don't want to. I'll assume since you actually replied that you're not a troll.

0; Since you plan to use a virus to secretly monitor everyone on Earth, you violate their rights to privacy and many people will outright refuse to allow their products to be hacked in such a way. You will have a whistleblower very soon since the NSA scandal about monitoring is still fresh. You may say that you're not giving anyone a choice, but you are asking every other country in the world to wage war with America for spying on them again. On EMPs, you must realize that they aren't specific. You might as well say; hey, why don't we just make a bomb that only kills terrorists? They're bombs, some are even


If people stop using their tech online because of a virus, and you plan to EMP everything that isn't online, then you'll have to EMP civilian towns. The real problem is every other country. If you are using nuclear EMPs, then what's stopping Russia or China or any of the many countries who have nukes refusing to be part of this society, after all, you did just try to EMP them.

There is no "theory" of mutually assured destruction. Using an EMP would threaten any kind of peace left in the world. And finally on point 0, If you fry the financial databanks, who will make your houses and dams and solar panels? They're not going to do it for free, and definitely not after you fried their financial savings. You now have no workforce and a nuclear war on your hands.

1; Since your first point was a virus, I assumed you meant landmines. Well there are a lot of mines in the world.

A lot. Since you have no workforce because you have erased money from the world, who will work in them? If you take over every mine, then how will the people in the towns reliant on mining manage to earn a living? And how do you automate a mine? Robots still haven't quite gotten around rough terrains and can't distinguish between different metals in the rocks nor can they carry them. You need human labor in these cases.

2; You have assumed that step one has gone ahead correctly, meaning this is the proper order that you plan on putting them in. Cost is of no consequence, but the renewable farms have to be built first, and you fried the financial databanks.

3; The renewable farms have t be built first.

4; Frying every trace of military tech is impossible when you consider that EMPs are nuclear weapons, and the already listed nuclear countries will take your actions as an attack. Destroying mainland tech makes no difference when nuclear submarines are owned by most nuclear states.

5; This process requires your previous points to have been successful, but those points lead to WW3 and/or totalitarian communism, where people are forced to work but receive no payment.

6; If America does this, or any other country for that matter, they will provoke their enemies into war. You see how many nuclear countries there are, it only takes one to start the nuclear war. Probably North Korea.

7; I see now. This is an odd analogy, but I'm going to make a system I call the Star Trek Syndrome, we'll call it STS. In the Star Trek universe, no one has to work anymore. Clean energy, food et cetera is available to all. But what's never brought up is how no art is ever seen either. No music, or films, nothing. That's the problem with your society. No one has an incentive to do anything anymore. What about when the renewable farms need repairs? If you are prepared for hundreds of years of energy, then no one will bother going to school in the meantime since they don't even have to work, and even if they get a basic education, who'll bother going to university, and who'll run the universities? And hey, while no one goes to school, who'll fix those renewable farms? No one has the qualifications to work them anymore. It doesn't just end up like Star Trek's lazy population, it ends up like Idiocracy's commercially stupid population. 50% of people making food isn't pathetic since 100% of people to a rounding error need to eat food or they'll die. And we weren't made for greater things. Challenge me with a personal debate when this one is over if you disagree. We weren't made by anyone, so we decide our own purpose and destiny. And soylent green will never taste as good as normal food. It's an end to pleasure, this system. Just effortless survival, for nothing.

9; The structure of the houses isn't the problem, the destruction of the electrical wiring is the issue. Speaking of more dystopian future novels, ever read Fahrenheit 451? It's about a future where books are banned for the knowledge they contain, and the houses are fireproofed, so if they suspect someone of owning books, they burn the house. The same seems to apply for your world, execept with technology and EMPs.

If you wipe out the financial grid then no one will use the printers since they're not being paid for it.

11; How do you plan to find every vehicle in the world and put sensors in them? A black market will begin to remove them for people, and you won't be able to find vehicles that don't have one because you can't find them. Sides, no one will use cars if they don't have work.

12; You may say that, but everyone has something to hide. You'll have a hard time making people give up their internet history. And no one will bother making anything for the computers since they're not getting paid for it.

Overall, your plan forgets that people don't work for free, and society doesn't function unless there's an incentive. Your system is a failure. But I'd expect that from someone who can't count to thirteen. See you next round,

Debate Round No. 2


I've switched to smaller text.


EMP range can be tweaked based on the amount of energy one is fed.

The EMP's, once again, are not targeting civilian life. They are only for established systems that may hinder this one.

STUXNET is being used to hijack the Earth's energy reserves. It is not a monitoring device. The plan to use EMP's for "all other tech" refers to all other tech that threatens an open-source world(finance and militia)


There are several mines around the world being run autonomously today. The issue, as you stated, is the threat they pose to the workforce. Therefore, many of these "automatic" mines aren't really automated to repair themselves, sort through the materials mined, or log how MUCH they mine.

In our program, these mines will be automated to the fullest extent, even in separating and storing the materials. Even in repairing themselves and monitoring how much they mine.

Distinguishing between different rare metals and minerals requires refined detection, of which most high powered sensors have the ability for.

2 & 3.

"The renewable farms have to be built first"

No. I have all the oil, coal, and nuclear energy to build as many farms as I need.


The EMP's will be detonated simultaneously so that the communications grid used by "nation defense" in every nation goes dark. They won't be able to communicate the threat in the first place.

The EMP's can wipeout the grid in seconds. The submarines can be hijacked via STUXNET.


The volunteers hepling program the autonomous systems and infrastructures will not ask for payment. Any payment they recieve would be useless upon completing the project, since everything would be free and accessable by default.


STUXNET controls all nuclear systems and may very well disable them.

War threats are of no consequence.

This program is not being carried out by America or any other private business and they will not be awarded credit for the system update.

I also fail to see the threat of wiping out every desert. Is there any civilization anywhere that wouldn't benefit from this system?


Money, or rather profitable gain, does not cause incentive for creativity.

In most cases, it actually hinders the creative process. I can prove this with studies funded by the Federal Reserve, but I'll let you do your own research.

"That's the problem with your society. No one has [an incentive] to do anything anymore."

Precisely. Nobody is forced to do anything anymore. So is my system totalitarian or not?

"If you are prepared for hundreds of years of energy, then no one will bother going to school in the meantime since they don't even have to work, and even if they get a basic education, who'll bother going to university, and who'll run the universities?"

You have an interesting view of universities in terms of what they provide and why people attend them. They are not for turning learners into workers. Those are training centers and they aim to specialize individuals rather than generalize them.

Specialization is offensive and puts a serious limit on what the brain is capable of learning. Unfortunately many government approved training centers are being advertised as "Universities".

In our system, universities will have unlimited resources at their disposal, unhindered creative drive, and will not rely on accreditation. If you don't like University #35, then try out University #36. Education will be open-source and not totalitarian, as it is under today's system.

"It ends up like Idiocracy's commercially stupid population."

I just watched this film for the purpose of the debate. Idiocracy shows a world where technology is somehow stupider than the civilization using it. My system uses only the best technology.

This movie also has a part where the government finds the world's smartest man to solve all their technical problems, instead of relying on voting. Only then do things start to improve for the population.

My system eliminates commercialization and the workforce both.

"We weren't made by anyone, so we decide our own purpose and destiny."

The fact that we exist means that we were in fact made.

Whether we were made by divinity or nature, or whether these creators are one and the same, our bodies and minds have certain rules they must obey. If you do not get enough energy, you will die. There is not much of a decision there.

"And soylent green will never taste as good as normal food. It's an end to pleasure."

Overstimulation makes the brain fire neurons and neurotransmitters more often, causing immunity and lowered response intensity. In short, overstimulation = inhibited pleasure. Like living off of food and hoping to get pleasure from it after doing it 3 times a day, every day, for 10 years.

A Soylent diet not only assures an optimum daily intake of energy on an individual level, it allows people to only eat foods they take PLEASURE in and only as often as they want.


For the 3rd time, the EMP's will not be used against civilian homes.

The structure of the homes is a very serious problem.

All humans need a senes of safety. It is one of the foremost preliminary steps in satisfying Maslow's pyramid.


A black market wouldn't be very popular if it's slogan was ""We'll take out thoes pesky sensors so you have to navigate your car yourself".

This system initiates no force once it has been programmed.

The only force being used is to take the resources and energy needed for a worldwide access system, where anything can be mined, constructed, shipped, repaired, updated, or replaced on a whim.

People won't be forced to have sensors in their vehicles, but this is a service very few would turn down.


Nobody is making things for computers.

Computers are making things for us.

I've said 3 times now that there is no human labor force, and there is no force of human labor.

Machines DO work for free and there's no task done by humans that machines cannot do faster, smarter, and with more accuracy. Including triple-bypass surgery.

This entire system is automated, from the mining of resources, to the assembly, to the shipping, to the waste management and recycling.

The only jobs left are the ones that require human creativity, such as software updates, personalization, product design, etc;


I didn't start this debate to sulk over the purpose of live in a system that provides everything to everyone.

On one side, you debate the feasability of the program, whether it's national defense, lack of resources, or shipping problems.

On the other side, you attack the productivity of mankind in this system once it has been accomplished, whether it's creativity, incentive to repair the system, etc.

I'd like to address these two concerns more at length in a futher debate, perhaps someting along the lines of "Dystopia or Utopia?". I'm confident that I can convince you not only the feasability of this program, but the positive effect it would have on the global population.

I also apologize if I ever came off as condescending or insulting. I respect that you know enough about politics and technology to debate me on this.



Firstly a thank you for the font size reduction.
It's clear you expect me to provide my own solution, which I'll gladly supply now.

You see, your problem involves a lot of control and surveillance, which anyone with some healthy paranoia will see as a threat. Sensors, stuxnet viruses and automation can be seen as government control. In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Caesar once said "let me have men about me that are fat", and he meant that people who are content will not be bothered to threaten a leader. Your plan may satisfy people, but it still establishes totalitarian control, which will lead to freedom based opposition, who don't want to survive, they want to live. I know I use many film references here, but you will create the Wall-E humans with your plan, lazy and overweight, surviving but accomplishing nothing.

But enough about that, it's time for my alternate plan.

1; Poverty, is the first problem I would tackle.

Now, it's fairly easy to spend that much, and I'll cut spending in other places to compensate for the cost.

2; A full scale global education scheme. You see, when people have an education, they can get a better job, and earn more money. They can live in a better house, eat better food and educate their children as well. As education rises, corruption decreases with an increase in opposition to corrupt leaders, and as quality of life rises, the need to have more children as well as birth control standards reduces world population. This solves overpopulation and corruption, since the education scheme extends to first world counties and will contain dietary and health lessons.

; When the education scheme is complete, and I'll assume I'm heading America in this, since my podium in Ireland wouldn't accomplish much, I will begin a plan of social and political reform. Troops must be evacuated from occupied countries and talks to decrease tensions with the said countries will follow. I'll also close that damn Guantanamo while I'm at it. This cut in military spending will compensate for the previous spending, and for the next step as well.

4; Research into clean energy. Now we begin the clean energy development. In fact, now that America has improved its standing with the rest of the world, which may increase support for this step. Of course, this isn't all entirely guaranteed, but most of it can be accomplished. Now we begin switching to safe clean energy.

5; Improving effiency of farming. Education has already given a hand to farming effiency, but donations of machinery and education on its use will mean that farming will take less effort. The point is not to remove work entirely, but improve the effiency and minimise required effort.

6; If the clean energy has built up enough, it can worked into the electrical grid and sold to homes nationwide at low costs, even internationally when the efficiency increases. Importance is on the cheap and affordable, but not free yet. We can then begin improving water quality, de-salinisation and even move to develop better scientific progress, a personal quest to make stem cell research cheap and eay so that my vegetarian friends can enjoy a steak that didn't require a cow's death.

A Recap;
  • Poverty ended
  • Overpopulation ending
  • Corruption declining
  • International tensions decreasing
  • Clean and cheap energy available
  • Food available for all
  • Satisfaction for vegetarians

Now, in six points I have dealt with that much. My next part involves current political problems.

North Korea; work with China to pressure Kim Jong Un to bring in social reform, education and healthcare. Eventually, this will lead to a flourish in democracy, and while it'll be a struggle, the Jong family will lose their clutches on the nation. North Korea may become a communist state, or even join up with the South, but the quality of life there will improve at least.

Syria; A tricky one since Vladmir Putin is a tough nut to crack. Compensating Russia for the loss of their favorite arms customer with a cash alternative. Then do a Libya on it and help the rebels overthrow their oppressors, then staying around until the elections are done, providing education too, and then getting everyone out, stressing to them that we're leaving, keeping with our image of a reformed USA.

Pakistan and Israel; Tough one. I guess keep with the education and try to encourage a tolerance between both sides. The religious leaders will have an educated population who aren't easily swayed anymore, and will lose power, bringing more moderates who want peace to the table.

USA's debt; I suppose firstly we'd appeal to have the debt removed since we've been so nice lately, or at least to have the interest rates lowered or the total debt reduced. THen we could gradually ease our way out. Then I'll just help the other countries while I'm at it.

Crime in general; Crime will always be an issue, no matter the society, but the cheaper cost of living and education improvements will lower that signifigantly. And with all the retired soldiers, we can go back to the old "cop on every corner" that remained a dream for amny a yeat in the past.

In conclusion, my society is similar in structure, but the living standards are better and more affordable, and while an army may be required to stick around, and I can't get rid of WMDs in other countries, peace can be aquired and people will work, but require less effort. My system built on education will ensure a system that will not be violated as I can have accomplished succesors.

But a final sad note of my plan; the time required. For A lot of it could be done in the space of a seven year term, I would require a second term to finish the job, and I would likely be attacked by the Republican party for pulling out the troops and reforming the American political systems. I would most likely not earn a second term, and my plan would end there. But there it is regardless. You may have your own suggestions, which you may message me about, or if you wish, rematch me or challenge to a new debate entirely, I don't mind at all. Until then, I'll be here, awaiting our next encouter with a renewed vigor,


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Duncan 4 years ago
Wait, three months until the voting period ends?
Posted by Shadowguynick 4 years ago
Requires no money or manual labor? How are you going to do any of this without manual labor.
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
"8. Mass produce Soylent."

Anyway you should probably clarify if this is a troll debate, or serious... Also the resolution should probably indicate one year from completion; as many of the systems proposed could not be done within a year (fully automated mines for example).
Posted by Dragonfang 4 years ago
What is annoying is that Pro assumes that all conditions are true. Really, every argument is true assuming that all premises are correct and related to the conclusion

Will it work? The hell no!
Will it work in one hour assuming all conditions are met (Including alien-tech, no costs, and no man power needed etc..)... Yes...
Posted by D.Wolf 4 years ago
Such a sick joke you propose hhopson.
Posted by MassiveDump 4 years ago
That's thirteen steps.
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:04 
Reasons for voting decision: In a dopey debate like this, Pro's job is to be funny in pushing his preposterous schemes. He wasn't funny, and so Con's systematic pointing out the foolishness prevailed. Pro's obnoxious formatting didn't help.
Vote Placed by Ragnar 4 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:15 
Reasons for voting decision: CONDUCT: Con so willingly correcting their errors, deserves credit (pro was very good, this is not against him, merely an appreciation for con's willing improvement). S&G: Seemed ok, presentation is under arguments in DDO (even if we sometimes wish it were under S&G). ARGUMENTS: Presentation presentation presentation; con comparatively excelled in this area due to pro's varied artistic attempts. Pro's "Food is for recreation, not survival." was a weak point, up there with Con's reminder that "SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!!" which if people are turned into that, the world would have a lot less problems. I did not overly care for either side's proposed solutions, but next time pro really needs to clarify in round 1 that he expects the other side to provide their own plan (the plan being in the final round, was not favorable for conduct, even if understandably unavoidable). SOURCES: Con used a few, pro desperately needed to use them to make his claims warranted.