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How was the world created

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Started: 10/15/2013 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I wish Good luck to my opponent.


Alright, I accept your challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


I have to ask how do you think It was created? the ones I believe exist in order are:

1.Gaia theory.
3.Phenomena's and finally
4.neutral monism

Con sounds to me like you are just trying to rebuke me regardless of my opinions. Normally, the person who issues a debate must state his/her own opinions on the matter, but you have provided none. Which means that it doesn't matter which theory I say I believe in, you will challenge me because you take pleasure in proving someone wrong. Which isn't a bad thing.

All right I'll play your game nevertheless!

However I will not choose any of the theories you have provided me with.
I choose DIRECTED PANSPERMIA. Although this theory does not have much to do with how the physical world started, it is about how LIFE started. And I presume it shouldn't matter to you because the Gaia hypothesis does not have much to do with how the physical world started as well.

I look forward to this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


I am not against this hypothesis much. To be honest I hadn't read much into it until today however I am against Mautner and Matloffs proposition that we should establish new planetary systems or protoplanetary discs. Why should we? What's the point? These are the questions I propose to you

P.S. after this debate would you like to continue it in a new debate?


Sorry for the late post, I had to research this a bit and didn't have time until the end of the week.
According to the theory of directed panspirmia, we came from the "seeds" that were "planted" into Earth from extraterrestrial civilizations.

To answer your question, we must go off topic from "How the world was created" to "Should we establish new planetary systems?" Of course I don't mind. I have no opinion of the matter so I will give the opinion shared my most Panspermiests. According to them, the point is to basically secure and expand our organic gene/protein life-form, especially because Earth as we know it is slowly turning incompatible with humanity. The moon is slowly pulling farther from Earth's gravity, he sun is slowly aging. Eventually, the Earth will not be suitable for life such as ours. If we want to preserve our race and other organisms on Earth, we must establish new planetary systems, just like the extraterrestrials did to spawn us.

P.S. I wouldn't mind continuing the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jason983 4 years ago
U missed big bang theory.
Posted by dragonscxt 4 years ago
You should probably state how YOU think the world was created first so that your contender will not have the same ideas as you.
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