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Hugo Weaving should be The Riddler in the next Batman movie

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Started: 12/29/2008 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I would like to begin by stating that this first round is to simply go over the rules. If my opponent has a problem with any of the rules of the debate or anything I've said (such as definitions) then he is free to object in his first round statement.

If not, he'll simply state agreed and we'll move on to the 2nd round (1st round of the debate) where I will give my argument.

The topic is: Hugo Weaving should be The Riddler in the next Batman movie.

The words are defined as followed:

Hugo Weaving - Actor Hugo Wallace Weaving born April 4, 1960 in Austin, Nigeria aged 48. Star of such films like V for Vendetta, The Matrix Trilogy, and Transformers.

Should be - Ought to be

The Riddler - DC Comics Supervillain, created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang with a first appearance in Detective Comics #140 (October 1948). Real name Edward Nigma with a notable alias that includes Edward Nashton.

Next Batman Movie - Assuming The Riddler is present in the Batman movie which is the sequel to the 2008 film; The Dark Knight.

My opponent has already agreed that this will be a 1 on 1 actor debate in which we the debaters will try to prove that our actor would be a superior Riddler. The actor my opponent has chosen is Johnny Depp. So therefore, me and my opponent both have the burden of proof to prove:

Our actor is superior
The other actor is not superior

This debate will be three rounds.

I would like to wish my opponent the best of luck and for a good debate.

Again, if my opponent (Nobody) has no objections to this then simply state you agree so we may begin the debate in Round 2 with my opening argument.


>I thank my opponent for starting this debate.

>My opponent's above remarks on the guidelines of this debate are accepted.

>By debating against me, my opponent submits himself to the Terms of Service highlighted on my personal profile. Its relevance so far in this debate just pertains to remarks I have made to him in personal messages. He cannot quote these against me.

>I await my opponent's opening arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


I accept my opponent's Terms of Service and with that will begin this debate. I would once again like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.

I ask any videos posted this debate be watched when I ask.

Definitions have already been stated and the case topic is above and here:
Hugo Weaving should be The Riddler in the next Batman movie.

Now first, what makes the Riddler who he is?

The Riddler is someone who is intelligent, well-spoken, witty. However, The Riddler is also someone at the same time who has problems due to his childhood so at the same time is crazy.

(Watch the first video now)

Replace the Guy Fawkes Mask and outfit with a Riddler outfit and mask dear reader and we have the perfect Riddler. The man behind the mask there is none other then Hugo Weaving.

Hugo Weaving is by far and away the best choice for the role of Riddler in the next bat film as I will show in more depth throughout my case. Now, for my three conentions as to why Hugo Weaving should be The Riddler in the next Batman movie AND why he is superior to Johnny Depp in such a role.

Contention One: Hugo Weaving fits many of the Riddler's Characteristics

Simply put, Hugo Weaving as the Riddler is like a perfect size glove for a hand.

He has the look that closely resembles The Riddler.

He has already proven he can play the role of a intelligent villain such as with Agent Smith in The Matrix.
(Watch Second Video Now)

Hugo Weaving has also shown his superb acting skills in other films such as Little Fish in which he won the 2005 AFI Best Actor Award.

(Watch Third Video Now)

Hugo Weaving also has played the role of a man who childhood experiences have made him bitter and resentful like The Riddler in the 1991 film Proof.

Contention Two: Hugo Weaving fits the nolan verse better then Johnny Depp

Nolan Verse - The Batman Universe created by Christopher Nolan (director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) in which the characters including the villains are more realistic.

Which is why you the reader will never see villains such as Clayface in Christopher Nolan's Bat movies.

Hugo Weaving has been in many great roles, however unlike Johnny Depp he has not become "hollywood."
Which means if I went to see a movie, I would know that's Johnny Depp just by the way he acts which would take away from the movie and the role that Johnny Depp is filling. I'm sure many of you readers know exactly what I'm talking about and would think the same for such an actress like Angelina Jolie.

Also, when Johnny Depp is acting; it's usually over-the-top and well...Johnny Depp. Acting like one's self isn't too difficult. That is also another thing, over-the-top characters are few and between in the Nolan Verse. It works for the Joker because the Joker in the comic book is and has always been a over the top psychopath which would suit Johnny Depp better then the cunning mastermind that is the Riddler. However, as stated it would not work well with the Riddler as it would be too silly and not fit the "dark gritty" universe that Nolan is trying to upheld.

Johnny Depp would fit best in a Tim Burton Batman Universe (the director whom he most works with) rather then a Christopher Nolan Batman Universe.

Third Contention: Hugo Weaving plays a superior villain compared to Johnny Depp.

As already stated; Hugo Weaving has played what be considered the main villain in the Matrix series; Agent Smith.
Hugo Weaving has also played the evil Decepticon leader; Megatron in Transformers.

Both roles he played exceedingly well. Now my dear reader, I pose to you this question:
Which villains has Johnny Depp played in his career exceedingly well?

I'm not talking about anti-hero loner like characters which is a great portion if not majority of Johnny Depp's roles but actual villains in which you'd root against on screen.

The closest Johnny Depp has ever gotten to such a role was Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in 2007 but even then he was made into a loner anti-hero like character that one came to pity; especially with the ending that I will not give away for those who have not seen it.

So therefore, Hugo Weaving not only has more experience in playing the villain role then Johnny Depp but has proven himself to be excellent at it. Johnny Depp meanwhile has not proven himself in any sort of villain role that he would be playing in the nolan verse where the villains are not pitied.

Should we trust Johnny Depp in such a role? I think not dear reader.

Some other notes:

Where would Johnny Depp have the time to film this in the near future?
As his schedule shows, he will be quite busy and I question whether he would be able to give 110% commitment to such a film with such a busy schedule compared to Hugo Weaving who is nearly not as busy.

Hugo Weaving would be more believable in a fighting scene then Johnny Depp as well. Evidence of this would be video four (feel free to watch now). Despite the fact The Riddler is not a physical (more mental) villain, every nolan bat film thus far has seen Batman fight the main villain.

My final point, Weaving would also be superior in making speeches or riddles which The Riddler is quite famous for in the comics. Evidence of this would be in video five (feel free to watch now). Notice how he is able to not only keep your attention but get his point across.

To sum up:
1.) Hugo Weaving fits the characteristics of The Riddler.
2.) Hugo Weaving would better fit the nolan verse then Johnny Depp.
3.) Johnny Depp is too over-the-top and silly along with too hollywood to play The Riddler.
4.) Johnny Depp would be better suited in a Tim Burton Batman Universe then Christopher Nolan Batman Universe.
5.) Hugo Weaving plays a superior villain compared to Johnny Depp.
6.) Johnny Depp is unproven in the Villain role.
7.) Johnny Depp does not have the time to film for such a role in the future; Hugo Weaving does.
8.) Hugo Weaving would make the fight scenes (such as the ones that took place in The Dark Knight) more believable then Johnny Depp.
9.) Hugo Weaving is better suited in holding the audience's attention for a period of time for things such as riddles or speeches.

Dear Reader, one final note:
I realize, looking back that my argument may seem to have it's focus on Johnny Depp as much as Hugo Weaving. However, that is the point of the debate.

Going back to the pre-debate round to what my opponent and I both agreed upon:

"So therefore, me and my opponent both have the burden of proof to prove:
Our actor is superior
The other actor is not superior"

Both burdens I feel that I have proven today.

I would like to thank you the reader once again for reading my argument and my opponent for accepting to debate this case.


>I thank my opponent for his response an acceptance of my Terms of Service.

>The videos my opponent has requested we watch are currently not working on my computer, so I will look for a summary of them (please).

>I agree with my opponent's summary of the Riddler, except I would like to replace the word "crazy" with the phrase "slightly mentally unstable."

>I shall assume that my opponent has given a clip from V for Vendetta. To counter, I will cite the role of Johnny Depp ( in the Pirates of the Caribbean ( I admit this is not nearly as similar to the role of the Riddler as is the role of V in V for Vendetta, but a few moments are similar. Mr. Depp, in his role as Jack Sparrow, has a few intriguing moments (when talking directly to an enemy), in which he possesses the unique qualities that make the Riddler. The distinct, almost questioning voice of Mr. Depp fits flawlessly into the role of the Riddler. As goes Hugo Weaving, he indeed possesses a Riddler-like voice, but he lacks the ability to sound deranged. The Riddler (so says even my opponent) is, at times, not quite right in the head. Johnny Depp has the ability to fit into this role as well, which we can see from his role in Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street ( Hugo Weaving has not yet proved to us that he can play such a role; hence I believe that Johnny Depp is clearly the better actor as voice goes. Again, I would provide examples from the respective movies, but YouTube is currently not functioning correctly on my computer. I apologize for the inconvenience.

>My opponent next moves on to describe why he believes that Hugo Weaving fits best into the role of the Riddler. The Riddler does not have a defined face; his face is covered partially by a mask ( The Riddler's look has never been quite consistent throughout history. Some comparisons to the first picture I provided (, ( Due to this evidence, my opponent's claim about the look of Hugo Weaving is null.

>I must confess that I have never personally seen any of the three movies in the Matrix trilogy. This is irrelevant because my opponent's point is null. Johnny Depp's entire role in the Pirates of the Caribbean was as a criminal, vigilante, etc. He was portrayed as a man fighting against authority and a higher government/other party (depending on the specific movie).

As far as playing the role of the Riddler goes, when the Riddler is not telling a riddle, etc. he is usually quiet. Johnny Depp (above any other actor) has shown that he can play the role of a quiet person when he played the role of Edward in Edward Scissorhands ( Edward was an invention, and had no interaction with the outside world (he was living in a large house by his lonesome) until he was an adult. Even after he left his home, he was uneasy around other people. Mr. Depp flourished in this role, and has shown that no matter how verbally involved he is in his role, he can make do with it.

>The next argument presented by my opponent was on the topic of awards won by Hugo Weaving. Johnny Depp has won far more awards than Mr. Weaving. Hugo Weaving has won and been nominated for a grand total of 23 awards ( Mr. Depp has won and been nominated for a grand total of 84 awards ( Johnny Depp's total is more than three times that of Mr. Weaving.

>My opponent moves on to say that Hugo Weaving has proved that he is capable of playing a role that involves negative childhood influence. I am whole-heartedly certain that the acting done by Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands (see above) trumps that of Hugo Weaving in Proof. This is evident due to the popularity and reception of Edward Scissorhands as opposed to Proof. Edward Scissorhands is known today as one of the greatest films of all time with Johnny Depp as the lead actor, while Proof is hardly even remembered.

>Moving on to my opponent's second contention, he claims that Hugo Weaving is a better fit for the Nolan verse than Johnny Depp. He claims that because Mr. Depp is primarily a Hollywood actor, he will not fit into Batman. Hollywood is, as my opponent himself claims, extremely high profile in terms of movies. But is this bad? The last Christopher Nolan movie, the Dark Knight currently has a gross revenue of almost $1,000,000,000 worldwide ( This ranks forth all time. If this is not fitting the Hollywood scene, what is? The previous movie by Mr. Nolan, Batman Begins, has a gross revenue of over $371,000,000 ( Mr. Weaving, in fact, would be a worse fit into the Batman scene.

>My opponent's next argument is completely false. He makes the claim that Johnny Depp's acting is too little out of his own personal character, but Mr. Depp has proved that he can fit into two entirely opposing roles. While he played an over-the-top role in the Pirates of the Caribbean (see above), he played a calm and shy role in Edward Scissorhands (above). Given that these two roles are opposing, my opponent clearly has not seen enough of Johnny Depp to make this conjecture.

>My opponent's third contention poses the question of who can play a better villain between Hugo Weaving and Johnny Depp. Mr. Depp has played Sweeney Todd in one of the best movies of 2007, Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (see above). He played a "demon barber," as the title of the movie suggests, meaning that he can clearly play a villain. Given that Mr. Depp won and been nominated for awards as an actor ( in this very movie, it can be said that he can play the role of a villain exquisitely.

>My opponent's next question is answered in my previous statement.

>With all due respect, though my opponent claims otherwise, Johnny Depp's role in Sweeney Todd: the Demon barber of Fleet Street was that of a villain. He was, after all, the "demon barber" (as I have stated above).

>My opponent's next statement claiming that Hugo Weaving would, in fact, be a better actor as the Riddler than Johnny Depp is negated by my above arguments and rebuttals. He clearly has the experience to flourish in this role, contrary to my opponent's remarks.

>"Should we trust Johnny Depp in such a role?" I believe so, reader.

>On account of "some other notes" supplied by my opponent, none of them adversely effect Johnny Depp. The first note brought up by my opponent is the lack of time for Johnny Depp to perform this role. Granted, Mr. Depp's future looks packed. However, this debate, as stated by my opponent in R1, "will be a [one] on [one] actor debate in which we[,] the debaters[,] will try to prove that our actor would be a superior Riddler." Note my opponent's language. The debate that both of us agreed to partake in was over who WOULD be a better Riddler, it is clearly hypothetical. Thus, my opponent's point is negated.

>Both actors have proven themselves excellent athletically and in duels. I do not see this as a point for debate.

>My opponent's final point has been discussed above.

>I have proven:

Johnny Depp is superior as a Riddler

Hugo Weaving is not superior as a Riddler

>I would like to thank all who read my response.

>Thanks to my opponent in advance.
Debate Round No. 2


Due to personal reasons, I will be having to leave for the time being.

That being said, I will be unable to complete any sort of argument.

My opponent and I have both made great points, it's up to the reader whether they agree with me or my opponent at the end of the debate.

I apologize to my fellow debater for having to do this.

Thank you


>I regret that my opponent has had to leave this site.

>I believe the choice of who wins this debate is indeed up to the reader, but would like to point out that my opponent was the one who initiated the challenge in this debate. He knew of the responsibility and obligation he was submitting himself to. I would like voters to take this into account when they make their decisions.

>I accept my opponent's apology, it is indeed regrettable that he had to leave.

>YouTube is now functioning on my computer. I have viewed the videos presented in my opponent's last argument. To counter them, I would like to provide the videos to your right.

>In addition to the first five videos to counter my opponent, I have provided two more videos which are the trailer for and clips for Edward Scissorhands (starring Johnny Depp). This demonstrated his ability to play a role which is not at all over-the-top.

>I owe thanks to the following YouTube accounts:

>I thank my opponent once again for the part of the debate which he participated in, thank the voters for reading this.
Debate Round No. 3


The_Mad_Hatter forfeited this round.


>I extend last round.

>I appears one of the videos does not show up. It should appear under this round.

>Some of my videos are disabled from embedding. If you click on the center of the video after first hitting play, you can view it on YouTube.

>Thank you, and please vote CON.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by DeadLeaves93 8 years ago
I think both Weaving and Depp would be excellent as the Riddler, but I think overall Depp fits the role better. Great debate for both sides! You guys made me want to watch V for Vendetta and Sweeney Todd again lol.
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