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Hulk could beat Superman.

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Started: 8/27/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Hulk and Superman are on a barren life-less planet and they start 50 meters a part superman is already on the planet and The Worldbreaker Hulk cash lands on the planet already pissed off and ready to go.

Definition of beat is: Dead, unconscious, immobile.


I accept, now I would like the pro to put the case first then we will have equal rounds of debating. Hulk is the green hulk, not the red one.
Debate Round No. 1


The Hulk of World War Hulk is a cunning and more powerful version than the previous incarnations, for he is the insanely enraged version of the "Gravage Hulk". His rage is at its most focused, due to meditation training by his ally Hiroim. This incarnation has extremely high durability.

Another source of the Green Scar's strength in comparison to other versions was his lack of inner conflict, if not alliance, with Bruce Banner. There were several instances where the Hulk and Banner worked together strategically, and please note that Bruce Banner is the 4th smartest human in the world such as acting to disable Dr Strange. Caiera, the Green Scar's wife, understood Banner as well, and both personalities loved her equally. This was the driving factor in the Banner/Hulk alliance. As a result of being caught in the explosion of the warp core of his ship which brought him to Sakaar, which destroyed the planet, Green Scar's base level of strength was dramatically increased. He can lift well over 100 tons in a functionally calm emotional state.

He seems to have resurfaced after Bruce regained his Hulk powers, his anger tempered from its "Worldbreaker" levels by another confrontation with Skaar, and was proven even strong enough to take down the Red Hulk without much of a fight. The Hulk recently lived up to his "Worldbreaker" title by destroying a world (from the huge amounts of gamma energy he was releasing) unintentionally in the Dark Dimension in Incredible Hulk Part 4.

After being exposed to the energies from the exploding core of the ship that originally brought him to Sakaar, Green Scar's base strength level was dramatically increased. While in a calm state, this incarnation was able of lifting well over 100 tons. However, while in an enraged state, adrenaline surges through Hulk's body, magnifying his strength significantly above his base limits. Hulk's immeasurable strength is directly proportional to his level of rage, excitement, stress. The Hulk also grows stronger the more radiation and more dark magic he catalyzes. Bruce Banner subconsciously restrains the Hulk's full potential by quantifying the external variables so that Hulk does not hurt anyone. However, in case of agreement of both, the Hulk can overcome this limitation, like when he turns into the Worldbreaker. Hulk has performed impressive feats of strength throughout his career.

Such as:

Destroying a meteor twice the size of earth with one blow

Lifting a mountain in his weakest Hulk form

Punching the supposedly unmovable Blob who has his own gravitational pull

Not only feebly breaking superman's grip but throwing him out of orbit as well (in his weakest Hulk form)

Not only being able to take Glaiatior's Eye beam power (which is stronger than Superman's) but reflecting it back into his eyes.

overcoming a power-draining mechanism which contained much of the combined power of himself, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer and Namor

Beating both the Avengers and the Fantastic four at the same time.

Having a Quick enough reaction time to react to Quicksilver

He Has limitless Strength (Base level of 100tons in a calm state), Speed (Base level of 700mph in a calm state), Stamina, And as Worldbreaker has learned to manipulate his Gamma radiation and Cosmic powress further than he did before. in fact as it is unless superman is invulnerable to Gamma radiation every time Hulk attacks he releases both Gamma and Cosmic Radiation.

Now Green Scar the World breaker is a excellent strategist, since he possess the intellect of Bruce Banner, and has Fought superman before he would know what he is getting into thus out Fear, Rage, Stress or excitement (probably a mixture of all) his Gamma surge would increase to protect himself possibly raising his levels past that of Superman. Now with Bruce Banner's intellect he would mostly likely know about superman's strength and weaknesses the worlds 4th smartest man would certainly know about the effects of Kryptonite such as if he managed to get superman away from the orbit's yellow sun then he loses his powers, or finding kryptonite. Even without exploiting the weaknesses of superman as the battle draws out Hulk would eventually win since he has infinite power and Superman has Finite, Superman has a couple know weaknesses Hulk has no known weakness.

"Then why do you suddenly look scared? Maybe you see that you could be ten times stronger than Hulk, and it still would not matter. Not when all Hulk has to do is become ten times as mad!!"
-- Hulk



The majority of my opponent's argument is not actually fully true.

The hulk is not capable of Bruce Banner's intellect while angry since the Banner only turns into Hulk when severely angry and when you become angry, the portion of your brain responsible for emotion, or amygdala, becomes highly active and wants to respond to the threat. At the same time, blood flow increases to your frontal lobe, the area of your brain responsible for reason. For a moment, these two areas battle it out to decide whether the situation warrants reason or emotion. When the amygdale wins, the brain triggers a cascade of events that empower your body to react angrily to the threat including the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline increases your muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure.[1]

Imagine you're a judge in San Francisco presiding over a criminal trial. An awesome force had rampaged through the downtown area damaging automobiles, cable cars, power lines, and the buildings of several city blocks. The defendant in the trial is Bruce Banner. When asked to enter a plea, Bruce Banner's lawyer offers the following defense: "Your honor, the person who perpetrated these acts was a large, greenish hulk of a person. But my client, as you can see, is a smallish, light-skinned man. In short, my client is clearly not the same person as the individual who perpetrated these acts."

The lawyer continues, "Your honor, my client is merely another victim in all this. Yes, we acknowledge that Bruce Banner was somehow changed into the person of the Hulk, and then somehow re-emerged as himself once
again. But the fact remains that when the acts in question were perpetrated, it was the person of the Hulk and not the person of Bruce Banner who was perpetrating them. So, if the prosecuting attorney wants to put someone on trial, let him capture the Hulk and put him on trial! But it's plain to see that my client is simply not the same person
as the Hulk." As the judge, you must now rule on whether Bruce Banner and the Hulk are indeed the same
person. What criteria will you use to reach your decision?

The search for such criteria has a long history in philosophical circles. Typically, philosophers frame the issue in terms of the "continuity of personal identity over time." Put another way, the question is: What makes you the same person today that you were yesterday, or were ten years ago, or will be ten years from now? If you
could answer that question, then you would have the criteria for determining whether the person before you on trial is the same person who weeks earlier went on a rampage through the city.[2]

Let me now introduce the fantastic Superman and his feats.

Characteristics[3]: -
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 235 lbs (107 kg)

Now I shall state Superman's powers[4][5][6]:
1) Strength - Clark is among the strongest superheroes on Earth, capable of lifting a plane.
2) Flight - Able to defy gravity through sheer force of will.
3) Invulnerability - Years of exposure to yellow solar energy have caused Clark's Kryptonian body to become almost indestructible. His natural bio-electric aura also has limited force field properties protecting items near his skin, such as his costume.
4) Super-speed - Capable of superhuman speed, Clark can fly from Metropolis to have dinner with Lois Lane in Paris, France, or in a few minutes fly to the Moon.
5) Super-breath - Clark's invulnerability and strength exist internally too, affecting his skeleton and internal organs. After inhaling deeply he can expel the air in a gale-force wind.
6) Super-hearing - Capable of blocking out and discerning a single known voice within a city.
7) Vision - Clark can detect electromagnetic energy in more than the normal visible spectrum: X-Ray vision, Infra-Red vision, Microscopic, and Telescopic. Additionally, Clark can release solar energy in the form of heat vision as a weapon.

Now I shall introduce Superman's ONLY weaknesses[4][5][6]:
1) Super Science (sometimes called Magic)
2) Kryptonite
3) Red Sun Radiation
4) Can't see through lead

The Hulk is neither magical nor does he have kryptonite during the fight. The fight is on Earth, thus it is a yellow sun, not a red one and the Hulk has no lead at hand.

On another note,

Just watch this fight and you will see how the STRATEGY OF FIGHT clearly is dominant to superman whilst, fair enough, Hulk keeps regenerating but superman, instead of having regeneration, is simply indestructible so he needn't regenerate in the first place.

I just would like to highlight that Superman s indestructible. This in itself is evidence that he cannot be destroyed.

Also, as a final point, when fighting Doomsday he was able to The fight ended with the Justice Lords beaten down and Lord Superman held at Doomsday's mercy, however he managed to lobotomize Doomsday with his heat vision[7]. (I'm aware Superman dies int his fight but what he was able to do to Doomsday shows that, while alive, he could potentially lobotomize Hulk.

Lobotomize: to make (someone or something) abnormally tranquil or sluggish.[8]

Debate Round No. 2


However what I just wrote was that the combined knowledge between Bruce Banner and Hulk managed to Strategically take down Dr. Strange in hulk form (maybe from Bruce staying calm and Hulk being enraged however there is no evidence to support that Bruce Banner wasn't enraged either) thus showing that when in the enraged state this must not apply to "WorldBreaker" Hulk or has minimal effect, as well as I also explained earlier Rage is not the only trigger to the increase of power.

I don't understand? What does this have to do with anything in this particular case Bruce Banner would be Guilty because both are working together to create be the incarnation World breaker.

1) not a good example of superman's strength since his powers are limited and hulk has a base level strength of 100 tons
2) Hulk can leap between worlds and propel himself with his clap.
3) a big example of weakness, if this battle were to prolong and Hulk's abilities were to grow to a massive state Hulk could Knock, lure, or force Superman to a solar system with no yellow sun exasperating his powers over a period of time or to a red sun solar system. Superman has never been known to have any knowledge of the universe he would not know where the places to stay away from are, so he would have to rely on sight, but since it is a Sun by the time he sees it the rays would have hit him and he would lose his powers and either die in space or Hulk would rip him to shreds.
4) "allowing him to move, react, run, and fly extraordinarily fast. Originally classified as being "faster than a speeding bullet", allowing him to catch bullets in mid air before they hit him, or anyone else." - Hulk can run at a base level of 700mph and react to quicksilver fast enough to swat him away like nothing.

2) possible that the battle could prolong to the point where they end up on a planet that has some form of Krypton on it (yes unlikely but never the less cannot be ignored since we are dealing with two of the strongest superheroes known)

Actually this fight is on a barren life-less planet as I established before, however it was never limited to. we will say that it is in Earth's solar system (logical conclusion on how these two would meet) as well as no Kryptonite (is not a element within the solar system's spectrum)

While Superman is indestructible that doesn't mean that he cannot be rendered immobile and their are many instances in the comics where superman gets greatly Phased taking a while to recover from massive blows, this shows that he could get knocked out by a hard enough blow (no-one has dealt one yet) for in these instances he is probably seeing stars. Not only this but in each instance he depicts pain, that's unusual if he is indestructible, I believe that he is what earth's limits would consider indestructible.

Now I'm not entirely sure about this but would Cosmic energies be considered Magic (super science I like this term you provided lol) when concentrated or overflowing? Also it's Hard to say whether or not Superman would be resistant to constant Gamma and Cosmic radiation Poisoning for every time Hulk attacks he discharges a surge that can be manipulate (learns when becoming worldbreaker)



Superman has a reputation for being the most powerful being on Earth. Not only that, he's smart, not smarter than Dr. Bruce Banner, but definitely smarter than the Hulk. If Superman is going to win this battle, he's going to have to rely on brains over brawn, which shouldn't be too hard, considering the Hulk's intelligence level is on par with the average 5-year old.

While the Hulk is just a big, strong monster, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Even a nuclear explosion can't put him down for the count, so he could definitely go toe-to-toe with the Hulk and give old jade jaws a run for his money. But wait, there's more! Superman possesses a smorgasbord of abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He could use his super breath to freeze the Hulk. He could bore a hole into any planet's surface, at super speed, and bury the Hulk in it.

I can think of no scenario where the Hulk could beat Superman, because Superman could always fly away before it got too dangerous. Hulk is strong and desrves his props, no doubt, but he's really not very different from Dr. Banner. Superman is an alien with god-like powers who would never let the Hulk hit him. Hulk can yell and get as angry as he wants, but Superman would still mop the floor with him.
I know people would like to think that Superman wouldn't kill Hulk unless he had to. Make no mistake, if it came down do it, Superman would fly through Hulk's abdomen and rip off his head.


-Able to move at 99% the speed of light
-Brain function and reaction time match that speed
-Super intelligence
-Super strength capable of moving planets, holding black holes. In the Infinite Crisis tie in issue Supes atomized a planet and shattered the boundries of space/time with the shockwaves of his blows when he was fighting Kal-L.
-Invunerability, survived the Maggedon warhead (capable of destroying half a galaxay). Survived a 700 light year blast while power depleted.
-Heat vision which is so hot it can't be measured, and we know the core temp of our sun is 45 million degrees
-Flash freeze opponents with freeze breath.
-If he needs more power he simply takes a sun bath.

What is Hulk going to do against a guy like that? While Hulk is cool, and he's hand some impressive feats he is simply not in the same league as Superman. Even Hulk's strength isn't on par with Superman's.

Ok, I understand... The Hulk you proposed is the Worldbreaker who basically is just as invincible as superman.

However, this debate wasn't if Superman could beat Hulk.

The debate you proposed was that Hulk could beat Superman. But even if they went near red sun, Superman can feel the red sun taking energy form the moment it begins to do So and unlike hulk who would only be able to float through space, Superman could immediately fly anywhere he wanted, if Hulk was holding him and forcing him to get near to the red sun, not only would the Hulk reach the sun faster since objects of greater mass react to gravity at a faster rate[1] but Superman could use his flight itself to guide hulk ad him away (his power of flight is so much so that he could fly with hulk hugging and crushing him at the same time, he could probably fly with a whole planet tied to hi, the reason is that the mechanism of superman's flight is merely sheer willpower[2], and when he is about to die form red sun weakening he'll have one helluva power of will to fly with.

The argument that hulk and him could hurtle through space and randomly come across kryptonite is just ridiculous as a justification that hulk could beat him since anywhere that Superman feels the 'burn' of kryptonite (obviously he would feel his powers weakening) then he would fly in any direction but to the kryptonite.

Also, the fight begins on maybe a planet like Mars (my opponent, himself stated 'we will say that it is in Earth's solar system, logical conclusion on how these two would meet, as well as no Kryptonite since it is not a element within the solar system's spectrum) In the solar system that we are, the meeting would 99.9999% likely be on mars, since Venus would be so close to yellow sun that superman would rip Hulk in half and Mars is a barren life-less planet (as publicly announced by NASA up to August 28th 2012[3]). Kryptonite is light-years away, Superman is blatantly fast enough to fly away from the Red sun before getting there since he can fly with pure willpower. Hulk will be powerful, beat crap out of superman at every chance but superman's clamness of mind will allow him to be intelligent to an inhuman level since he himself is from a planet of beings far more powerful than humans both mentally and physically.

I would like to re-explain some of superman's powers and add to the powers themselves as I have found evidence of more[4]:

*RE-EXPLANATION* Superhuman Strength - While not infinite, depictions of the upper limit of how much weight he can lift have ranged from being able to do the work of several laborers in half the time, crush diamonds in his grasp, lift objects hundreds of times his own weight including any sized vehicle over his head, bend and/or break steel with his bare hands, lifting mountains, and all the way up to in the Silver Age and Modern Age where he is seen moving entire planets. After being saturated with yellow solar energy in All-Star Superman, his strength was tested as exceeding the force of 200,000,000,000,000 tons (2*10^14 tons)

*NEW POWER FOUND* Healing Factor - Superman is shown to possess remarkable recuperative powers that allow him to quickly heal from wounds and makes him immune to all forms of human or Earthly diseases, illnesses, viruses and toxins.

*NEW POWER FOUND* Superhuman Speed - Another one of Superman's signature abilities is his superhuman speed, allowing him to move, react, run, and fly extraordinarily fast. Originally classified as being "faster than a speeding bullet", allowing him to catch bullets in mid air before they hit him, or anyone else. Top speeds have ranged from nearly a hundred miles per hour when he was first created in the 1930s to speeds far greater than the speed of light.[5]

*NEW POWER FOUND* Eidetic Memory - Superman is occasionally shown to have flawless, total recall of everything he has ever seen, read or heard. In turn, he is often depicted as being fluent in many of Earth's languages and cultures.

*mini new power found, just to highlight that he's intelligent*Intelligence - Superman is consistently shown as being more intelligent than the average human.

[5] Bryne, John, "Guess Who's in Metropolis...?!" Superman vol. 2, #9
Debate Round No. 3


brokenboy forfeited this round.


Vote con.
Debate Round No. 4


brokenboy forfeited this round.


Debate Round No. 5
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