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Humanity V. Zombies World Outbreak

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Started: 6/1/2012 Category: Health
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Humanity has a population of 7 billion people. Humanity has the ability to adapt and become more intelligent and push over hardships (EX. The Dark Ages, World War I & II, Religious Intolerance). Humanity have guns and other weapons tools that can be used to give one the edge. Zombies and humans have the same sight ability as each other but zombies decompose and once the eyes rot sight is gone humans don't have this problem. Zombies don't have a primary sense so hearing is used more for them then humans so they can hear things humans don't notice but decomposing is still an issue. Smell for a zombie is much acute then humans they can tell the direction of a smell and follow it more miles decompose issues still exist. Humanity has the ability to heal wounds zombies wounds however are permanent muscle use rip fibers and those rips are till the end of a zombies life.
Zombies do not need oxygen or to eat. Bleeding gives no effect as the circulatory system is completely shut down. Zombies have endless endurance but as muscles deteriorate they become weaker eventually making a zombie immobile. Zombies can move no faster then three miles per hour, the average human walking speed. Zombies have no coordination and move in a clumsy limp with no ability to climb or run. Zombies have the intellect of a common fly. Pure instinct motivates them. Human life without medical treatment we have now, which would most likely disappear, would shorten to about 35 years. Zombies lifespan is 5-10 years unless frozen (zombies in cold temperature can be preserved). Zombie numbers increase as humans are bitten the process of zombification is 24 hours. Human prevent this by suicide shots to the head. Killing a zombie is a head shot or burning. Electicity effects in stunning only (2x volts needed to stun zombies compared to humans).

Round one is accepting challenge.


I, SuburbiaSurvivor, accept this challenge.

However, I'd like to point out that while Pro has made many claims in regards to zombies, he has failed to cite sources for his assertions. Since it has not been proven that zombies actually exist, one's only reference is fictional material regarding zombies. Unfortunately, Pro has not offered any such material. Since in Pro's opening round he did not A) explicitly define what a zombie was going to be in this debate B) offer a source for his definition and C) did not specify that the definition could be changed, I hereby offer a different definition, or, "concept" of zombie.

I believe that the zombies illustrated in 28 Days Later are the most plausible. While the rage virus does not directly cause the death of the host, it does overtake the person mentally [1]. We see examples of organisms doing this in nature, in which parasites direct their host to suicide. Therefore I propose that this sort of virus or parasitic organism is much more plausible [2].

1) Some level of awareness and intelligence.
2) Increased stamina, strength, agility.

1) Die of malnutrition after 8 weeks.
2) Rage virus can lead to the infected becoming disinterested in nutrition, causing the infected to die.

It could be argued that while the rage virus does not involve the host dying at first and then coming back to life, because the host is no longer in control of its own body it is still a zombie.


I look forward to an interesting debate! Good luck, Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for the challenge Con.

Sorry about the confusion I forgot to post my sources had things to do today that made me have to hurry to finish. My source is Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide.

The audio book was on youtube and I was going to use it for reference but it is removed be "random House" for copyright. A$$holes right. Sorry.

The Rage Virus is not able to create a zombie one must die to become a zombie. 28 days/weeks later a movie that i enjoy and is to me a great movieis not a zombie film and must be removed the Zombie research society, George A Romero and Max Brooks the lead people in the concept of the modern zombie all agree to this.

Fast Zombies also can't exist concerder rabies. One infected has a problem coordintateing and running in a proper manner slowing down there speed.


Thank you for creating this debate Pro! I absolutely agree with Pro that humanity would survive against a slow slow zombie outbreak.

Definition of "Zombie"

Unfortunately, "zombie" isn't really clearly defined. Classical zombies, such as the one's depicted in George Romero movies or Max Brook’s books (World War Z is by far the greatest zombie book ever, by the way. If you haven't read it, chances are you're a n00b) aren't at all the gold standard for what a zombie is. Movies such as Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and 28 Weeks Later all feature fast zombies. The videos that Pro cites hardly offer compelling evidence that slow zombies are more likely then fast zombies. The first video merely shows various authors describing their personal idea of what a zombie is and what it acts like. The second video merely shows Max Brook demeaning fast zombies as being gay.

In Pro's opening round, Pro advanced an argument that humanity would vanquish a zombie outbreak and I completely agree. That is, if that zombie outbreak were of the slow zombie variety. In this debate however, Pro left the definition of zombie undefined. Therefore I will be arguing that society would not survive if these were fast zombies.

So why fast zombies?

It is entirely more likely that any sort of zombie outbreak would be the result of a virus or parasitic organism taking over the brain, rather then deteriorating brain functions so that only primitive brain functions are still capable. Examples of real life voodoo zombies, in which the victim's brain is damaged [1], reveal docile and manageable zombies rather then hungry and violent zombies as depicted in The Walking Dead series. Also, "slow" zombies as depicted by Max Brooks and George Romero require zombies that do not require circulatory systems [2]. However, it's questionable how such a creature could even move since the circulatory system and nervous system are highly dependant on each other.

Consequently, the idea of a fast zombie, that is, a human being whose mind has been "hijacked" by a parasite or virus makes much more sense then the idea of a slow zombie, which is a decaying human body that somehow is still able to walk around.

As we can see in biology, there are many examples of creatures being influenced by a virus or parasite, such as the bee parasite listed in Round 1. Another example is in this Youtube video. Also, a sort of "mental psychosis" brought on by a parasite or makes sense in light of recent stories in which a deranged man actually attacked a homeless person and ate a large portion of his face off [3]. Witnesses reported it taking about 6 to 7 shots to take down the attacker [4]. One witness, a female cyclist, reported the man actually growling at her with pieces of flesh in his mouth [5]. The question of whether this was the result of an actual virus is irrelevant. The point is that this man was clearly not a brain damaged walking zombie, but rather, a mentally altered person.

Pro's argument about rabies is irrelevant. Ignoring the fact that he did not cite a source for his claim of rabies causing problems with coordination, it does not follow that because one mind-altering virus causes problems with coordination, all mind-altering virus's will cause problems with coordination.

So what could Fast Zombies do?

What's the danger in a fast zombie? Well, the fast zombies as described in 28 Days Later are extremely problematic. Not only are they impervious to pain, but they have increased stamina and agility as their ability to feel and respond to pain is virtually non-existent. Also, they have some sense of awareness and are able to coordinate routes to their victims. 28 Days Later zombies have been shown to be more interested in infecting a human being then actually eating them [6]. This makes sense since the rage virus clearly wants to find as many hosts as possible to further propagate itself. A scene in 28 Weeks Later shows one of the infected biting a women and then releasing her after she is shot and killed.

So what does this mean? This means that fast zombies are the pinnacle of virus spreading mechanisms. It only takes a few minutes for transformation to take place. Why? Because the virus doesn't need to transform the body, merely take over the brain. This means that the virus merely needs to enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain. Furthermore, fast zombies further spread the rage virus by puking blood onto the faces of potential infected. Even the tiniest bit of this virus laden blood enters into the victim’s blood stream, that victim is doomed.

So imagine this scenario: Los Angeles, Population, 3,792,621 [7]. Crazed caffeine addicts pushing for a spot in line at Starbucks, teenagers dramatically texting their every thought onto tiny keyboards and rows upon rows of diabolically similar looking houses. One man gets the virus and infects another. Those two infected lose interest in each other and infect two more, and so on. In the dense population of Los Angeles, the infection would spread faster then Wildfire. So what happens next? People start to panic and run for their lives. Suddenly LA's population of 3,792,621 decides that living in LA isn't all that great anymore. So what do we get with the spontaneous unanimous decision to move out of LA? Massive, traffic jam. That's right, folks. You think your commute is bad? Imagine trying to get out of LA when the zombie apocalypse hits. Now we have hundreds of thousands of people trapped in cars, just waiting for the infected to overrun them. But wait, no one wants that, right? So let's get out of the cars! Yes, a massive pilgrimage. The problem though is with the army of infected running towards that immovable traffic jam, keeping in mind that these infected are not only capable of running but really don't care whether they're getting the cramps or not, these people don't stand a chance.

So how about getting overseas? Well, all it takes is a slow burn. Whether it's a person with a great initial tolerance to the virus, a typhoid Mary, or a person who's got infected material on his skin that took a while to get it into his blood stream, infection being spread to other countries is inevitable.


We're doomed. Fast zombies are out to get you. They are your worst nightmare. They are the human beings who take 6 to 7 shots to take down. They don't care if you break their bones, because they can't feel the pain. They don't care if you run, because not only can they also run, but they can run longer then you. If you get bit, you'll probably turn into a fast zombie before you sum up the courage to kill yourself. All in all, it is unlikely that mankind would survive from the initial shock and panic of a fast zombie outbreak, much less organize an actual offense.

[4] See reference 3.
[5] See reference 3.

Debate Round No. 2


As this debate is not to argue what a zombie is but if mankind could survive against them.

First I will defend against slow zombies. Slow zombies at max speed will travel 72 miles per day. If a party of humans travel at the fast walk speed (average 5 mph) staying ahead of the zombies would mean travel time of 15 hours a day. They can then clear a home enter make it defensible eat anything they find in there new temporary dwelling along with what they have on them spend for hour salvaging items from the surrounding location sleep six our then get up and repeat 10 years of this. Zombies will redie(TM) at this point. Or the group can find a fort where food can be grown and defense is good enough to make a life to wait out the outbreak. After the zombies are gone high alert must take place at all times frozen zombies can defrost and the outbreak can start again.

Fast Zombie (the gay kind like OMG) are actually a bit easy. Since they are actually alive yes they are they can move fast and need food to survive points taken in the movie itself. A total of one month of waiting out (28 days ish) will ensure survival. Fast zombies can run almost forever average speed can reach 12 MPH. Humans move this fast for short periods at top speed. Yet not for long periods. So running is not an option only course of survival is to wait it out.

To prove they are alive would be their movement. Rigamortis did not take effect. So muscles are alive have blood rushing through them and if rigamortis had occurred they would be slow just like the Romero Zombie. In all reality fast zombies would be easier. If they freeze they would not defrost they would die like all living tissue when frozen. New recurring outbreaks would never be an issue.


Once again, a huge thanks to Pro for instigating this debate. I'm glad that we both agree that fast zombies are indeed zombies. Now, to your arguments:

Zombies: Can we wait them out?

Pro argues that we can. After all, they die within about a month. However, there are a few problems with Pro's argument:
  1. His argument requires that a majority or significant amount of earth's population has access to fast-zombie proof shelter.
  2. His argument requires fast-zombies not being intelligent enough to find uninfected.
  3. His argument requires that the Rage virus will die with the organism it infects.
The first problem we see is that in situations of infection, the uninfected are going to have to find adequate shelter. At this point, I'd like to point to the youtube video provided above in which a man, under the influence of PCP, literally punches through a fence. This is from a man who is *not* literally hellbent on infecting you with the rage virus. If we take into account martial artists who are capable of breaking multiple bricks, we find that the idea of common shelters being capable of holding off the infected is inherently flawed.

Take, for example, a common home. Most houses have doors, windows, and air vents. Even if you barricade an opening, the sheer strength and resolve of the adrenaline-enforced infected will overcome most if not all such openings. Similarly with gates and walls, it's inexplicable why fast zombies with the ability to pick out short routes and dodge obstacles [1] would be incapable of climbing a fence. Also keep in mind that barbed wire fencing isn't going to do much good, since the infected aren't interested in preserving their body. In situations of high walls, if the infected gather in large enough numbers it's inexplicable why a sort of dog-piling effect wouldn't occur.

Dead Infected=End of Virus?

Let's suppose that LA goes down, but, the rest of the world hides in their closets until all of the infected die. There are two factors that would still perpetuate the spread of the disease: A) Carriers and B) Infected material.

Carriers are people who are immune to the Rage Virus yet still carry it in their blood. These people as survivors of outbreaks will inevitably infect others through contact with bodily fluids.

It's also important to realize virus's can live for a long time. The Anthrax virus can live in soil for decades, and sometimes, centuries. [2] If the rage virus lives off of human tissue, why should the virus die as the organism dies? For this reason, people can become infected after the infected have died, thus spawning new epidemics.


Even if initial outbreaks are quarantined, mechanisms still exist that would allow for the further infection, spread, and total annihilation of the human species. It is entirely more probable that mankind would perish rather then survive.

Debate Round No. 3


Truin forfeited this round.


I extend all arguments.

We're all doomed.
Debate Round No. 4


Truin forfeited this round.


Clearly my opponent agrees with me.

Pray we never see fast zombies. Pray, now.

Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Truin 6 years ago
This was not fair my internet went out!
Posted by Calvincambridge 6 years ago
28 days later isn't even zombies.
Posted by ScottyDouglas 6 years ago
Hey buddy, thanks for the other debate. I will offer you some advice here. Add rules, round rules, and a resolution to your debates first in round 1. This clears up any confusion. Also do not gumble your paragraphs together plz. I am glad to see you debating, it is funn. I am offering just friendly advice, so people can see where you are coming from and understand you better. thanks. have good day.
Posted by caveat 6 years ago
And your stance is that ...?
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