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Hummer H2 is a rational choice for a larger person

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Started: 9/14/2016 Category: Cars
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I recently had the opportunity to drive a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited sport edition as a rental car while my other vehicle was in the shop. While there were a lot of things that I loved about the jeep, it was simply too small for somebody of my stature (barely enough elbow room for me to actually fit my arm between myself and the door let alone be comfortable for any extended period). For reference I am 6'3" tall and weigh in at about 280 pounds. As a result I started looking for slightly larger vehicles that have a similar feel and off-road capability (I enjoy the high stance, stiff ride quality and general out of the box off-road capability).

Given my particular desires it doesn't seem like there is anything currently on the market that isn't extremely high in price ( Toyota Land Cruiser for example). The Toyota FJ cruiser is one excellent option but I'd rather have a four-door. This led me to the hummer. At first I thought the hummer was just huge in comparison to the jeep but shockingly enough it's only 15% larger in overall length and width when compared to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited!

Now I realize that the Hummer gets a bad rap as the type of vehicle that only a jerk would drive and similar arguments. I am not here to debate the aesthetic appeal of the car and I am not interested in it because of its imposing appearance.

I would like to debate the choice of such a vehicle given so few options on the market that would fit the bill. I would also be interested in debating any suggestions you might have as an alternative vehicle choice.

Given that the hummer is built on the Chevrolet Tahoe platform, one could look at it is simply an off-road capable version of the same vehicle. I've been driving to Tahoe for years and while they can be made to be off-road capable they do not come that way out of the box. Furthermore, making the needed additions to the car would likely make it as imposing and inefficient as the hummer itself (not to mention being very expensive out-of-pocket for aftermarket modifications as well as becoming complicated for insurance purposes).

While I am interested in debating comparative fuel efficiency between similarly appointed vehicles I would really rather not let this debate turn into one about general fuel efficiency and its merits etc.

My argument is simply this: Given that I am a larger than average person and that I am looking for a luxuriously appointed four seater with room for cargo and dogs in the back as well as built-in off-road capability, isn't the hummer H2 a rational choice?


No its not, it's rubbish, no car is better, either walk a take a bus links, don't be lazy
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Posted by Iacov 1 year ago
Although I generally agree with you I do feel it's worth pointing out that because there is only one suitable option for your situation a feel car dealerships are aware of this and may be the reason for such high prices.
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