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Hungry Jack's or Mcdonald's

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Started: 3/9/2015 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Which is better?


Hungry jacks in my opinion is more scrumptious, affordable, customer friendly, and convenient. Their methods of flame grilling the patties, due to the taste of the patties, this aspect effectively supports my insinuation of scrumptious. Furthermore, as a person who actually works at McDonald's, I must admit that hungry jacks patties are appear far more appetising than than those you would consume at McDonald's.

To support my stigma of affordability, hungry jacks constantly provides the public with reasonable coupons for when one may be short of money. Minded that McDonald's does this too, however, their prices never seem to be as affordable - I have also had problems pertinent to purchasing whenever eating at McDonald's - this has never occurred for me at hungry jacks.

In terms of customer friendliness, hungry jacks indubitably takes the cake on that one. As with McDonald's, I can count incidences on both hands pertaining to the staff treating me like a second class customer. Therefore, my opinion towards customer friendliness is also justified and supported by the previous committee of words.

My final thesis, hungry jacks is substantially more convenient than hungry jacks. Whenever dining at hungry jacks I have always been served quicker and without any hassle in contrast to McDonald's. Despite this, McDonald's also has an adequate service system although it does not hold a candle to the service received at hungry jacks.

In conclusion, hungry jacks, in my opinion, is undoubtedly more efficient, sufficient, coherent and less sumptuous than McDonald's.
Debate Round No. 1


I would prefer mcdonalds due to recent objects in my meals at hungry jacks. Mcdonalds have new ideas like the build your own burger system. Mcdonalds also have cheaper better tasting food and beverages.


On the contrary, while eating at hungry jacks I have never embarked upon any foreign objects in my meals.

McDonald's may provide their customers with the freedom to assemble their own burgers but does it cost more?

Finally, I have previously insinuated and justified my experiences with McDonald's affordability and compared and contrasted it with hungry jacks affordability, and I must say that I have always purchased hungry jacks meals without any problems or issues pertinent to expense.
Debate Round No. 2


have 33,000 restaurants world wide, employs 1.7 Million people, in 119 countries and 80% of McDonald's restaurants are franchised. I my opinion I would have to go with McDonald's because their is happy meals for the little kids and hungry jacks does not. Hungry jacks might be cheaper but it is not better and tastier than McDonald's by far. The Ronald McDonald House program is a no cost program which provides a home away from home for families so they can stay close to their children who are in hospital. McDonald's is also open 24/7 for whenever you get hungry for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon snack or even for midnight cravings


I must admit that what McDonald's does with the Ronald McDonald house program is very noble and that they are convenient with customers with their open house.

However, hungry jacks in my opinion does have better quality food that since being flame grilled it is healthier too. Isn't the reason for eating at a restaurant, is to eat quality food for reasonable prices?

In addition, hungry jacks isn't open practically 24/7 because they believe in giving their workers time to sleep and replenish, plus they pay their workers more.
Debate Round No. 3
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