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Hydaulic Fracturing

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Started: 2/21/2013 Category: Science
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The disadvantages of having a Hydraulic fracturing rig on you property is that there can be a loss of property value, a loss of county property tax revenues. the drilling sites can greatly increase traffic and accidents. the road or roads being use in the duration of the drilling site well be deteriated faster than they usually would from all the heavy trucks driving on them everyday. As a result of this the road or roads will require up keep or repair, and more frequently too. the rigs are uaually in more rural places so if you are a person that enjoys your peace and quiet in the counrty then that could possibly come to an end when a rig comes in. having a hydraulic Fracturing rig near you house could also increase your mortgage and property insurance. Banks have refused to issue mortgages on properties where fracking leases have been sold. Lenders have claimed breach of contract when leases have been sold. Insurance companies have refused to cover land and structures.


what do you think is wrong with it?
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