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I, MASTERDRAVE, am the best there ever was AND ever will be.

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Started: 9/8/2017 Category: Arts
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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After my lengthy hiatus I'm finally back where I belong - on this glorious website to expose more 12-year-old trolls and cripple further virgins.
GOD this will be FUN. Will anyone dare challenge me? Haha, of course not. Everyone on this pathetic home base for "free thought" is naught more than a self-absorbed fiend. WHO DO YOU THINK GOT THIS WEBSITE ON THE MAP?

ME. That's right, your one and only MASTERDRAVE. Never forget the name, rapists. I am the best there ever was AND ever will be.

Alright, time to stretch these debating muscles baby. Haha, not that they'll need it, of course. It's essentially Cassius Clay going up against Brian Sutherland in this ring. Haha. This'll be good, mark my words infidels.


You aren't the best like no one ever was. That's obviously Ash Ketchum. It's in the song. You have no evidence you're good at anything, anyways, let alone the best. And no, you don't count as evidence because then that's circular reasoning and I'll keep asking for real evidence until you give some.

I await the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


How about some evidence that Ash Ketchum was a raging sausage jockey? First of all, let's look at his "Poke Ball". You really don't realise what these mean, do you? Wait, how old are you again? Oh, 15. Well, much more is clearer to me now. How fitting that a teenaged virgin who's obsessed with Ash Ketchum's balls would be arguing that he is top dog. Anywho, seeing as though you attacked my cinematic pleasures, why don't we have a look at yours.

I quote: "Pixar and Dreamworks, mainly." Well, isn't that special. Why don't you go and suck Donkey's cock then, coward? Give Shrek an ogre handjob while you all sing along to Frozen. Oh and what's this? Sports teams. Again, I quote: "I don't watch sports. But does "Punch Out!!" and Mario Sports games count?" Well if you want an answer, no, they don't count. All they count towards is you being a cunt.

God, why must I always deal with these incessant imbeciles? I mean, by god, this "debate" alone should be evidence enough that this website pales in my shadow. You're all weak. If only your father wasn't so eager to finish that fateful night, and he'd done what your mother had urged him to do ("cum on my back and leave through the window, I can hear my husband pulling into the garage"). But, alas, your coward dad wasn't clued in on the whole "semen into vagina equals human life" thing yet. And here we are, a decade and a half later, and he wishes more than ever that it had stayed that way.

Well, I gotta take a dump. Drave out.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ADHD_HERE 8 months ago
Lol 😆 he so funny
Posted by NDECD1441 9 months ago
Masterdave, if that is the behaviour you resort to using, self flattery and boasting is not GREAT at all.
Posted by hwang710 10 months ago
... Loser
Posted by Arganger 10 months ago
Everyone sucks
Posted by vi_spex 10 months ago
you suck
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