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I aM mOAr OF a MLg pRO thAn CoN iS

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Started: 11/18/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As you can see m8 I have moar swag dan u and u will prolly never have as much swag as me. Oh btw I am a MLG pro noscoper for Faze Clan and if u don't believe me m8 then fite me 1v1 girl m9 and ill swagscope u and u'll go crib evrytiem becuz ur nawt a quickscoper m8. Oh and u never will be.

-Rnd 1: acceptance m9

-Rnd 2: con tries 2 pruve he has moar sweg den me and dat hes moar MLG pro den me.

-Rnd 666: we argue until con gets rekt m8

-Rnd 420: we keep arguing m98

-Rnd 69: we finish arguuuueeeiingg aboot whu has moar sweg and is more MLG pro.

Tnx m8 and gud luk 2 u cuz ur gonna loze to my dank 360 noscoping skillz m9


1 aksept prow's chalenge. im mlg pro lulullulullululululu

Debate Round No. 1


K m8 so I will stert dis deb4te by showin u mai extr33m swag, dat u r no match for.
(If u think u hav moar sweg dan me then 1v1 me irl m9)

1. K so u can see m8 dat I am spoder, from my profile pic.
It is a known fact dat spoder haz moar sweg dan u, even if u hav a lot o swag.

Go H3r3 m8 ----->

Az u can c, spoder haz moar swag dan u, and he always will.

Ok m9 next point.

2. I am an mLG PrO nd I didn't even apply to Faze Clan and dey accepted me.
Like a baws m8.

I am a quicksc0per, n0sc0per, and sw4gsc0per fyi, and I can rek u on cod m9 fite me.

Dere is no way con can beat m3 in a 1v1 quickscope challenge.
Is dis not enough proof 4 u?? OK den ill give u moar.

Once upon a time, dere was a 360 noscoper mpg pro Faze clan member. Dat member wuz me.

One day, dis amazing guy rekt every1 and he even defeated Faze Rain himself, and became da leeder uf Faze Clan m8
Tank u 4 ur time

Fite me bro.


Sweg is define as bein cool (Sours:

1. I am sweg becus i good debater and gud school theirfor i col i am more sweg. I profil pictur shows im cuol becuz it has sieuns and stuef on it so it show im kewl

2. im mlg pro i dident need to eve install aney gaems or ploay them and i becum swag and noscope. I evin got achivements for stuf that i dedent do on a gaem i dedent pkay becuz im a mlg proz!!!1
Debate Round No. 2


Reeseroni forfeited this round.


Hello! Dack McJonnel here!
Pro has the burden of proof to prove that he is more of a MLG pro than I am, as he has the positive claim. All I saw were assertions that were unsourced. Pro did not meet his burden of proof.

1. Spiders

Pro states that:

P1. Spiders have more swag than con
P2. Pro has a spider as his user profile picture
C. Pro has more swag than con

However, this does not make sense: pro cannot be a spider, because spiders do not know how to use the internet. Anyone can use a spider as their profile picture, but that does not make them a spider, nor does it magically increase their "swag".

2. Gaming skills

Pro claims that:
P1. If one gets accepted by Faze Clan, and they did not apply, they are an MLG PRO
P2. Pro was accepted by Faze Clan and did not apply.
C. Pro is an MLG pro.

Disproving premise 1:

MLG is a gaming organization that hosts tournaments. In order to be an MLG pro, you join the pro tournament by purchasing a pass.( You do not randomly get accepted by "Faze Clan" and become an MLG pro.

Disroving premise 2:

Pro is not a part of Faze Clan;s member list. Nowhere on the list does it say "reeseroni". (

I have disproved both of pro's arguments. I hold that pro did not meet his burden of proof.
Debate Round No. 3


IM really sorry but I cannot finish dis argument m8

Im really busy, so Ill have to give dis 1 to c0n for bein an expurt nosc0per.

Well played m8


I am provIn to be MLG pro!!! VoeT 4 mEEE!!!1
Debate Round No. 4


I will show u who da real mpg pro is l8r m8...


Vote for me!!!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Reeseroni 2 years ago
Hey Im really sorry, but Im really busy with stuff so I won't be able to finish this argument

To Be Continued
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
and wow, pro gonna get some beating from the noob sniper
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
wtf is this
Posted by Gabe1e 2 years ago
Lol, this should be very interesting
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