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I am better at debates than you

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Started: 6/10/2013 Category: Science
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 880 times Debate No: 34679
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This is science.

I am better than you because I am more good than bad. You are more bad than good, and everybody knows that good is folder than bad.

I just won using propaganda.


This is English.

I am better than you because I have a basic education and you don't. I grew up in the United States learning how to read and write English and you did not, and everybody knows that being able to know how to read is good.

I just won using grammar.
Debate Round No. 1


You have a giant guinea pig as your profile picture.

I have central air conditioning while you lack it.

I just took over Sweden and France with a Nerf gun.

I am Chuck Norris.

I black-mailed Donald trump into giving me his bank account number.

I hang out with Bruce lee

I learned saxophone from Bill Clinton

And I can bake better than you.

This isn't an English debate, it is a debate debate. Before you post an argument, LEARN SCIENCE!!!!!! And science says I win.


I have a more wholistic personality than you.

Your profile picture is a wierd bear ant-eater pig thing.

Russia fears me.

I am Bruce Lee (who beat Chuck Norris in a fight)

I learned piano from Liberacci.

I have a garden while you lack one.

I am in the gods' favor.

There is a wooden statue of me under the Capitol Building.

I make grass grow by staring at it with malicious intent.

I cannot contract disease.

This is whatever debate I say it is, because I'm on the top of St. Peter's Heaven VIP list. You are not. Learn how to write correctly.

Post Scriptum: You have horrific, abhorrent, atrocious, penmanship abilities.
Debate Round No. 2


Bruce Lee beat chuck Norris in a scripted fight.

You are not Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee is Asian, and you are a giant guinea pig.

Liberacci was not real, and you cannot prove s/he was.

Grass will grow wether you stare at it or not. When I spit on grass, it grows 2-3 feet, and then I mow it down with my teeth.

Tom cruise will sue you because you mentioned St. Peter as opposed to Lord Zenu of Planet 56123. I will be your lawyer, win your case, and carry your mother and grandmother simultaneously out of a burning building for fun.

You used Latin.

In conclusion, you lack genitalia.


Yes, sir, I did use Latin, because melior quam est whatever broken, lackadaisical, inbred-concocted version of English you are aware of.

Second, Tom Cruise is wrong, and will one day feel God's wrath, regardless of whomever he believes to be the governing body of the universe.

Third, yes, grass will, in fact, grow without me looking at it. However, when I do, it grows 4-5 feet instantly out of pure fear of my burning glare.

Fourth, you are then, if I am not Bruce Lee, not Chuck Norris, because you are actually a spawn of the mental brainstorming of an angel with a distinct lack of 5/7 of their brain. Thus, they brought forth to this Earth, the tapir, Nature's walking litter bin of animal parts.

In summary, my dearest Columbian escort, I do, in fact, have genitalia, and they are more pleasurable to the female populace than yours.
Debate Round No. 3


Sir, the blue whale quivers at the sheer thought of the girth, or "yaw," of the genitalia that is currently in my possession.

Angels don't create animals, god does.

Tom cruise will sue you and I will perform all the acts as stated above.

I am not Colombian.

You are a greatly fearing albino zebra in the middle of the Himalayas, attempting to eat Mt. Everest.


God has a capital "G", you are Columbian, and you just told me that people call you the "inchworm".

Ladies, gentleman, and other, my opponent, after his first few points, my opponent has clearly slipped into a mentally deranged state whereas nothing that he says or claims should be regarded or acknowledged. It's unfortunate to see this happen, but broken individuals like him will sometimes believe that they are smart, when in actuality they have no better judgement than to fornicate (or attempt to do so) with a rhinoceros. My case is closed, and I apologize for MattHarrison's decrepit shell of a once intelligible human being.
Debate Round No. 4


You are crazy.

Who says inchworms can't be American?

Tom Cruise has filed the law suite.

Chuck Norris shall prevail.

I do not fornicate with rhinoceros. I think I would remember if I did.

Liberacci is not real, and neither are you.

Therefore, I strongly urge the affirmation of this debate.


As previously stated, Mr. Harrison, who happens to be 15 years of age, ought no to be received as a viable source of information and data. Therefore, all his statements should be taken and accepted as null and void, only to be forgotten through the annolds of time. At this point, the greatest service he can give to our society is to pledge his ever-lasting virginity, so as to never reproduce any slack-jawed half-witted spawn whom he wouldn't hesitate to call children.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by xXMa5terDebat0rXx 5 years ago
Aww come on I was going to vote

Dag nabbit. Thanks, Obama
Posted by CrimsonArchitect 5 years ago
I was avidly amused by this...
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