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I am more stupid than you.

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Started: 10/24/2011 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm not depressed, nor socially insecure, this is not an exercise through which i want someone to applaud me for my 'intelligence.' I am however incredibly bored, and I want to prove to someone that they are indeed smarter than I am.

The definitions for intelligence and stupidity can be defined by the opposition, but in all honesty I've never debated before so I have no idea what i'm doing.


Herro to my oppnent. I saww ur debat and thought itd b muy fun. My iq is -74.56432 and ppl tell me that im super dumb. I cnt wait 2 see ur argumentos!!!!!

Also, wht does "more" mean???

And it say at teh bottm that i got 7700 "characters" lef. LOL, like cartoon characters? But deres only like a few of those on rite now right??? It make no snse...
Debate Round No. 1


I understand that in this argument, the fact that I am new and have no 'history' that you can use to your advantage may give me the upper hand. So I will try to stop myself referring to any of your comments and opinions beyond the realms of this debate.

Alright, be gentle on me good sir, your taking my debate-ginity.

My opponents response to this question, despite being rather amusing, does nothing to hide his intelligence . As we are communicating through a website that promotes intellectual curiosity and improvement, we would assume that it's members would share this same unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It would then not be too irrational to presuppose that it's members would be far more 'intelligent' than the Average Joe.

Of course DarkVoid is no different , in a debate where the most stupid man wins, DarkVoid has done the most logical thing - act like a complete retard. Credit should be given where credit is due, and the manner through which DarkVoid has presented himself has placed him in a rather sweet position in this debate. Even though I was saddened by the apparent lack of herps and derps, the use of 'herro', 'teh' and other spelling mistakes synonymous with websites such as 4chan engage with the large majority of the audience and makes them 'Literally lol.' An act that DarkVoid knows will ultimately lead in him winning this debate.

Darkvoid can continue this debate in one of three ways

Continue with this stupid persona - an act that would propel him further into his persona but as I've already stated would do little to show he is stupid.

Forfeit the round - an act that would suggest that he has run out of stuff to say but like above highlight his true intelligence

Proceed to make a 'coherent' argument.

C'est Fini?!


I apologize to my opponent for my last round being so messy. I have this disease called Bipolar Disorder which causes me to mostly act normally, but sometimes I get really dumb and incoherent like you saw last round. Thankfully I've taken my pills today and I should be good for the rest of the debate.

First, I thank my opponent for only arguing about what we present here in the debate and not referencing outside sources, like my profile.


Pro's only real argument is that because I'm on a site that promotes intellectual conversation, I'm most likely intelligent. I have a few responses:

First off, this is just false. There are over 31,000 registered members on this site, yet 28,000 of them haven't won a single debate (1). This means that 91% of the site hasn't won. This would actually indicate that people on this site are unintelligent and are not participating in the intellectual conversation my opponent is talking about.

Second, assume his argument is right. People on this site are smart. Well, Pro is on this website too. So by his logic, he's smart as well. Thus, since his burden is to prove that he's more stupid than me, this point doesn't show anything because if anything, it shows that we're equal in intelligence.

Third, there are plenty of blatantly unintelligent people on this site. Solarman1969 has participated in 67 debates and has lost 68 of them (2). Izbo10 is widely regarded as the site's biggest idiot and troll (3). Mikee is unable to talk about anything other than how agriculture sucks and history is great. There's plenty of other examples, but these should show that just being on this site doesn't make you intelligent.

That covers the argument my opponent made. Now lets look at why my reasons for Pro not being "more stupid" than me.

Con case:

1. The resolution states that my opponent is "more stupid" This phrase makes the flawed assumption that we are both stupid in the first place. If neither one of us us actually stupid, then obviously neither of us is more stupid than the other. So if I prove that my opponent isn't stupid, then the topic becomes grammatically impossible to prove.

Pro clearly isn't stupid. His grammar and spelling are flawless, he uses fancy words like "synonymous" and "presuppose", and based off his use of the phrase "C'est Fini?" he probly speaks French as well. I can't imagine anyone who types like this to be dumb.

So clearly, my opponent isn't stupid. Therefore, if he argues that I am not stupid, then neither one of us are stupid, meaning that its impossible for one of us to be "more stupid" than the other.

2. Even if you interpret the topic as just being about who's smarter, Pro hasn't done anything to support it. He has the burden to show that I am not only smart, but that I am smarter than him. Now, he's tried to make an argument that I am smart, which is cool, but he's mentioned nothing of himself, which prevents the judge from comparing our intelligence. Thus, he is not "more stupid".

I look forward to Pro's response.

Debate Round No. 2


Naughtyness forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
Dang, I forgot to add "Btw, I'm clearly stupid. I took this debate." Oh well. It was F-16's idea anyway.
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
I may make a coherent argument next round depending on what Pro says. But assuming that he makes a sensible argument and I don't, that would seem to indicate that he's smarter, thus negating the resolution.
Posted by 000ike 6 years ago
Con's tactic may backfire, we ultimately vote on who was more convincing, and an articulate argument from Pro could uphold the resolution.
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
Can't wait to see what my opponent says.
Posted by thett3 6 years ago
ill beet u up brah. dnt be cumin inta muh neighbuhhood speekin 2 me like dat. i f*** u up dawg.
Posted by F-16_Fighting_Falcon 6 years ago
I don't really think there is any way Con can negate this resolution as we all know he isn't stupid. Con was walking into a trap. However, Con actually accepted this debate so there is a good reason to vote Con :D
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
lol wat u talkin bout man. if im retrded wat do that make u? Borat?
Posted by thett3 6 years ago
void r u fvcking retarted oh wait your on this site so u have to be.
Posted by PeacefulChaos 6 years ago
I literally lol'd at Con's argument.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro was doing very well affirming the resolution. Con's round 2 case could easily have been attacked. But forfeit by Pro sealed his defeat. Quite unfortunate. Con is on a winning spree and I thought he had finally met his match, oh well. :)