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I am neither pro-choice nor pro-life.

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Started: 4/13/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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I support mandatory abortions for retards and physically disfigured individuals.

I also support it in cases where rape hasn't occured.

I would legalize rape to aid with population growth and maintain it at only a rate by which the strongest can overpower the weak.

Additionally, I would outlaw consensual sex as I see this as encouraging weaker men to pass on their genes.


I accept this debate not to prove you are pro-life or pro-choice but to show you the logic your using is flawed and to change you mind on you stance.

One of the issues I see with your staments on mandatory abortion , is you failed to define disfigurement a birth mark or a lump on the head could be considered disfigurement.. In which case you would be killing most baby's .
I also find your stament on killing the mentally challenged disturbing since I find all baby's are mentally challenged...
Thay can't walk or talk or write of feed them selfs or bath them selfs ect ect once agin you are killing everyone basicly ever born..

Issue two with your arguments is your legalization of rape dosnt allow the strongest to pass down there gens at a greater rate it actuly dose the opposite. With consensual sex enforced the females get to chose her partners and will more likely pick a faster stronger smarter male over one who lacks said attributes. Wile with rape enforced females have little choice and can be forced apon by weaker men in groups or with wepons , not only will this result in weaker genetics most the time but it will also result in a weaker upbringing of said child. seeing how the mother may have increased feelings of neglec and disgust with said child.

Issue three I see with outlawing consensual sex is that Its an easy thing to say until your being butt raped by a group of stronger individuals rape can happen to men and women alike.. Legal rape dosnt sound so appealing with a ripped rectum now dose it?

I hope I have given you enough logic to support my case and appolgize for any errors I made in spelling or punctuation/grammar...
Debate Round No. 1


First Point Addressed: One of the issues I see with your statements on mandatory abortion , is you failed to define disfigurement a birth mark or a lump on the head could be considered disfigurement.. In which case you would be killing most babies.

Rebuttal to Con: I define as if any limb or aspect of the body whatsoever is so severely disfigured that physical apparatus, such as a walking stick or such, are required to undergo daily life. Example conditions would be cerebral palsy and Downs syndrome (that face and their motor skills are physical disfigurements). While cerebral palsy is arguably not 100% genetic a slight link has been shown for vulnerability to it and genetic lines []. Aside from this is the fact that a weak parent is a bad parent and often will keep claiming child and/or disability benefits from the State and then use that money more on their own health than the well-being of their children.

Reinforcement of Pro: If a physically disfigured individual gets raped, or successfully rapes, and has a child as a results of this I'd be proud to say they have either combined their genes with a strong-gene partner (in the case of being raped) or proven themselves to be one despite their disfigurement (in the case of raping). If they are then sneaky enough to avoid being caught until the child is born, there is nothing further the state can do and I'd happily admit defeat to both their sexual prowess and cunning.

Second point addressed: I also find your statement on killing the mentally challenged disturbing since I find all babies are mentally challenged.

Rebuttal to Con: I never once said I'd abort the retards or mentally challenged babies, I said I'd force mentally retarded or disfigured adults to abort their baby. you are creating a strawman argument.

Reinforcement of Pro: If you read the sentence carefully 'I support mandatory abortions for retards and physically disfigured individuals.' does not in any way refer to the baby but to the mother and/or father that contributed to make that child. I am making it mandatory for them o abort it, not for the baby to be aborted; this is twisting words.

Third point addressed: With consensual sex enforced the females get to chose her partners and will more likely pick a faster stronger smarter male over one who lacks said attributes.

Rebuttal to Con: Women do not tend to care about this at all. If you actually research the female sexual psychology they go for irrational things such as 'confidence' and/or 'sweetness' depending on her type.

Reinforcement of Pro: By legalizing rape and outlawing consensual sex I force genuine genetic dominance to prevail in the genetic line of the human beings of the state in which my laws are enacted.

Fourth Point Addressed:
While with rape enforced females have little choice and can be forced upon by weaker men in groups or with weapons, not only will this result in weaker genetics most the time but it will also result in a weaker upbringing of said child.

Rebuttal to Con: This ensures that the men doing the rape are not just physically strong but are socially manipulative enough to get on in society and work in teams. I don't want some rogue who has physical strength to be chosen over a weaker but more socially capable man do I now? Think of society instead of muscle please!

Reinforcement of Pro: The 'weaker upbringing' argument is totally invalid. Ina society where rape is the only legal form of sexual reproduction, the entire society and strategies of upbringing would revolve around single mothers making the most of what they've got. I'd happily start programs and such, government-funded if need be to assist poor women and rape victims (of which there'd be enough to vote in favor of the public funding of such an institution) and make it a popular, excellent program.

Fifth Point Addressed: Legal rape doesn't sound so appealing with a ripped rectum now, does it?

Rebuttal to Con: This would count as blatant assault to the anus for no procreation-based reason whatsoever and would not be solely rape but fundamentally aggravated assault, which would be illegal in my state.

Reinforcement of Pro: Rape is not same thing as assault. The assault must be solely to assist the rape, nothing more.



I'd like to point out my opponet pro in round one said individuals and since he said individuals in refrence to abortion I assumed he was talking about baby's and since pro failed to clarify he was talking about adults only I'd like to point out to the voters how the fault lies with Pro for failing to distinguish is thoghts when using a broad word.

This is the definition of Rape-unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

Assault-Intentionally putting another person in reasonable apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. No intent to cause physical injury needs to exist, and no physical injury needs to result. So defined in tort law and the criminal statutes of some states.


My opponet is arguing pro for rape but is confusing rape with assault.
There two different things! Altho assault happens quite often with rape. You can be raped without being assaulted thru use of drugs alcohol ect..

Pro has failed to rebuttal my points based on this knowledge from round 1.

I will re-arrange some of my points I maded in round one since pro belives be socially strong is more important than physically.

As pointed out in round one a singal weak individual could rape countless people with a wepon or drugs and thay could do it all by them selfs so not only are the socially awkward and physicaly weak thriving with lawful rape the socially adapt and physicaly stong are being raped in there bums and being hindered.
Becuse more social people will come in contact with more people hence increasing there own chances of being raped , and physicaly stronger people are more attractive overall adding to the chance of being raped.

As for pros attempt to refute that raped mothers would do a worst job raising children than mothers who chose to become a parent . Saying you'll fund government programs for them and it will be normal if everone is doing it.
Dosnt stop the fact a major responsibility was forced on an women who didn't want it. Wich will cause anger resentment and result in a worst upbringing than if she chose to have said baby.
Debate Round No. 2


Alright I'm not sure if Con is confused or pretending to be but I'll make something clear. No law could ever apply to a fetus as a fetus is not conscious of its decisions whatsoever. In many countries it's not even considered an individual human until the third trimester. I was clearly referring to adult humans, specifically prospective parents, in Round 1.

I know that you can be raped without being assaulted. I said assault would remain illegal.

Weapons and drugs that the states deems illegal would still remain totally outlawed. Any rapes assisted with these would result in the the rapist being criminalized for possession and use of contraband.

I'm not sure what exactly Con is saying about bad parenting from rape victims in a society where rape is the only form of sex going on but what I can say is that since there never has been a society like this, there's no way for Con to conclusively state that they know this would happen.


I never said fetus I said baby

Definitionof baby-a very young child, especially one newly or recently born.
"his wife's just had a baby"
synonyms:infant, newborn, child, tot, little one; informalrug rat; bairn; literarybabe, babe in arms, suckling; papoose.; technicalneonate
"a newborn baby"

Source Dictionary.

Agin you said indvidules then refrenced abortion this is a debate called "I'm neither pro choice or pro life" wit a title like that then a stament why wouldn't I think you wanted to kill the newborns and since you failed to clearfy your self when making such a broad stament fault lies with you.

Moving on.. You said weapons and drugs the states deem illegal would still be illegal , and rapist that use said objects would be criminalized .. That's all fine and dandy but that doesn't stop people from using the legal weapons and drugs, I personally have a pistol and 2 rifles and 3 pellet guns and a butterfly sword a samurai sword and a whole kitchen door full of very sharp and quite big knifes for various foods I also have a cabnet full of various types of alcohol, all of which is legal and could allow me or someone like me a socially awkward individual to rape someone and pass down our genetics all by our selfs you have failed to show how being pro rape is beneficial while I have clear logic on why it's detrimental to passing better genetics.

I have a scenario imagin you are a busy attractive adult women and every minute of the day/night there is a chance of roughly 50% of the population trying to force them selfs on you and there's no recourse for you to take becuse it's all legal..
You have had over 10 kids your body is worn out your nerves are shot you didn't choice to have any kids and you don't realy care for kids all that much, you don't have a job becuse you don't have the time with 10 kids and if you did have a job thay would just rape you at said job giving you more kids. You have no male partner helping you raise the kids becuse can second consensual sexual activates are illegal and most males don't see the point of helping if there not obligated to and there getting nothing out the deal. So the only help your getting is from government employees who don't realy care about ur kids and just helping becuse it's there job and half the time there not in such a helpful mood becuse thay just got raped coming to work ..this scenario is not unrealistic in pro rape world your describing and ur telling me you don't see how this would negetvly effect child raising .. The resentment and daily fear that would come from being in that situation would defnatly have negative effects on kids..

The logic you tryed using in round 3 was like this since pro never lived in a world where everything was on fire. pro has no idea if more people would get burned, than that are normally burned on average ...

This is flawed logic I don't have to have lived in a world on fire to know more people would get burned than if said world wasn't on fire this is called a logical conclusion .. You will need a stronger logical aregument than your round 3 rebuttal if you want to dismiss my points in round one and two
Debate Round No. 3


I genuinely do not seee the pointin wasting a round on such nonsense. I'm going to cut my debate down to four rounds, this is no a forfeit but if you want count this round as a forfeited round I don't care.

I'll give full reply in R5.


The last round of debates are normally for closing statements ,since bring up new meterial/info can not be countered or discussed. I find it strange you made the debate 5 round when you had the power to do 4 since you started the debate ...

Since you failed to adress my round 3 arguments and points I'll wait for you to do so ... Even tho it will be done in the last round
Debate Round No. 4


8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA forfeited this round.


Pro failed to address my points in round 3 and has FF the last round plz vote con :)
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Heraclitus 3 years ago
You realise population growth is a problem and is becoming a bad thing. Why would you aid it?
And on your profile apparently you are a Libertarian. This is completely authoritarian and somewhat fascist!
Posted by C4unicorn 3 years ago
Is this a f*cking joke?
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