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I am really bored can someone please entertain me

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Started: 1/1/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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You can pick as long as it's something interesting and fun. And not boring.


Resolved: The entire MTV network shall be abolished.
Contention 1: The MTV network provides no beneficial information whatsoever.
Contention 2: MTV is futile to our development as an intelligent nation.
Contention 3: MTV is viewed by the majority as an inappropriate waste of time.


We have over 200 different networks on T.V. to watch and over a thousand channels to surf. We could be furthuring ourselves intelligently, but instead, we are stuck in the false propoganda of MTV. Can you tell me how shows such as The Hills, The Ikki Twins, or Date My Mom, sound beneficial to you? We need to stop wasting our tax dollars which pay for these programs and spend money towards something that yields actual results. We could stop exposing our children or even ourselves, to the unnessecary images and words on MTV.


Tell me how our nation looks to others when they see us watching such absurd shows. We are falling in the ranks as a superpower and one of the ways to solve this problem is simple. We are sucked everday into needless hours of T.V. watching. Instead of watching something educational, we are watching obscene stories. According to the T.V. Radio Broadcasting Station, we spend on average 40 hours of our time each week watching T.V. Can you imagine what 40 hours of educational T.V. could do? You tell me.


The majority of American families either block or ban networks such as VH1, MTV, and E!, according to Why waste money broadcasting such networks, when most families just block it anyways? After all, MTV is primarily funneled towards young teens. Those teens parents will not allow their children to watch such inappropriate shows.
Debate Round No. 1


Hold up, shouldn't you be pro then? Oh well whatever.
Kay then I'll go Con.
I will first present my own case then move on to attack my opponents.
The MTV network should not be abolished. I don't really watch MTV, so I don't know much about it but w/e

Abolishing MTV, would also abolish millions of jobs.

All the people who work for MTV, actors, musicians who have there music videos played on MTV... And we can't really afford that in this economic crisis

MTV is entertaining

Why else would people watch it if it didn't entertain them?

You can't really abolish MTV without contradicting democracy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be entertained. Ever heard the phrase "it's a free country?" You can freely choose to be entertained by MTV. Furthermore if people choose to have their brains rotted by MTV it is their choice, and no one has the power to tell other people what they should do in a democracy.


Ct. 1, No beneficial info.

So what? Even if we did abolish MTV the problem would just move somewhere else. How about Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, Privileged, not very beneficial. Should we abolish the CW too? Do we really spend tax dollars on MTV? don't they pay for their programming by like comercials and stuff? And also imagine you have had a rough horiible day at work, and when you go home all you want to do is watch T.V. and not think about it. You turn on MTV, and you lose yourself in whatever show is on. Your entertained and relaxed. This just goes to show MTV isn't always bad.

Ct. 2, Futile to Intelligent Nation

I'm pretty sure other countries like China and whatnot also have pointless T.V. shows, so they can't really say we're stupid without being hypocritical. Secondly you can't really solve the problem of Americans wasting their time on T.V. human nature doesn't change, you mught as well abolish every other T.V. station and replace it with educational stuff. In which case people would no longer watch T.V....

Ct. 3 Waste of time

Ok then if those families make the coice to block MTV, it's their choice, and they shouldn't be able to speak for the rest of America. Obviously people do watch MTV, otherwise it would go bankrupt.

P.S. can we change the rsolution to MTV should not be abolished? So that I can be pro and you can be con? Well if so then I urge a Pro vote. If not then I urge a Con vote.


Attack on Opponents Contentions:

CONTENTION 1: :Abolishing MTV, would laso abolish millions of jobs.

Where are your sources? How about statistics? Are you sure there are MILLIONS of jobs? I think not. And I am CERTAIN that if you are capable of carrying a camera around on your shoulders all day, you can qualify for an actual BENEFICIAL job. Instead of filming useless non-sense, how about serving our nation? You would be suprised how much free-time you would get without getting sucked in to tonight's episode of The Hills. You could be volunteering, helping, donating, something. Are you also sure that by losing maybe the few hundred jobs MTV provides, we would be in an economic crisis? I beg to differ. We lose thousands of jobs everyday! In fact, according to a report done by CNN, the total job loss this year has been 1.2 million. Is this the cause of the current economic crisis we are in? It does have an effect, but certainly not. You also argue about the musicians who have their music played on MTV. Ok, have you considered other forms of musical exposure? Myspace, Facebook, Youtube. How about go out and promote your OWN music?

CONTENTION 2: MTV is entertaining.
Great point. I'm sure that those dozens of shows on MTV are very entertaing. But entertainment or intelligence and knowledge? Not a tough choice. As I have previously stated, you can do many more PRODUCTIVE things in your life. You could be missing out on the opportunity of a life time because your racing home to catch your favorite show. So what if it's entertaining? Beheadings in England were entertaining. It drew hundreds of people to come and watch. Does that mean we should have kept them around? Entertainment is not an excuse to expose our nations citizens to such profane shows, thus making this reasoning illegitimate.

CONTENTION 3: You can't really abolish MTV without contradicting democracy.

Are you sure NOONE has the power to tell people what to do in a democracy. That's pretty funny considering the THOUSANDS of laws we have telling you what you can and can not do. How about the U.S. Constitution? This was made to specifically tell you what you CAN and CANNOT do. You also stated that it's the person's choice to have their brains rotted by MTV. So is smoking, doing drugs, stealing, killing, murdering. Is their free choice a viable reason to not provide help to them? Just because they choose to does NOT mean we can not help them make the RIGHT decision.

CONTENTION 1: No beneficial info.

You stated that we don't spend our tax dollars on MTV. In actuality we spend hundreds of tax dollars for broadcasting, ads, commercials, etc. You also stated that if MTV should be abolished so should the CW and others alike. First of all, this is just MTV. The CW network has some beneficial shows. Judge Jeanine Pirro, Online Nation. etc. Can you think of ANY for MTV? Tell me if you can.

CONTENTION 2: Futile to Intelligent Nation

Do you think that China will care if they are being hypocritical when calling our nation "stupid"? Even then I'm sure they won't call us "stupid". We may not be able to solve the problem of American's wasting their time on T.V., but that doesn't mean we should make a start. We need to do all we can to help this growing crisis and abolishing MTV is they first step.

CONTENTION 3: Waste of time.

A stated by a report from, the MAJORITY of American families do not watch MTV. Thus they basically speak for America. Everything about America is based on a majority. What we think, eat, like, do is based on majority. Also just because people still do watch MTV, doesn't mean we should keep it around.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok so first I'll defend, then reattack my opponents case.

Contention 1

I don't need sources to say that abolishing MTV would lead to the end of many jobs.(shouldn't have said millions, but MANY) It's common sense. And MTV provides a lot more than a "few hundred jobs." I looked it up, and I couldn't find exact numbers, but in a security breach, the info for 5,000 employees was stolen, so that obviously shows there are more than a "few hundred" Furthermore, if you could just quit one job/or get fired from one job and miraculously find another on, why would we even have unemployment? I'm pretty sure all those "beneficial jobs" are probably already taken, and we need industries like MTV to provide jobs for us. I'm a little confused on something. Is my opponent trying to argue that the 1.2 million jobs we have lost is not causing the economic crisis we are in? I beg to differ, less jobs = less people making money = less people spending money = economy bad. Also for promoting music my opponent says, use Myspace, Facebook, and Youtube. But don't those also waste time? I don't really see how my opponent can promote Myspace and then advocate abolishing MTV because it's a waste of time without contradicting herself.

Contention 2

My opponent seems to think that we have to choose between entertainment or intelligence and knowlege, this is not the case, who's to say humans can't double task? We can learn and also be entertained. Also MTV isn't the only form of entertainment, there are a lot of other shows that people will just switch to if we abolish MTV. Besides there is nothing wrong with being entertained, you can't just study AP physics 24/7, you'd probably die of boredom. Humans need entertainment!

Contention 3

The Laws that we have in place and the constitution are put in place in order to protect our rights, but but taking away a citizens choice in what sort of T.V. they want to watch, we voilate their rights to freedom of expression, and liberty. Furthermore if you've actually read the constitution (I have, I know I'm such a nerd, but I had to when I was researching last month LD topic) you'll notice the constitution doesn't restrict the rights of it's citizens it gives rights to it's citizens. For example Amendment 1 gives the right to freedom of press, religion, to peacefully assemble... Amendment 2 gives the right to bear arms, I would go on but I only have so many characters. The constitution gives rights to U.S. citizens and restrains the power of the government. And it is someones choice to smoke, and as you'll notice we haven't made it illegal. As for stealing, doing drugs, killing/murdering(aren't they the same thing?) we make them illegal to protect the rights of the majority of the people in society (we obviously can't let people run around killing each other.) "Is their free choice a viable reason to not provide help to them? Just because they choose to does NOT mean we can not help them make the RIGHT decision" We can help them try to do more educational stuff, but we can't actually order them to stop watching T.V., it would be completely unjust.

Now to reattack.

Ct. 1
First of Ads and comercials are the same thing, and we don't pay for them, the companies who want theire ads to be shown pay for them, then with that money MTV broadcasts it's programming. WE don't actually pay for it, unless you count buying the things they are advertising. MTV isn't public broadcasting, or whatever it's called, it's privately funded so people can make money from it. Also, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Online Nation (never heard of them, so I wikipediad them) and they both sound like rather ermmm... for lack of a better word, stupid, reality T.V. shows. And the shows on MTV are helpful in the way that they help people relax.

Ct. 2
Well if China is being hypocritical, then why should we care what they think if we can just say the same thing about them? "Even then I'm sure they won't call us 'stupid'". Hold up isn't this whole contention supposed to be about other countries thinking we're stupid? "Tell me how our nation looks to others when they see us watching such absurd shows" The only way in which you can make sure Americans don't waste their time on T.V. is by having the Government controll what we watch, and that presents 2 problems
1-SOCIALIST! we can't allow the government to decide what we can/cannot watch!
2-Bad economy, companies won't be able to broadcast their comercials any londer, because nobody would want to watch T.V. any longer. Which= less products being sold, which ultimately lead to a bad economy.
Abolishing MTV isn't the first step to stopping people from wasting their time on the T.V., it's the first step toward abolishing democracy, and becoming a socialist nation.

Ct. 3

MTV still has millions of viewers, so although the majority of America doesn't watch it, that doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to. The majority of America is Christian, but does that mean they speak for the entire U.S., and no one else can be any other religion that Christian? No! Also while the majority of America may not watch MTV, I'm pretty sure the majority of America also doesn't have a problem with allowing other people to do as they wish and watch MTV.

Okey Dokey, fun debate. Good idea for the resolution! Oh almost forgot. You didn't answer my question on whether or not we could change the resolution to "The entire MTV network shall NOT be abolished." Well can I just assume you agree? So anyways to all you readers out there I urge a Pro vote. Thanks!


jnghiem93 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by fo-shizzle 8 years ago
wow you kicked butt sweetypie. My vote definitely goes to you kid. I personlly do not think people should waste their time watching mtv etc, but that shouldn't mean it should not be abolished. i agree with everythuing you have said
Posted by Sweetypie 8 years ago
Oh ignore the other comment from me.
Posted by Sweetypie 8 years ago
What is your problem? I'm sorry if my name/picture and what not offended you, but seriously, get a life.
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