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I am richer than my opponent

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Started: 2/12/2016 Category: Economics
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I will prove that I am richer than my opponent. First, allow me to establish the structure of how this debate will proceed.

Rich - Having an abundance of materialistic wealth, money, and capital
Richer - Being more rich than the opposition

  • My opponent can lie
  • In fairness, I am allowed to lie too (probably won't need to though) ;)
  • Any resources can be used to prove a point
  • Vulgarity and trash talk is allowed, but spam is not
  • No one may fabricate the voting process through malicious coding or multiple accounts
  • Violation of any of these rules results in automatic defeat


  1. Round 1) Acceptance of debate
  2. Round 2) Life story/accomplishments
  3. Round 3) Reasoning why you are richer than opponent
  4. Round 4) Further arguing; pointing out false claims/exaggerations
  5. Round 5) Counter arguing round 4 and wrap up (no new arguments allowed)
Voting basis:
  • The voter will vote on the person who they believe is richer.



I accept!
Debate Round No. 1


My Life Story

First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lawrence Fischer. I was born into an upper-middle class family. I grew up on Greenwich street in New York City. Our net worth was probably only a few million at the time. My family line consists of Lawyers. My father and mother were both lawyers and met at Cornell University. My parent’s parents were lawyers. My parent’s siblings are lawyers and all of their kids are too. The odd thing is, my sister, my brother, and me all did not follow the same path. None of us became lawyers.

My father use to say “There are 3 keys to success. Honest hard work, a good education, and the ability to adapt to worldly change.” His last point was always hypocritical in my mind since he seemed so traditional and boring in everything that he did. I pretty much ignored the first two bits of his advice, but learned the value of the last one. It was ironic how different our views on everything was and I wondered if we were even related at times. My father and I were completely different people and we hated each other. Despite that, the truth was I always respected him even to the day he died. He had a blood thirsty ambition just like me that most people don’t have. R.I.P. father.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about my early life because I’d write a book, but I should mention my time at Stuyvesant High School. That is where I met Reece. The most brilliant man I ever talked to. He was even smarter than me. I was born with good looks and the ability to win lots of friends. I was cool. Reece was not. He was tall, lanky, socially awkward, and ugly as f*ck. People use to bully him all the time. I specifically remember times when people would throw stuff at him yelling “pole” when they hit him. “Pole” is a pun since his last name was Pole and he was skinny. I use to bully him too and people loved me for it. One day he came begging me for advice on how to be “cool.” I gave him lessons after school when no one was around. Basically I bragged about myself and he would listen to all the sh*t I would say. Eventually we were hanging out every day. He was such a weird a** person, but he had a compelling atmosphere about him that intrigued me. He was not like the rest of people that I know that blindly believe the crap they are told. I eventually taught him to make it in the cool crowd…sort of…I don’t think he ever got laid like me, but people were more accepting of him. The coolest part about this guy was not his smarts or his uniqueness. It was actually that he had your back. No matter what.

When I graduated high school I enrolled in Cornell University. In college I thought I was the sh*t and could do anything. Often times I’d use my mom and dad’s money wildly on stupid parties, sex, drugs, and gambling. I was there for ¾ of a semester before completely dropping out. I was a lazy person in school and my father hated me for that. I got my own place and thought I’d start my “own business.” It was a half committed stupid idea that failed. I didn’t really care though until my father and I got into a huge fight. I remember him telling me that I couldn’t have any of his money anymore and that I was no longer his son. We never talked again. I was poor after that for quite a while. I begged my friends for money all the time and they would give me money. I was charming and could get what I wanted for a while. Eventually they figured out I was poor and dropped me from their lives. They didn’t even respond to me on Facebook. I was evicted from my place since it was under my father’s name. I lived on the streets for about 2 months being a whiny lazy a** b*tch reminiscing about the good old days when I was cool. I was 18 years old at the time. Then something hit me. I realized I had become the worst thing of all. A loser. From that moment on I didn’t think about anything, but money and how I was going to get it. I called one of my friends from a library begging for money. He rejected me and then I ran into Reece Pole.

Reece saw how much of a mess I had become and I talked him into letting me stay at his place. I saw how successful he had become and he introduced me to his work at a programming company. I decided to apply with no prior experience. Reece put in a good word for me and I got an interview at this shady organization (I will not release the name for legal reasons). I had no experience with programming, but was able to bullsh*t my way through it. Reece helped me on the previous night with a bit of programming jargon and I bullsh*tted my way through the interview. That guy never even did a background check to see if I was lying. I admit, I was very lucky there. (That boss was eventually fired from watching too much porn on his computer, lol). Reece tried to teach me how to program, but I never got the hang of it and was close to getting fired.

But then a golden opportunity layed down right before me in the office area. While one of the salesman was giving a tour, he went to go use the bathroom. Meanwhile, I talked to the other business guy that was taking the tour and within minutes he gave me job offer for his company at an investment firm (not going to mention the name of this either). I knew that investing was much more down my alley in terms of interest. I left my job that very day to go work with the stranger. It wasn’t long before I figured out the company was based on Pump and Dump schemes, fraudulent investments. I remember this whole "Goldman's Gold Mining and Oil CO." that was all a giant fabrication. Not a single part of it was real. It was only real on paper. People actually bought this garbage! It was amazing! I was making a sh*t ton of money. By the time of my 19
th birthday I had accumulated over 15 million dollars. During this time, I obsessed with work so much that I barely slept. My mother called to tell me my dad was really sick, but I didn’t give a f*ck. I said “Tell him I’m glad he’s dying and that I’m more successful than he ever was or possibly could be.”

I called up Reece and got him a job and he made a lot of money with the rest of us. Eventually, he came up with software that predicted penny stock fluctuations in the market and we made a killing together. Just us two though, because neither of us wanted it to get out on the market. My net worth went from 24 million to 50 million in one night. When his net worth went from 17 million to over 200 million in that same night my boss got suspicious. The next day Reece was killed and the software went missing from his computer. In a panic I took the quickest flight to Canada, because I was certain they were going to find out I was involved. I was gone for about a week. The entire corporation was monitored in that exact week by the FBI (probably because of Reece’s software) and just about everyone was f*cked over and sentenced to prison. While I was in Canada I moved Reece’s money over to gambling sites in his name and leaked it to a bunch of Russians in exchange for payment through Paypal and other money transferring sites. I ended up only getting 130 million of that 200 some million those greedy f*cking Russians. They knew I was desperate.

After a couple months my father died and I returned to New York. I was only blocks away and never attended his funeral. I reinvested my money in legal ways through new businesses. I was 20 years old at the time. I made tons of risky plays since then. I bought everything that gathered profits. Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, you name it. As of today I have a net worth of over 3.3 billion dollars.

In hindsight, I have many regrets. I am, however, very fortunate that my luck turned out as well as it did. I am not as obsessed with money as I use to be and I’m never going to do those illegal things again. I am a changed man now. I also wish that I had talked to my father while he was still alive. Your last words to a person mean more than you think. Especially when they are awful words spoken with a bitter tongue out of anger. Everything else I am proud of. I learned so much from this experience and I am so happy to be as wealthy and free as I am now.

Your turn buddy. ;D


Thank you, Lawrence. You have lived a fulfilling life for a man your age, perhaps a little too fulfilling.

The Story of my Life Until Now

Good afternoon to anyone who might be reading this, The name I go by the most is Doug Felix. It's an alias that I have been using since I was around 8 years old. Due to privacy reasons I cannot disclose much personal information during this story, but I do look forward to telling you all how I have accumulated my wealth during these very short 18 years.

I am the son of two wealthy doctors who were born in Switzerland to Swiss parents, however have grown up abroad for most of their lives. My father had met my mother during his Universities days while studying in London. And after med school, the both of them had decided to get married. The both of them knew that they would leave Europe and practice in North America as both had many friends and connections to the states.

I was born in New York city, along with my two older brothers and a twin sister. I don't remember much about my time in America however, I do remember one winter where my Dad had come home from a long night at the hospital, with Christmas gifts for me and my siblings. They were so wrinkly and wet from the snow that all four of us just started crying and yelled at my mom because we thought that Dad hated his whole family. And I remember on that night he grabbed my brothers and I and sat us all down and just broke down in rage, he had told us that one day we will understand what it's like to work hard and to have a job and make money. He looked the three of us dead in the eye and said, 'you boys need to grow up strong and have a successful job, you can't do that while whining like a bunch of spoilt bitches about Christmas presents' I was 4 years old at the time.

I remember this so clearly because the following morning my mom felt sorry for the four of us and decided that she would drive us to school herself. My dad had a very strict philosophy in life which revolved around making money. Being a bunch of 4 year olds who could barely understand the concept of money, my mother took pity on us and wanted to show us love by driving us personally. My kindergarten was 30 minutes away and New York traffic really didn't help. We were 15 minutes late when my mom ran a red light and an incoming cargo bus hit our car. After the accident I woke up in a hospital to my Dad hugging me really tight. He told my that my mom and my oldest brother had died.

Now, I don't want to make my personal story too long, but these fundamental experiences have shaped me into who I am today. To make a long story short, after the accident my Dad had quit his job and completely let go of himself. When I turned 7 we had to move away due to complications that I would rather not get into. My dad had sent my sister, and older brother and I to live in Thailand with my grandparents from his side. My Grandpa was a rich Nestle tycoon who oversaw the development of Nestle factories in southeast Asia post 1950's.

In Thailand, I attended a boarding school for International students who came from various backgrounds. Mostly the children of elite business men and women. Since a young age I had withdrawn to computers and definitely took interest in computer sciences. A catalyst of this interest was looking at a high school HTML textbook and reading all about the ability of websites. Since my Dad had drilled a business mindset into all of his children since a very young age, I instantly recognized the opportunity to make money off of web-design. But at that age, I would be lying if I said that it wasn't about simply being fascinated with the processes.

In my Sophomore year of high school in my computers class, along with my best friend who spoke Chinese, I created a blogging site in Chinese which worked in similar way to tumblr. Some key features were different but essentially the idea behind it was to be able to blog about travel experiences. The website launched in China and has since gained a user base north of 2 million people. Back in 2013 I sold it under my father's name for 78,000,000 Thai Baht, which is slightly north of 2.5million dollars.

I started University early, but dropped out shortly after as I found that classes were very slow and didn't promote Entrepreneurship nearly enough. Since 2013, I have created dozens of website that have accumulated great amounts of networth and stock market value. I currently own 2 of the largest Online gambling websites which are primarily based in Australia and Japan. Shortly after my 17th birthday last year, I had filled for emancipation so that I could make transactions and keep more tax deductable money in my own name instead of using my Father's name.

Along with this, in 2014 I had put a highly technologically advanced security system on the market which was bought by google for 2.3Billion dollars. Unfortunately due to my NDA's I cannot disclose a lot of detailed information about a lot of my sales.

To date, I have an estimated net worth of 2.9billion dollars. However, along with my Grandfather's Inheritence, my Networth will be well above 3.6Billion dollars.


Thought I may at the time, not have as much money as my opponent I will say that my complex history and background has made me a billionaire in character. I have dealth with struggles and emotionally problems that no Children should ever have to. I had to learn what independence is from a very young age.

Along with this, I am a multicultural, Third cultured kid and dual passport holder. I attribute a humongous portion of my success to my ability to integrate into different cultures and to learn from them. Currently I am fluent in 5 different languages and am in the process of learning 3 more(Arabic, Portuguese and Dutch)

For all of these reasons, I will ask any voters to consider a broder definition of rich. And I will argue this until the very last round. Although my opponent has outline this clearly, I would like to ask that he consider rich in a broader perspective, taking into account wisdom, personal experience, intelligence and character.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 2


I’d like to thank my opponent for his well thought out story, however I’d like to poke a few holes in his fabrication.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that my opponent’s story is unlikely to be true. His story has too many similarities that make it likely he lying. He happens to be born in New York City where I was born. He happens to have his own “Reece Pole” that can speak Chinese (actually called Mandarin). He also attended some school that he fails to mention and drop out of this school to amass billions of dollars. Sounds a lot like my story in a way. His story seems highly unlikely.

You say your father, who went to medical school, had a business mindset? He gave you it by yelling at you because of soggy presents? What? Then you discredit all of that after exclaiming you were just fascinated by the process of web-design. This means you would have ventured your business ideas without your father’s influence. Your father’s rage does not help you in any way. Grandpa’s net worth is 7 billion dollars and father can’t afford good presents and has to work hard? Yeah right.

I’d like my opponent to tell me more about this Chinese Tumblr website? I refuse to believe that a website about travel blogging, something few people do, is going to make you 2.5 million dollars. I also want to know the names of the gambling websites in Australia and Japan. You never mention what schools you went to or towns/places you stayed at. Kind of fishy if you ask me.

I’m sorry that you moved away due to complications that you don’t want to mention. I respect that, however, that should not be counted as sympathy points for the voter. Let’s keep the debate to what it is really about: being richer.

I’ve already won!

Oh my goodness, my opponent admitted defeat in his own words! He says he has a net worth of 2.9 billion. Last time I checked 3.3 billion is greater than 2.9 billion. Even if his story is true, which I doubt, I still am richer. He even admitted it! That should win me the debate right there. Also, make note that the amount of money going to be inherited by his grandfather does not count for net worth unless his grandfather is dead. His grandfather is not dead therefore it is not considered his money. Thus, I am richer.

Attention, my opponent is trying to change the definition and purpose of the debate. The purpose of the debate was for us to argue on who is richer (in terms of money). Notice what my opponent agreed to. It had nothing to do with a deeper farfetched definition of the word rich (see vocabulary above). If my opponent wanted to do this, he should have mentioned this before the debate via private message or in the comment section. It is unfair for him to do this because I have already made my first argument under the rules I set. In a sense it would be giving my opponent an extra round if the rules were to be changed. Regardless of any explanation my opponent gives, he agreed to the original rules and those rules should be followed.

Even if I was to allow a change in the rules which I'm not going to...

My opponent says he went through struggles in his life. I have gone through struggles too. There is nothing more humbling than being homeless. Until you are homeless and hit rock bottom, you do not quite know exactly what that is like. I’m sure you’ve had your hard spots in life, but so have a lot of people.

I’m glad you are multicultural, but it doesn’t prove anything. Everyone has knowledge in their own field. You may be good with oral language and computers. I’m knowledgeable with money, investing, and using my social skills to market desire in other people for goods/services. Notice that my knowledge has to do with being rich as described in the definition. His knowledge allows him… culture… I guess. Cool for you, but doesn’t help prove you are richer than me.

My opponent thinks being rich involves: wisdom, personal experience, intelligence, and character. My opponent is 18 years old and I am 22. That already says things about wisdom and personal experience. Intelligence isn’t something we can truly measure here since it involves a wide spectrum of things. Character? What!? My opponent is trying to change the rules of the debate when he already agreed to the rules given when he said “I accept!” Does that sound like good character to you? Not to mention his gambling website built in Japan. Online gambling in Japan is illegal and thus, an act of crime.

Not that any of that matters anyway, because the point is I have 3.3 billion and my opponent has 2.9 billion. Boom! I am richer. End of story.



As per request, I will only point out flaws in my opponents arguments/life story in this debate round(3)

Firstly, I'd like to thank my opponent for his prompt response, I have enjoyed the debate up until this point and hope that the rest of it goes according to plan also.

To start off the refutation of dear Lawrence's life story, I would like to highlight a recurring theme; Luck. We often find that the stories of liars contain huge amounts of exaggerated information. My opponent is not a rich man at all. he is quite clearly a sociopath that gets off on creating fabricated life stories, quite well written I might add. But I will give this man the benefit of the doubt and consider his life story and would like to point out to everyone the flaws that I've recognized through my analysis.

The fundamental flaws of Lawrence Fischer's life

Without a doubt, Reece Pole does sound like an incredible young man. But perhaps too conveniently placed in his story no? So my opponent attended Stuyvesant High School, this is where he met a young man named Reece Pole. My opponent admits to bullying this boy, and that they became friends because Reece approached him and asked him for advice on 'how to be cool' To me it's unlikely that a victim of bullying goes right to the bully to ask on life advice. Any victim would avoid that interaction because any bully would laugh at a request like that. However, moving on.

After this my opponent claims to have been enrolled at Cornell University. I might add that this is an Ivy League university. A highschool bully, who was so busy making fun of smart kids, and too busy scoring with the ladies. That is what my opponent has attributed his highschool career to. It seems unlikely that a lazy arrogant bully would be accepted into such a prestigeous institution.

During his time in University, Lawrence went on his usual behavior. Sex, drugs and alcohol(Wild substance binges and reckless sex are both attributes of sociopaths) However, Reece's presence has been completely cut out, we are left in the dark as to where Reece went to University, and why was he not at least a notable friend during Lawrence's university days?

So, Lawrence drops out of Cornell. This is the first logical part of the story. And he shortly pursues an independent business only to experience failure(I do empathize with this feeling) He suddenly goes to big shot to complete loser. At this point he's been a douche his whole life and suddenly decides he needs to change his life. By getting money anyway he possibly can. He decides begging for money is the smart move. Calls friends and they all reject him. So, out on the cold New York streets in some library my opponent is on his last leg, and just happens to run into Reece Pole? Yeah right. The population of New York is 8.5million, the chances of this are miniscule, and even if it did happen my opponent would have highlighted in great depth the unlikely chance of that happening. But he just runs into him.

Reece hooks up our Lawrence with a job at a 'shady' programming firm. Lawrence fails at his job, doesn't learn how to program and a boss is fired for watching porn. However, while a business man is taking a piss. We are asked to believe that Lawrence has sugar talked a high profile electronics investor into giving him a job? Up until this point Lawrence has demonstrated an ability to boost his ego and rip off his friends, he somehow, gets a job from a shady investor without showing any prior interest to investing and stock trading? An illegal stockbroker doesn't just hire some low grade programmer to come work at an illegitimate firm. I will ask Lawrence to elaborate on these details.

Following a short amount of time at this illegitimate investment firm, Reece compounds 15 million. Essentially tells his terminally ill father to go F*ck himself.

here comes the most unlikely part,

Reece Pole is hired at this shady investment firm, and creates a software that can predict market fluctuations. By manipulating penny stocks, Reece and Lawrence make ballistic amounts of cash. Lawrence is upped from 24 million to 50 million. Reece goes from 17 to 200 million. The boss smells something is going on and the following night Reece has been murdered. (Who made this disovery?) Anyways, Lawrence books it to Canada.

Lawrence is in Canada. Meanwhile back in New York the FBI arrests the whole firm for fraudulant dealings. How is it possible that the FBI did not even investigate Lawrence? He had made over 26million dollars over night, and suddenly disappeared off to Canada, and for some reason his assets weren't frozen or even touched. It would have been very obvious to an FBI investigation team that something was up. He would have been put on an international black list for starters. and his money would have instantly been seized.

But that's not it, ladies and gentlemen. Lawrence Fischer, claims to have successfully dumped Reece's 200million into gambling sites. There is no way in hell, that Lawrence would have had access to Reece Pole's money. Reece's assets would have been instantly frozen pending an investigation into his death by the FBI. After realizing that this money was obtained illegally it would have never seen the light of day again.

However, the money is moved to gambling sites... From personal experience I can tell you that an investment into a gambling site north of 200,000 is investigated and followed quite thoroughly. It is also monitored by an undisclosed agency which is able to detect similar sources or other such transactions. This money would have been reported, and seized as Reece Pole's 'missing 200 million'

Now, it's been obtained by a bunch of russians. What the hell? and not only do they take the money and essentially hold it hostage, but Lawrence asks them to transfer it via PayPal. Again, not possible. The maximum transaction through Paypal is 10,000. This means that Paypal would have instantly recognized and reported 13,000 Unique accounts transfering money to one location. AKA Money Laundering. VERY OBVIOUS.

Lawrence now takes his '180million' And enters the United States with it. Untouched by the FBI, no one has any questions for him and he somehow manages not to get instantly arrested. Okay, yeah Lawrence sure.

Dad dies blocks away, Lawrence doesn't attend funeral.

-Money is reinvested and compounds into 3.3billion dollars-

Lawrence concludes his life story, by assuring us he is a changed man. After Reece's death there was no remorse, no regret, and for some reason Lawrence doesn't blame himself. Lawrence doesn't turn himself in either. He's apparently been made rich through Reece's blood money which got him killed. Does that sound like a changed man to anyone? Not to me.


I would ask all voters, to consider this carefully. I may have claimed to personally own less money than Lawrence, However his story is not believable, it's a clear lie. Lawrence is a ruthless sociopath who manipulated all his friends and got them killed.

Furthermore, I will address each point that Lawrene has made against my story in the following round.

best of luck to you!


Debate Round No. 3


I must defend myself from my opponent's accusations

I don’t deny that there was a lot of luck in my story that has made me so successful. However, I’d like to point out spots where I was unlucky as well. Ending up living on the streets was of course my own fault, but I also was unlucky with the situation. My first business failed. Though I wasn’t too determined I was also fairly unlucky. A lot of the lucky things that happened to me were also a result of my ambition. For instance, the guy that I talked to in order to get the job at the investing firm is not a real shocker. People are presented with opportunities all the time. Most people lack confidence and can’t capitalize on these opportunities like I can. So, although luck played a big role in my financial success it is not the only factor. Also it doesn’t prove that my story is false.

If I wanted to make my story more believable I could have simply stated that I won the lottery. That I put the money in mutual funds and other good investments and bam. Did it cross your mind that I may have shared my story intentionally because it is so adventurous? I probably would not have made the debate if I didn’t have an interesting life to share.

Reece Pole was an awesome person indeed. When we were in high school and I bullied him his self-esteem was so low. I think he thought he deserved to be treated the way he did. At times when I bullied him he actually thought we were friends. We weren’t actually friends until much later. We actually were fairly similar in a lot of regards. Basically he was just the uglier version of me without confidence. Later in life he was still ugly, but he had confidence and self-respect that made all the difference. You can’t change the cards you are dealt with, but you can change what you do with them.

I got into the school that I did based on my parent’s reputation not my own. It was mainly my father who was so eager in putting me in a prestigious school. Tons of lazy people get into prestigious schools all the time. My GPA was two point something. Fact is, it didn’t matter since my parents were so well respected.

After I graduated high school I no longer connected with Reece after school. It isn’t that uncommon to lose contact with the same people after high school. Think about when you claim you graduated? Did you stay connected with that many of your friends? If you did, then I would argue that is uncommon. Most people don’t stay connected with their friends after high school. Honestly, ask around. I didn’t mention Reece and his educational experience because it is an unnecessary detail to mention. I think it is pretty obvious he was going for some degree in computer science. I think he was actually in some sort of paid internship kind of thing. He wasn’t making that much, but he was definitely on the road to success. A man as brilliant as he would have no problem making his way through the world.

The fact that I ran into Reece at the library isn’t that big of a shocker. You never run into people you know at the grocery store? I bet you know a friend who knows a friend whose aunt is married to your dad. The world is a small place. Besides Reece is a real book worm. Of all places I could find him a library is not that surprising.

People make judgments about you in the first 5 seconds they see you whether you like it or not. I have knowledge about the stock market, because pretty much every person who comes from money has some degree of knowledge about the stock market. When I was a teen my father worked with me on how to set up an ROI and I learned a lot. Whenever my father talked about finances I listened, because it was about money that you put in an account and don’t really have to work for. I stuck my money into an S&P 500 and Dow Jones fund. When my father disowned me he took that money away from my account. The account was a custodial account so he legally could do it. When the business man and I talked, I used my charm and ability to make myself sound really important to my advantage. It isn’t hard to sell yourself well when you’ve been doing it your whole life.

When I talked to this guy I directed the conversation in a way that would make the job offer “his idea” when it was really mine. You have the wrong picture in your mind. I didn’t just go up to the guy and be like “Hey, I’m an important person. Hire me please!” I talked to him very casually like you would a regular bro. His only prior knowledge about me is limited. All he could tell is that I was a guy with a suit working in a company. I gave the impression that I was important, have solid work ethic, and felt disgruntled about my job.

If I remember correctly I began the conversation like this “Did so-and-so(don’t remember the name) leave you standing here while he could take a piss? That is so unprofessional. I’m sorry about that.”

Notice immediately I mention how unprofessional what the other guy did was. I also apologize for him (aka: taking responsibility). I am making myself appear as if I am his superior. I say this with authority while not censoring my language by using the word “piss”. This implies that we are equals.

If you really want the structure of the conversation broken down, it pretty much went like this:

-made funny comment as an icebreaker

-asked questions about line of work to inspire interest

-reflected upon common knowledge any investor can agree with

-present unique perspective that makes me different than everyone else (adds value to myself)

-talk about own job, working long hours and wanting to do good, but upset with job and unrealistic expectations of a hardworking individual

The shift of interest to uninterest in my speech from investing to my programming job was exaggerated to give him the idea to offer me a job. He also, genuinely liked me. A lot of people struggle getting genuine likeness and respect at the same time. I am really, really good at this stuff and I don’t even really think about what I’ve done until after I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted.

My father had disowned me so yeah, I told my mom “Tell him I’m glad he’s dying and that I’m more successful than he ever was or possibly could be.” The message was crueler when I said it to my mother, because I knew she would sensor it. If I was speaking directly to my father it may not have been as harsh. I was really pissed at him for disowning me though. So who knows, maybe I would have.

Reece did make a program that could predict penny stock fluctuations. Reece and I did make a lot of money. Was the program 100% accurate no, absolutely not. However, it was extremely good at approximations. At any one time I did not invest more than 4% of my bankroll on a single penny stock. I should clarify something. On the night he showed me the program it did not actually make all that much money. There was one night where we both did make a bunch of money and that was the night that I talked about.

I was the first to discover Reece was murdered, because he called me. I did not pick up the phone until the following morning where in the message I heard heavy breathing and what sounded like a gunshot. That is when I panicked and fled to Canada. The reason I chose Canada was because we previously flew to Canada in the past for business dealings with other companies. Not to mention it was close by.

Most of us working at the firm were being paid under the table. The company would have violated equality laws, because there would have been too many white people working at the firm on record. They had no connection to Reece or me ever working there. The police did not even discover Reece’s body until weeks later due to questioning. Reece’s software was the cause of the FBI discovering the place, but nobody knew who it was. The FBI only knew where it was coming from.

The FBI did contact me, but it was only about the phone call I received by Reece since I was the last person that he called. He actually called his parents first, but they didn’t answer. No suspicions were ever aroused. They did not suspect me as a murderer since it doesn’t make sense for a victim to call the person doing the murdering. They asked me about my line of work. I mostly talked about online affiliate marketing and business jargon. I told them that I was a good friend of Reece and that he gave good financial advice. Then they left.

Keep your enemies close, but your friends closer. I always keep important information about my friends in case they turn on me. People have done some surprising things and I’ve learned to be cautious. I would not have ever taken from Reece while he was alive unless he did something really despicable. I have a good moral conscious. I only transferred money after he died. I transferred his money to multiple gambling sites mind you (see quote below). Also, I didn’t just use Paypal. If you read my story you will see that it says “While I was in Canada I moved Reece’s money over to gambling sites in his name and leaked it to a bunch of Russians in exchange for payment through Paypal and other money transferring sites.”

So if I have remorse for what I did or whatever I have to turn myself in? Where is the logic in that? Turning myself in to the law doesn’t make my life better nor does it rid any guilt. Making a complete irrational emotional decision is not in my best interest. Thanks, but no thanks. Am I proud of the way I became rich? Not really. I wish I would have done it in a more moral way, however I can’t change the past, only who I am.

Is my story crazy? Yes. Is it dramatic? Yes. Am I telling the truth? Yes. Every part of this story is absolutely true as wild as it may seem.



First Rebuttal Round


1st Contention:

story is unlikely to be true ; story has too many similarities ; Sounds a lot like my story in a way.

-happens to be born in New York City;where I was born

-happens to have his own “Reece Pole”; Friend who speaks Mandarin
-attended some school that he fails to mention and drop out of this school to amass billions of dollars

1st Rebuttal:

The basis of my opponents contention is that our life stories harbor too many similarities to be true, in crude terms what he has implied is that i've simply copied his outline with some simple changes. In order to successfully refute the examples used by my opponent. I will respond to them individually, starting with the coincidence of us both being born in New York.

By visiting the following site(data from 2013): ([1] You will see that there have been more billionaires born in New York(52) than there have been in ANY other place. The runner up to New York is in fact Moscow, Russia(22) followed by London(21). Lawrence and I's place of origin is the most likely place for a couple of young savy billionaires to be born.

Next off I'd like to visit the 'He has his own Reece Pole' Example

This is yet another, misguided similarity which serves no relevance. Here's a quote by Bill Gates:

Bringing together the right information with the right people will dramatically improve a company’s ability to develop and act on strategic business opportunities.” – Bill Gates

And along with, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Evan Spiegal and other well known billionaires.

collaboration, and teamwork are essential parts of a products development. It would be entirely unusual for there to be a creator who credits exclusively himself.

So again, I'd like to say that this is not uncommon or unique. It would be very unlikely and less believable if I had claimed to be single handedly responsible for all the construction and coding of my ideas.

Now to move on to the last example. I dropped out of University and went on to make billions.

Yes, I have this in common with Lawrence. this is a huge trend among billionaires, I briefly attended the University of Melbourne, Australia but I dropped out after 1 semester. I knew that I had enough talent and skill to pursue my own ideas without wasting time, and thank god I did. For anyone who is skeptical about this let me tell you about some other Billionaire university drop outs.

-Bill Gates
-Thomas Edison
-Michael Dell
-Steve Jobs
-Henry Ford
-Walt Disney
-Simon Cowell
-Andrew Carneige
-Mark Zuckerberg
-Ted Turner
-Giorgio Armani
-Lawrence Fischer
-Doug Felix

AMONG MANY OTHERS, these are just some of the names of the most famous. Now what do they all have in common? Well as my opponent likes to put it: 'drops out of this school to amass billions of dollars is my thing' Among young, successful entrepreneurs dropping out of school seems to be a requisite to amassing billions of dollars.

2nd Rebuttal.

In his second contetnion against my story, I would like to clarify some of the misunderstandings that might have been percieved. My father didn't have a business mindset, he had a strong business like philosophy, when he drilled this into us, that translated as a business mindset to me. The presents that my father gave us all those years ago on christmas where not bad presents. It was simply the wrapping paper and boxes that were being ruined in the storm. Also, my Grandpa is not worth 7 billion dollars. I do not know where you pulled this number from, as 100million does not equate to 1 billion. I really do hope you know this, Lawrence.

3rd Rebuttal.

In regards to the Chinese blog that was sold for 2.5million dollars. I cannot for obvious reasons disclose which website this is. You are of course welcome to search the web for it, although I don't think you'll find it seeing as it's primarily in Chinese.

I will however, offer my opponent and voters, a link to a list of blog sites that have sold for multi-million dollars: ([3]

These blogs have been about anything ranging from using technology in nature, to cooking, to book blogs and also blogs about your garden! Yes a blog site about garden sold for multi million dollars. Is it so hard to believe that a travel blog in China could never be worth 2.5million dollars? I don't think that is unreasonable at all and neither should anyone reading this.

4th Rebuttal.

My opponent argues that because I have claimed a lesser sum of money, I should instantly lose this debate. Sure, however my opponents story himself is far less believable. So it is up to the voter to decide if my 2.9billion(+700m) are as skeptical as his 3.3 billion. Seeing as how he claims to have made his money off of a fortune that would have instantly been frozen by the FBI.

5th Rebuttal.

If my opponent doesn't want to consider a broader definition of rich, that is OK and it is his call. I ask that voters respect this.

Good luck in your final round! Lawrence,





Debate Round No. 4


I stand corrected on the 7 billion that your grandfather had. I misread your story, it is clear it said he had 700 million.

I'm glad my opponent forfeited the idea of arguing the definiton of rich when earlier he stated he would fight it until the end. This may be because his honesty is in great question. Working off of that, I am entitled to point out information that is already available to us through our Profiles. Let’s start with mine. I have a picture of myself in a business suit with a white background. My profile states I make $150,000+ a year. I am also Jewish and Republican. Republicans are more likely to be rich demographically.

My opponent, on the other hand… well take a look. He has a picture of a native wearing some animal bone mask. It looks like a rendition of that demon thing from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth. Probably a picture you drew in art class. It is really good by the way. I respect that art work. You did a great job at that painting/drawing/possibly-other-medium-you-used. Notice his education says “high school”. I don’t see “some college” like mine says. It should say “some college” if it were to match his story, but it doesn’t. He isn’t stating his income probably because he doesn’t have income. He probably is living with his mom and dad who supply him. This is reasonable since he is likely an average senior in high school. He is also a democrat which is a very popular party for poor people. Not saying my opponent is poor, but it is less likely for him to be super rich like me. My occupation is “self-employed” his occupation is “student”. On top of all that his username is Witch_doctor. Sounds kind of superstitious. Tell me, which do you feel more comfortable trusting. Someone with the username Witch_doctor or TheGodson.

Check out the link concerning political stance among the wealthy, my opponent trails in the14%, while I’m in the 56%:

I bet my opponent wishes he could change his profile, but I hope posting this will prevent him:

What you see above is his profile page where his information is archived early in the morning of February 17, 2016. It is on the Wayback Machine; a website that records previous webpages on particular days.

One last thing I’d like to ask about for clarity. Your security system that you say you sold for 2.3 billion dollars is not on the list for the-10-most-expensive-acquisitions-Google-has-ever-made in the link below. It should be number 4 on the blog below, but it is not. How is it that the main source of most of your income that made you so rich is not on the list?

It would not surprise me if the voters have doubts about the validity of these stories presented by both of us since they are pretty unusual. I will ask the voters to please use logic over emotional irrationality. Please make a logical vote based on possible outcomes:

1) I’m truthful and my opponent is truthful: Vote me (since my opponent admits I am richer in his story)

2) I’m lying and my opponent is truthful: Vote my opponent (note: this is the most unlikely outcome and the only good one for my opponent.)

3) I’m lying and my opponent is lying: Vote me (since I’m older and he’s an 18 year old... granted, your balls have dropped, but come on you’re probably still in high school and you know it.)

4) I’m truthful and my opponent is a liar: Vote me for obvious reasons.

Assign the above choices with a percent chance of each possible outcome. Now add the percentages for #s 1, 3, and 4 for my total percentage. My opponent’s percentage is #2. Whoever has the greater percentage should win the debate. I feel this is a fair determination of the winner.

I really enjoyed this debate sharing my life story and challenging my opponent.

-Lawrence Fischer



In Conclusion:

First off I'd like to thank my opponent for a fun debate, unfortunately all fun things must come to an end and serious voting must occur. I would like to end on a shorter note and explain to all voters why they should vote for my arguments over my opponents. What this debate boils down to in the end, is simply whether or not my opponents story was more believable than my own.

The biggest problem with my opponents arguments are that he had fled to Canada, used 130million dollars of fraudulent money that somehow wasn't seized by investigative forces. And then re-entered the country after being involved in an illegal investment firm. I strongly believe that the refutations made for these arguments were really weak. My opponent dismissed the idea completely and simply said that he wasn't under anyones radar. Seriously?

My story was a lot more realistic and believable.

In response to the arguments made by my opponent in R5, I would like to ask voters to disregard them completely. The outline of this debate was made clear, NO NEW ARGUMENTS in R5. Seeing as how my opponent has violated his own terms I ask that voters give me conduct also. (Also, the list posted by my opponent is inaccurate and has missed many major purchases by google. For any voter who is more curious just look it up and see for yourself)


Debate Round No. 5
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Up to you. You're not required to do so.
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@whiteflame @TheGodson

IF it would help, I can update my RFD.
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Alright, glad that's cleared up.
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Oh okay, I thought you were trying to vote in the comment section, because you were some dude whos voting privileges were taken away for some reason. The stars in your post made me concerned you were just spamming, asking moderators to stop the entire debate resulting in an automatic loss or something. I was confused.

Now after rereading it and understanding your a mod it makes more sense.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago

I'm not voting on this debate. I'm moderating a vote made on this debate by Defro.

It's not up to me to decide whether or not the Round section constitutes rules. Defro clearly does view it as a part of the basic structure of the debate and therefore a part of the rules that govern the debaters. He made a decision based on that factor, and the resulting rule violation. I see what it says in the voting basis section, but I also see what it says in the rules section. Automatic defeat doesn't require that the voter explain which person had the "richer" argument.

If you'd like to talk to Defro about his decision and get him to change his mind, be my guest, but unless you have a compelling reason for me to remove the vote, that's not going to happen.
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If you read under the section rules it says "Any violation of these rules results in automatic defeat"

That is referring to the rules under the RULE section. The ROUND section is a guideline and breaking the guideline dismisses the point, but should not result in an automatic loss. Misinterpreting words under the VOCABULARY section does not result in an automatic loss, but only dismisses points made toward it.

If I really wanted to, I could actually count my last statements very loosely as a "counter argument" for round 4, but that is stretching and I am aware of that. In conclusion, it should only be disregarded and not counted as influence.

Under the VOTING BASIS section it specifies "The voter will vote on the person who they believe is richer." This is really the purpose of the debate. If you want to vote CON, because you think he is richer than me, then I respect that. However, if you are going to vote CON because of round 5 stretched its bounds a bit, then it is basically insulting the whole purpose of the debate.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Defro//Mod action: NOT Removed<

7 points to Con. Reasons for voting decision: Conduct violation by Pro. Pro made clear that making new arguments in R5 was against the rules, and he broke it.

[*Reason for non-removal*] As it was stated in the rules that a rule violation was an automatic loss, the voter is allowed to award points based on a perceived violation.
Posted by TheGodson 2 years ago
I used too many characters in my 4th round and did edit copy edit paste so oops on my part. If you think that my last round breaks the structure then it should only be disregarded. It should not act as a violation of the rules since it is not under the rules section it is under the caption in bold lettering "Rounds". Regardless it shouldn't act as an auto defeat like some of you suggest. Remember, my opponent tried to change the rules in round 2, but we didn't count it against him. We only eliminated it as a change.
Posted by IslamAhmadiyya 2 years ago
"Nice try IslamAhmadiyya, but there is no one in the world that would give someone 1 billion dollars just to win a debate on"

Woah woah woah, who said I donated that 1 billion because of a virtual debate? Nice try bud but no assumptions allowed. :)
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I've been considering writing an autobiography for some time, but I feel that exciting parts of my life are still happening. I better wait a decade or so.
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Reasons for voting decision: pro made new arguments in the last round, breaking his own rules
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's story is more prudent and conceivable in sense, arguments to Con. And Pro stated that there should be no new arguments in the last round, conduct to Con. I believe Con won this debate.
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Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Conduct violation by Pro. Pro made clear that making new arguments in R5 was against the rules, and he broke it.