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I beez in the trap- many meanings

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Started: 5/26/2013 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is basically a parody debate, but you must take it seriously as much as you can, you must prove that the words "i beez in a trap" are meaningless ramblings of singer with nothing better to sing

I will prove that those words are not entirely meaningless and are very insightful and deeper than they seemingly appear to be

First round is acceptance
Be random, but keep it logical and creative


This should be interesting.

To clarify, I will be arguing that 'i beez in a trap' is a random phrase used by uninspired(or overinspired) singers.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


As i said "be random, but keep it logical and creative" please note that this is my disclaimer, what i say isn't exactly indicative of the truth, it is possibilities, regardless of how unlikely they are.

"I beez in the trap" As the great Shakespeare once wrote "To be or not to be". When we delve into the meaning of what this intelligent and well thought out line "i beez in the trap means" we discover that one of its meaning has to do with Shakespeare's sexuality. There are rumors, well not really rumors since the guy has been dead for ages (with all due respect), there are claims that Shakespeare was a homosexual. Ofcourse we can never prove whether or not he was indeed gay but according to Sir Ian McKellen he was either homosexual or bisexual

Going on the assumption that Shakespeare was a homosexual (hereto referred to as gay), the line to be or not to be, could be seen as Shakespeare asking himself whether it was okay for him to exhibit his gay tendencies. The phrase beez in the trap is a poke at Shakespeare's sexuality, the beez, represent the to be or not to be quote, the trap symbolizes the trap, or rather strange predicament he found himself in. He saw it as a curse, which is easy to understand because at that point in time, not much was known, or rather understood about one's sexuality. This idea is reiterated when the singer, or originator of the quote "i beez in the trap" Nicki Minaj, performs a song as Roman, an angry gay male. This is the singer's perception of Shakespeare, an angry gay male fighting his demons, through art, in the form of literature.

The second very deep meaning associated with this quote can be found in the careful analysis of each word. "beez" also means a bee in its general sense. Bees are associated with hard work, working in order to produce honey, they work collectively for the queen. The hive is where they reside, they build their bee hives, which could be seen as the trap, they are trapped by the hives they have built, the same way the singer feels trapped by the career she has chosen, she feels as though she is overwhelmed by the limelight surrounding her, she feels trapped in the hive she has built for herself,at the same time, acknowledges that much like a bee she worked hard to build her career and she will not easily let it go. If you try and poke your finger in a bee hive, all the bees will sting you even though them stinging you would kill them. She feels the same way. She is willing to do anything to protect her career


I don't think that there is really anything for me to be 'random, but logical and creative' about, because the only actual argument for my case is 'there are no valid explanations for these lyrics'.

Your first argument about Shakespeare basically says that Shakespeare was deciding whether or not to be in the trap. This could be true, but you forgot one key detail: Shakespeare died long before the song was released. There is no way that he could have known about 'I beez in the trap'.
Now, if you are saying that Nicki Minaj based their song on Shakespeare, take a look at the lyrics(1). It is highly unlikely that the same person could write that song and make subtle Shakespeare references. Minaj is clearly just rapping for the sake of the rap and the money they make from it.

You also say that 'beez' is a reference to 'bees'. The flaw in your argument here is that you assume that the hive is a trap. It is true that it limits the bees, but it's a trade off they were willing to make for the protection. The same goes for the singer, they built their career, and even though their other opportunities may be limited, they were aware of the trade off, and they're satisfied with it.

'I beez in the trap' is nonsense. If you look at the lyrics to the song, it is clear that Minaj has ran out of other meaningless phrases to shout into the microphone. It's like interpretive reading. There are tons of people trying to figure out the hidden meaning of the author's words, even when the author's didn't try and hide anything; sometimes adjectives are just adjectives.

Debate Round No. 2


Emmo forfeited this round.


I've got nothing to say here. . .

I beez in the trap.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Emmo 4 years ago
apologies for forfeiting. Kind of have a lot to do and didn't have time to reply
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