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I can convince you to register on my website and tell your friends about it

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Started: 1/21/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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So its simple. I am going to market my website you the way i know how to, by engaging you, the potential customer who does not know a thing about it. I will raise arguments as to why you should be our customer, you will argue against my position.

Simply put my business model is an online mall- that is still under construction for African companies (they can register for free and have their own online store), so can individuals. The customer would be anyone with disposable income who imports products from Africa.

Second idea tied to that mall is a motivational site similar to Forbes, where we inspire Africans and probably anyone else who believes in what we believe, to create wealth, to be proud of themselves (if they are African- to be proud of being an African) and to live their dreams . Since i am the one trying to convince you i will begin.

Firstly since registration on the site is free- there is nothing to lose and more to gain. There is the prospect of the site being useful to you, by signing up for free you put yourself in a position where you can gain a lot more than you can lose. The only real downside that you have is losing time (probably 5 minutes at most). But ask yourself what would you have done with that time- what is the opportunity cost of losing that time.

Secondly everyone needs to be motivated- although the site is not yet functional (the motivational one). It is still something that could be beneficial to you. Possible arguments you could have are that there are many other motivational sites so why should you pick mine. Here's one reason- i am here, engaging with you, showing you how much i want to know about you and your thoughts. I want to understand how you reason, how you argue, how to articulate my ideas specifically to you.

I am also putting myself in a vulnerable position. I don't know who will accept the argument- if you have already i don't know how good you are at arguing a point, you could walk all over all my arguments and make me look stupid, but i confidence in myself and in everything i believe in


Looks interesting enough. I'll bite. I'll define some words since Pro didn't.

"I" - Term to describe our lovely instigator, Emmo (

"You" - Term to refer to the contender, which would be myself (

"Convince" - to persuade; cajole: (

"Persuade" - to prevail on (a person) to do something, as by advising or urging: (

I choose definition two as it fits best with the spirit of the debate. Pro has set this up to, evidently, attempt to persuade some random person to become a member of his site and refer his or her friends to said site. This means that simply showing that I should join the site is insufficient as the resolution demands a call-to-action: pro wins by me registering to his website. Short of that, he fails to uphold his resolution burden.

I would also hope that there's no semantical play on the word "can" to entail logical possibility, since from the looks of it, that's not what Pro wants to be doing (unless this is just a really well-laid trap, in which case props). But if he does, I'm prepared to defend against such.

To be entirely fair to my opponent, I will give the following promises on my word as a debater and as an ethical person:

1. I will be honest about account creation. That means if he does actually convince me to create an account, I will create an account and concede the debate. I will not simply say "I'm not convinced" just for the free win.
2. I will be honest about the circumstances surrounding what could motivate me to join the site or not. It's inherently unfair if the only chance of a fair and reasonable debate relies on me giving honest information and I supply him with false information.

So with that, I'll begin with a brief explanation of who I am so that pro may attempt to persuade me to create an account.

I'm a 19 year old college student. I go to a community college. I also hold a part time job at a grocery store as a produce clerk (that pays suprisingly well). My goal from education currently is to obtain a Bachelors degree in Communications and apply for teaching certification so that I may become a speech and debate coach for high school students. My main interests are debating (herp derp), philosophy, video games, and writing. I'm mostly introverted, but I'm capable of being extroverted if the situation calls for it (I would just rather not). Any other information that my opponent would like to know (provided it's not too personal; it's the internet after all) is available upon his request (either in round or in the comments, not picky).

With that, I'll respond to his initial points before raising a few points of my own.

Free To Sign-Up:

A free to sign up site in itself is not compelling. If a site being free to sign up were, in and of itself, a compelling reason to sign up for the site, my profile would be plastered across the internet. Rather it's the content of the site and how it appeals to the user compared to the time trade-off that the user could be doing other such things. DDO is a free to sign-up for website, but that in itself was not what convinced me to join the site.


There's a few flaws within this argument:

First is that one would need the internet to motivate themselves. I have my family around me who encourage me to continously apply myself to my studies. I have friends who push me to try my best at everything that I do. There's my own personal drive to see myself succeed. Outside of that, there's not really much use for a website to motivate me: there are other resources around me that motivate me without having to do any kind of sign-up.

Second is that there are more traditional alternatives if a website were needed to be used for motivation than to sign-up for Pro's site. I could simply take a few seconds to google motivational quotes to push me to succeed. While five minutes to sign-up isn't too arduous of a task, five minutes is eons compared to moments.

Third is that you engaging me isn't an advantage over other websites. If it's an advantage at all, which I'm uncertain that it is, it's not a very compelling advantage simply because a) most, if not all, websites advertise their site as well. This debate could be just another, if a bit more personal, advertisement for your site (which it most certainly is), and b) you engaging me about your site doesn't really affect the site overall. The site will, most likely, go on with or without me as a user registered for the site, so engaging me about it doesn't really have any kind of positive influence on the site's outlook.

With that being said, I'll move onto my own points from here.

Website? What website?

To begin with, it's really, really complicated to persuade someone to join a site that they have no knowledge of. You could spend days explaining to me the splendors I would experience if only I registered for your website, but none of that would really ever matter if I never see your site. This makes it incredibly perplexing since Pro fails to give me any way to find his site: there's no link to the website, no site name for me to find, not even a reference to what the site may be for me to google and hunt down. Without being able to actually see the site, it's kind of hard for me to see if it's a site I would be interested in joining.

Audience Targeting = Failure

From reading my opponent's opening statement (in particular "where we inspire Africans ... to be proud of being an African"), the website seems like a wash for me. Personally I'm white myself, I don't identify as African in any way. Making me be proud of something that I'm not seems rather pointless to me, not to mention that "being proud of being an African" is a rather value statement and I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that.

But even if it wasn't me who accepted, the odds against this site applying naturally is rather low. Whites dominate the site demographically at 62% of all users (, whereas African/African-American users only comprise about 8%. This puts the odds at the site being targeted at the correct potential user as rather low.

What do you even do?

The way that pro presents his site in his opening round is also perplexing. I'm left without much of a clue as to what his site actually sets out to accomplish and how it could be a benefit to my life to use. I see statements ranging from "Simply put my business model is an online mall ... for African companies" , which leaves me really confused as to where I fit into the grand scheme of things, to statements like "where we inspire Africans and probably anyone else who believes in what we believe ... to be proud of themselves" , which seems not even remotely similar to the previous statement of what the site it supposed to be.


I have yet to be convinced to create an account (not to mention I don't even know what website I would be creating an account for yet xD). As such, the resolution is negated. Back over to Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


You raise very valid points. I am glad that someone who seems to be very logical chose to be my opponent. I am even more excited at the prospect of convincing someone who prima facie does not fit into what is most likely the demographic i am targeting. (I'm not just saying that to soften you up or suck up).

Actual Website

I admit i wasn't very clear of what the actual website is about. So here it is- there are 2 sites; the one which is currently functional, but still under development is that is supposed to be the online mall (i didn't post this from the get go because i felt that it would appear as though i am simply promoting my site and not actually interested in having a good debate and in the process learning what flaws my 'pitch' has).

The second site is not functional yet- that's the motivational site. I still believe i could at least try to convince you to sign up as soon as the site is functional- but this remains to be seen.

Audience Targeting= Failure

Ofcourse you are not African- In all the years i have been on this site- i have never argued against another African national. But the beauty of Africa is it is not just for Africans. Just as the USA, Australia and Europe Africa is a multi-racial continent, and everyone regardless of their nationality or race originates from Africa. 'Being proud of being a African' is recognizing that regardless of which part of the world you live in we share a common beginning- Africa. The term African in this context is a reference to your heritage- your roots, the part of you that longs to make the world a better place (to unite the world). The part of the 19 year old that wants to teach people how to reason better, how to formulate a logical argument and how to articulate their thoughts to the world.

But what about the site- why should i join it?- As a 19 year old, philosopher who enjoys writing, has a very logical thought pattern, debates in his spare time, is a go-getter (which is why you work part time) and is motivated mostly by making a difference in people's lives (the only way you can do this and i am sure you would agree is by learning to communicate to people in the best way possible); you have so much influence, but i believe there is not a platform designed specifically for someone who thinks the way you do. There isn't a platform that gives you the creative freedom, a potentially big enough audience where you can make a difference to people who need to read your words (as a young person). Of course there are many social networking and blogging sites where you can write endlessly- but to what ends- if you want to start a blog and you want to reach a lot of fans you would have to pay a lot to market your blog and at the end of it all you will spend a lot of time on marketing, time which you could have spent developing content. What is the relevance of all of this. The site we are creating is for you. As the first unofficial person to sign up to our motivational site as soon as it is created. You would be one of the contributors- in terms of text. You are a pioneer (picture that- for a second). You can teach people who genuinely need your help how to think the way you do. You can impart your intelligence on them.

Is that not motivation enough- is the prospects of helping people not a motivation on its own, is that not what keeps us all alive?

And what of the other site?

The other site is an extension of the vision i have with the 'not yet functional site', but in a more practical sense. As i said in the opening argument it is an online mall where African entrepreneurs who cannot afford to set up an online shop have the ability to do so for free. What do you gain from signing up. I suppose for this argument i would actually have to understand what you buy online- if you buy online that is


Thanks to Pro for his last round.


It's incredibly problematic that my opponent doesn't really have either of the site's developed yet. Part of what makes a site appealing is it's functionality of it: how does it look, how does it feel to go between the different pages, how easy is it to use. Without being able to see it, to feel it, to play around with it a while and see if it's an environment I can see myself working in very well, it's a lot harder to say that I'd be compelled to make an account.

As for the online mall, the site isn't even completed. There's lots of text that show that while the site does exist, that the template used to create the site hasn't been fully filled yet. The only product available for purchase from a company is a sweatshirt that's priced in African Rand (ZAR), which brings up additional questions: how do I pay for a sweatshirt that costs 350 Rand with dollars? Is there some sort of currency exchange policy where when I make a payment in USD it converts to ZAR? Is there a tax or exchange fee for converting USD to ZAR? Just thinking about the shipping fees alone is absolutely mind-boggling, not to mention all the "Nigerian Business" spam reference jokes that can be made.

Audience Target = Failure:

There's a few problems with his "Back to Africa" speech.

First, I don't identify as African in any extent. I was born in America, my parents were born in America, my grandparents were born in America, my greatgrandparents--actually I'm not certain where they were born, I'm guessing probably Ireland but the point is still the same: if there's any kind of "African" within me, it's too small of a factor to really be an influence on my life.

Second, to declare that humanity came from Africa is a certain truth flies in the face of archaeoanthropological research. While there are preferred theories saying that humans came from Africa, there's no definitive conclusion coming from the scientists and researchers in the field. Other theories, such as the Out of Asia theory (, have evidence to show alternatives to humanity originating from Africa.

Third, and while this isn't so much about the targeting of audiences--rather it's something you said within this section, I want to touch on when you said this: "but i believe there is not a platform designed specifically for someone who thinks the way you do. There isn't a platform that gives you the creative freedom, a potentially big enough audience where you can make a difference to people who need to read your words".

Not to be offensive, but this is really laughable. A platform where I can discuss my ideas and beliefs and discuss them with others and influence people into becoming better people? Welcome to What you're saying that your website will uniquely do is something that I can already, and do already, achieve on this site.


Pro's site doesn't appeal to me as the correct audience: I'm not from Africa, and I don't identify as African in any sense of the thought. It's influence on me is minimal, if it exists at all. Trying to appeal to a side of me that doesn't really exist doesn't make a whole lot of sense in my mind.

As for the ability to influence other people, there's nothing that he's described on his site that I can't do on this site. I can talk about my ideas and beliefs and why I believe and think the way I do, and discuss it with others to teach those younger than me and help other people out. There's multiple avenues to do that through on this site alone (debates, forums, opinion/poll responses, etc.). If I can already do here what he wants me to do over there, I don't see a major reason to go.

As such, the resolution stays negated.
Debate Round No. 2


Emmo forfeited this round.


Extend my arguments
Debate Round No. 3


Emmo forfeited this round.


I remain unconvinced. The resolution is negated.
Debate Round No. 4
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ah crap- i wrote about 2000 words and then clicked back
Posted by Emmo 3 years ago
I suppose only time will tell Ragnar
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
There is a semantics case to be made for pro, as technically he probably can, if he will do that in this debate is a whole other matter.
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