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I dared you to this debate over twitter.

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Started: 11/30/2016 Category: Politics
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Feminism hates men, it's absolute cancer. It has made it to where women get rights that are unfair against men and has made it to where if you even mention a problem that men face everyday you're suddenly a sexist. Why don't you people stop crying about manspreading and go to Pakistan and actually fight against oppression, or, better yet fight against the fact that in every field men are oppressed just as much if not more than women.


I do not have a Twitter. Debate over, vote Con.
Debate Round No. 1


Mate this is for a cuck bitch on Twitter that I met, but whatever... What burn cards would you recommend for MTG? It's for this super noob deck I'm building.


Depends on the format. Check mtgtop8 for decklists.

Modern Burn Staples:

Goblin Guide

Eidolon of the Great Revel

Grim Lavamancer

Monastery Swiftspear

Lightning Bolt

Lava Spike

Rift Bolt

Boros Charm

Searing Blaze


Lightning Helix

Legacy Burn Staples:

Take out a few things from Modern Burn and add:

Chain Lightning


Price of Progress

Sideboard varies from deck to deck. You want artifact hate (Destructive Revelry, Smash to Smithereens, etc.), lifegain hate (More Skullcracks, Atarka's Command, etc.), maybe some graveyard interaction since Dredge is really popular right now (Grafdigger's Cage, etc.), things like that.
Debate Round No. 2


Lightning bolt and price of progress are some I'll definitely use, But the goblin bun deck I'm making relies on going faster than my opponent, So things like goblin guide won't do for me. May be chain lightning too.

10 mountains
4 plains
3 evolving wilds (I will replace them, don't worry.)
1 inspiring vantage (Want to add another.)
2 temple of triumph
4 mother of runes
2 soul warden
2 suture priest
2 goblin warchief
2 goblin chieftan
4 outnumber
4 krenko, mob boss
4 goblin grenade
1 goblin king
3 goblin piledriver (As I looked over my deck, I realized I lost one. F*CK!)
1 coat of arms
4 mogg warmarshal


Sounds like a Legacy deck if you want to include Price and Chain.

"But the goblin bun deck I'm making relies on going faster than my opponent, So things like goblin guide won't do for me."

I don't think you realize how good Goblin Guide is. It's arguably the best 1-drop creature spell ever made for Modern and Legacy. Easily the best 1-drop red creature.

Inspiring Vantage

Meh, Sacred Foundry is better. As a burn player, you shouldn't care very much about your life total. Also, if you're doing Legacy, Plateau would be the way to go.

Temple of Triumph

Absolutely not.

Mother of Runes

Good card, but not in a red deck. It's totally out of place. Your job is getting your opponent to 0, Mom doesn't do that. If they have removal spells for your creatures, let 'em use them.

Sould Warden

Again, absolutely not. Stop caring about your own life total. You should be faster than your opponent, Soul Warden accomplishes nothing.

Suture Priest

No, definitely not in the mainboard.

Goblin Warchief

If you're trying to build Goblins, build Goblins. Get rid of white altogether. Also, you want to build a Goblins deck without the best Goblin ever printed? Whyyyyyyy.


Meh, a sideboard card at best. Goblin Grenade will virtually always get the job done better.

Coat of Arms

Way too expensive for a red deck.

Sounds to me you need to drop white. No point in running it if your goal is Goblins and burn spells.
Debate Round No. 3
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