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I deserve to win this debate

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Started: 10/22/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First Round Is for acceptance

Pro must prove that I deserve to Win this debate, while I must prove that I deserve to lose.


Aw, what the hell. Not every debate should be serious.
You deserve to win this debate because you're begging for it. Those who care enough about winning ought to be handed free wins so that your self-esteem might rise. Your credibility as a debater might not increase much, but if winning is your only goal, then cred doesn't really matter to you. To say that you deserve to win this particular debate still leaves the question of whether you actually would, so perhaps by saying, "I will win this debate" it would increase the likelihood that you will, in fact, win. But, the topic title has already been decided, so we will see if my thinking you deserve a win, would actually bring about that very thing.
Debate Round No. 1


I'll just begin by thanking pro for accepting the debate and being such a good sport.

Reasons why I should Lose this debate

1) Remember what i said earlier about thanking pro? WELL I LIED! Pro sucks and is NOT a worthy opponent. By stating this I should lose points on conduct.

2) Sppelling and gramer` this sentance has much sppelling & gramer errors; so I shuld lose points on dat section

4) I have no sources and therefore my information is not reliable.

21) If you vote for me that means that you think I deserve to lose in which case my opponent should win.

5) My opponent is smarter than me his profile says he has a 157 IQ while mine is between 140 and 150 meaning that his iq is higher than mine. Therefore he should be able to provide more logical, and smarter reasons.

I wish my opponent good luck,

or do I...


Your use of compliments and insults in the same round, and directed towards the same person, shows your commitment to this debate. As unlikely as it is that someone will vote for either side, they will undoubtedly be confused as to which side they should vote for, since your argument flows in both directions, thus insuring that you will win. This viable tactic will surely mean that a win is assured for you, since if either side is voted for, it will be in your favor. However, I would like to point out that this debate might have been better with one round, rather than four. You need not extend your obvious winnable attributes until they are redundant, conciseness is preciseness.
Debate Round No. 2


I ask my opponent, isn't the fact that I made this debate to long just to extend my attributes, and waste your time along with our voters time just go against me when it comes to conduct?

I would also like to point out that if I were committed I would most likely spend more than 3 minuets creating my arguments. I also am not arguing that I WON'T win, just that I shouldn't.

and now a poem:

Roses are blue
Daisy are green
Wait... can I go back and fix that?

I have now gone off topic and my argument is no longer related to the debate and therefore I should lose.

Also if the voters vote for me it means I should win, but if they vote for you, they voted that I should win, which means I should win in this situation my argument will never) be correct, meaning I don't deserve to win.

I also ask my opponent, how can I be begging for a win if my argument is literally that I should lose the debate?


By artificially creating a scenario in which you would win no matter what, can be considered begging for a win. If they vote for you, you would win through points, if they vote for me, you would win the debate topic question, "Do you deserve to win this debate?" So instead of placing the BoF upon yourself, you have skillfully placed it upon your opponent. With your ability to debate, you would assuredly defeat lesser debaters and thus win through points, but if a more skilled debater were to take up your debate, they would be using that skill for you and not for themselves. In fact, it is far easier to show why you must lose this debate than why you should win it, proving that your opponent would have to be sufficiently skilled enough to overcome the false negatives you write. This supposition of being undeserving that you unrightfuly hold is only proven wrong by this sneaky and underhanded debate tactic, and despite all of the "rule-breaking" that you have performed, I think the audience of voters are keenly aware of your ingenuity in coming up with such a fiendishly brilliant plan. Let not thy reader cast their eyes upon the sins of Piedude64 and be judgmental. Let him, who be wise and kind, noble and knowing, vote for my opponent for I find him more worthy".
Debate Round No. 3


piedude64 forfeited this round.


And then they forfeit....
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Atmas 2 years ago
This was an odd debate...
Posted by TheSymbiote 2 years ago
One of the best debates out there
Posted by Atmas 2 years ago
Whoops, didn't read the acceptance part. Sorry about that.
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Vote Placed by Jingle_Bombs 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro did not prove that Con deserves to win. However, Con loses points for spelling, conduct, failure to use sources, and failure to make a convincing argument. I agreed with no one.