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I don't think coffee baristas should get tipped

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Started: 3/22/2013 Category: Economics
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I disagree with the fact that nowadays when I go into coffee shops or fast food places and I pay by credit card and I am TAKING OUT that I get prompted to tip. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I have to hit decline and feel worse.


Tipping coffee shops and many services has been around for a long time and provides a means for young adults, students or just hard-working people trying to make ends meet . Now that most people use plastic to pay for pretty much everything tipping has reduced .This reduction in tipping has resulted in lower incomes for service industry workers.

I agree that some people like yourself might find the electronic tip prompt somewhat intrusive but take a moment to think how much more convenient your life is now that you don't have to manage coins and bills. Is it really that inconvenient to press the no tip button? If you're actually feeling generous you just need to press 2 more buttons. It's still just a tip and personally I only tip for one of the following reasons 1. I get good service 2. I get a nice smile 3. I can afford it.

If it makes you feel bad by pressing the no tip button after you buy something then you could always just pay with cash.
Debate Round No. 1


When I go to Mcdonalds or Burger King or Dunkin Donuts or Subway I don't get prompted for tips. Why should coffee people be different? I can eat at Subway and such and no tip. I just take coffee togo so why would I have to run the tip gauntlet and feel discomfort hitting no?


Establishments such as Mcdonalds have strict policies against accepting gifts. They aren"t rewarded for good service, they are just expected to give it all of the time. They also make minimum wage at mcdonalds which can"t be said for most coffee shops. Baristas depend on those tips to make minimum wage.

I can"t say I eat at Mcdonalds often but when I go I am usually faced with an emotionless face and standard service. At most coffee shops I good personable service that leaves me with a smile (one of my tipping incentives).

If you prefer the service at Mcdonalds you could always get a mc cafe there.
Debate Round No. 2


Nowadays they have machines that do all the coffee making for them. They aren't labouring any more then any othet job that gets no tips. Should I tip my kids teacher at school? Should I tip the plumber and electrician? Where do you draw the line? I am ok with the jar as I said. Throw pocket change in. As far as prompting me for a tip and then them watching when receipt is printing and making me feel guilty I don't like. I am not saying I never like to tip. If I am very happy with the service etc. I will and do more often then not. My point is I don't believe it should be a prompt on a machine to do so. Stick with the jar.


School teachers, electricians and plumbers all make 5-10 times what a barista makes so no you shouldn't tip them unless you are feeling particularly generous you could donate to the education system.

If you are ok with using a tip jar then what is the big difference with the machine? At least with the machine they can see that you gave them a dollar but the tip jar a dollar could be a nickel because they didn't see it and wouldn't know the difference.

Like I said in my first argument; Everyone is using plastic and carrying around less coin these days resulting in far fewer tips for baristas. Baristas don"t expect tips, they hope for them and sometimes if they can put a smile on your face they get one. The machine just provides a means for that hope to continue because the jar is becoming extinct.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheSlenderMan 4 years ago
Pressing a button is not hard at all. I don't carry cash often at all but one time I went to a store with a load of cash. The only way a bagger got money was from tips. I'm not tipping unless I have a cartload of stuff...I won't pay someone to do something I'd be glad to do myself. I'm not being heartless...I'm just not going to be forced to tip someone to do something I would do.

It was kind of embaressing because I had a wad of cash and didn't put anything in the tip box. Trust me...pushing a button is nothing.
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