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I feel like the Republicans are the bad guys

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Started: 10/12/2015 Category: Politics
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My Terms:
1) Republicans aren't the only bad guys in the country.
2) Democrats have been a lesser evil.
3) Not all Republicans are guilty of all of these things, but a big chunk of the party is, and that significantly impacts the country.
4) Convince me that the Republican Party, on the whole, has done a lot of good things for the country during the past 40 years.
5) I'm sure lots of Republicans are nice people in their personal lives and are great parents for their kids, but blind defense of tradition is just hurting the country.

I always tried to teach myself to be open-minded and look at things from both parties' point of view. I try not to have a black-and-white mentality, and for that matter, I don't think the Democrats are "the good guys" either.

I'm not afraid of ISIS and foreign powers because our military can crush them. But I'm very afraid when Republicans are elected.

But I just feel like any time people are trying to do something good in society, it's always the Republicans saying "NO".

They have opposed gay marriage, and their refusal to accept gay people has only contributed to gay people being bullied and discriminated against.

They tend to deny (or dodge the question) that Global Warming exists, despite there being a practical consensus in science. Environmental protection is barely a priority for them.

They tend to downplay gender discrimination and side against women's issues.

They tend to downplay racial inequality and tend to think society isn't very racist, despite the mass incarceration of black people and racial profiling.

They tend to discriminate against muslim people (profiling them ever since 9/11) simply because they practice a difference religion.

They tend to be older, white, suburban/rural, and often men (a not so diverse demographic). They alienate black voters, hispanic voters, young voters and many women.

They tend to pander to xenophobic voters when it comes to immigration.

They, by principle, against deficit reduction plans which involve taxing the rich. This is a modern trend. Even Herbert Hoover (as conservative as he's made out to be) raised taxes on the wealthy.

They want to repeal Obamacare, but they don't want to replace it with any new alternative reform.

They (pretension aside about spending less than the Democrats) fail to achieve balanced budgets every bit as much. They lower tax rates and significantly raise defense spending, creating large deficits.

They stand against drug decriminalization efforts and don't mind that people are getting 10+ years for non-violent crime. They believe alcohol is safe and marijuana is more dangerous.

They have supported efforts to police the world with frequent military interventions on countries which disagree with American ideals.

They have continued to support the Iraq War even years after many Democrats realized it was a bad idea.

They have supported privacy invasion between the Patriot Act, the NSA and such.

They tend to be the ones that cut funding for education and welfare for poor people. They tend to believe the American Dream is infallible and that poor people only fail because they're lazy (not unlucky).

They tend to be against something only because it's new. They opposed Medicare in the past (saying it's socialism) and now they strongly support it.

I'm not even going to get into all of the insults and propaganda that come from conservative talk-shows, but there's that too.

My belief is that if all of these problems were only caused by 1% of the Republican Party, and that the majority of Republicans weren't like this, the 99% of good Republicans would have taken charge and the bad apples would've been voted out by now.


Hi Cart,

I will try to give my point of view. I am not happy with the Republican party in general though I do side with them when compared with Democrats. I do that mainly because I consider abortion as the main issue.

I would agree with you on your (Rule 5) that blindly following tradition is dangerous.

I think we should be open-minded and not "get into our corners."

(1) I am afraid of ISIS because I hear they crucify people. Why don't we do something about it now instead of there being a greater potential for more people to be crucified by them?

(2) I personally don't understand why homosexuality is a good thing, but I'm having a debate on this elsewhere, so I don't want to get into it here.

(3) For Global Warming, I have heard about models being manipulated, 18 years of raw data that doesn't show a warming trend, a study saying that carbon causes 10x less heating than what was expected, and the 97% number being manipulated by hand-picking people or giving a question that was misinterpreted to give the 97%. Also, there is the NIPCC (to balance against the IPCC at the UN).

I just want to have clear, easy to replicate, easy to understand, way to test out Global Warming. It also doesn't help when some of the conservatives point out how Al Gore doesn't seem to follow what he preaches, in using a private jet, or in having a house by the sea-level. I'm not saying this is all true, but that this has to be taken one question at a time, and the average person doesn't really have that time or desire.

Republicans shouldn't dodge the question, ideally. They should be honest with the people.

(4) Environmental protection should be important, though we should at least do it over things that we agree on as a whole, rather than only Global Warming.

(5) Well, women are different than men. I guess the Republicans don't see why there is discrimination. I agree personally that people should be given just wages. I don't see why those wages have to necessarily be equal for women and men, given that male and female aren't the same.

For women's issues in general, the Republicans don't see things like abortion as women's issues, but hopefully as a woman-and-child issue.

I don't know of any other women's issues you are referring to, so let me know.

(6) I think they should help with racial inequality where it is needed. I think that they think that there isn't mass racial inequality left, at least in terms of limiting people by laws or discrimination, though they should still try and help.

For mass incarceration of black people, are you saying that they are innocently put in jail? How would you show this? Can you point to specific examples of where this massively occurs?

I think Republicans don't see this regarding the last paragraph. So, they would argue that blacks are profiled against because they commit more crimes. Now, the question is, does being profiled against cause more crimes or more crimes are caused when they profile against them?

(7) I think Republicans are concerned about Muslims, probably because of the way they see them in Muslim-dominated states.

(8) I think Republicans say that people are alienated from them partly because of the mainstream-media and people believing them without doing their homework. To be honest though, I don't really know why, other than I guess Democrats say they are for minority rights (and there is probably at least some truth to that if not more).

(9) I think it's a misinterpretation to say that Republicans are xenophobic, meaning they are afraid of foreigners. I think Republicans are afraid of foreigners who are dangerous, such as criminal foreigners. In terms of illegal immigrants, Republicans don't like it, but I wish they treat them as persons. I think Republicans are fine with legal immigrants, though they probably want assimilation to keep the country's integrity.

(to 17?)
Debate Round No. 1


1 - I'm confident we already have the strongest military in the world. The most discerning voters? Not so much.

2 - It's perfectly okay for you to not agree with homosexuality personally, but when one is in favor of denying marriage rights to gay couples on that premise, that's when they become part of the problem.

3 - NASA has a trove of evidence toward Global Warming. Rising sea levels, global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, declining Arctic ice, glacial retreat. We can start there.

4 - This is the problem. Everyone says "We should protect the environment" when they're asked, as sort of a holding action. But none of them have specific proposals or initiatives to do it. I checked on the Republican candidates' websites. Trump, Carson, Fiorina and Bush all say nothing about environmental protection. Sanders and Clinton, at least, do. Likewise, with the global warming, Republican candidates ignore it. They don't even talk about it, even if they disagree with it.

5 - Republicans are okay with a system where men can get subsidized Viagra but are against subsidized birth control for women.

6 - The problem was that Reagan & Bush Sr. enacted laws which made crack-cocaine (often found in low income inner-cities) over 10 times as punishable as regular cocaine (often found in wealthy circles). This essentially meant that African-Americans were going to receive far longer sentences than whites. Obama did sign a law reducing the ratio, but until then Republican administrations have done nothing about it.

7 - For Republicans (like Ben Carson) to want muslims excluded from our government, and to not be called out on it by other members of the party, is just not acceptable. We should never judge people solely based on the fact that they have a different religion than us. Numerous dictatorships in Africa (such as Uganda) are predominantly Christian nations, but I don't judge all Christians because of that.

8 - The fact is, regardless, they're alienating voters. These data show that Republicans have been struggling with black, hispanic, women and young voters for a long time. you

9 - Between the constant allegations of Obama's birth certificate, the statements against muslims, candidates like Donald Trump calling Mexicans rapists and such, I genuinely feel like the Republicans are xenophobic.


(1) I don't want confidence. I want verifiable facts. I also want to take into account that countries can merge their militaries.

(2) There is a distinction when one doesn't agree on something in allowing it versus not allowing it. I don't want to allow it because I don't see the good of allowing it.

(3) NASA has the 97% statistic which has been attacked. NASA isn't infallible.

(4) What exactly should be done that isn't being done? They don't talk about environmental protection because they don't see how it is an issue for them. I hope they don't want to recklessly take out the environment, but I also think we shouldn't treat lightly removing jobs which cause a major expense in people's lives. I want to find a balance on this issue. Maybe find some way to make businesses return the environment the way they found it afterwards, or at least get a big start on that.

(5) I don't understand Viagra, but I am probably against subsidizing it unless there is a serious medical reason. I am against subsidizing birth controls for general use because it's not an ideal thing. It can lead to effectively an abortion, so I would include a right of conscience to not subsidize birth controls for people against abortion. I am against birth control as a whole right now with the exception of rape victims who use it before its use would result in an abortion. I would define the start of abortion at the moment of conception.

(6) says that crack cocaine "is more commonly associated with system violence than its counterpart." So, I can understand that this is more serious, and is therefore more serious. Unless you prove this wrong, this is an alternative motive to the one you proposed, and we should assume interpretative charity on the accused.

(7) Ben Carson said he wouldn't advocate for a Muslim president who went against the values of the US. That's from his original quote. Where is the quote that he wants to ban Muslims from the government?

If the core of Christianity said that those dictatorships were approved upon (and they did serious evil presumably), then that would and should be a problem. If the core of the Muslim faith contradicts the values of the US (e.g. women's rights, the rights of non-Muslims, homosexuality for your side), we should be careful in considering a Muslim for president.

(8) You clearly ignored my argument. Just because few people vote for them doesn't mean that what they say alienates those voters. Some of what they say does, yes. Some of what they say is also misinterpreted by the media.

(9) Trump wasn't talking about Mexicans as rapists. He was talking about the illegal immigrants. He also said that some of them were good people. That was his quote.

For Obama's birth certificate, who is constantly alleging this? What evidence can you show, and for how long did they do this?

For Obama being a Christian and not being a Muslim, he sure gives the impression of ignoring Christians in trouble, rolling out the red carpet for Muslims, and going out of his way to criticize Christianity with the Spanish Inquisition by comparing it to ISIS at the National Prayer Breakfast (I did use the media for looking up that last part) which I guess is a Christian prayer breakfast, since the US is apparently 70.6% Christian according to Google. Not that the Spanish Inquisition was good, but I don't know if Obama's timing could have been more perfect.

(10) I think Republicans want to not tax the rich so much because they look at the rich who were successful, and they think that if they give more money to that successful person, they will bring more success, translating for Republicans into more jobs. They think that taxing those good guys, though there are bad guys, isn't the ideal way to go about things. One of the founding fathers said, "The power to tax is the power to destroy."

(I probably won't be able to get to the other points, so I will comment.)
Debate Round No. 2


Cart forfeited this round.


Since my opponent didn't have a chance for these comments, they can either be judged in the comments section, or given less weight since my opponent won't have the opportunity to scrutinize it here.

(11) They should find a way to replace Obamacare, I agree. They don't like it because they say that the government is more inefficient than people and businesses. I think that people become more interested in a thing when they have something directly to gain by having the effort, and that they also learn things that they can use in other parts of their life as well. Therefore, I like the idea of people being in charge of where they get to spend their health-money, rather than letting the government decide. The government can be there for "catastrophic insurance." (Ben Carson)

(12) They believe that if you lower the tax rate, that people will have more money to spend, and so they will spend it more, and so the taxes which come in from that extra-spending (and re-spending) will overcome the deficit that is created from lowering the taxes and assuming no growth elsewhere with regards to tax income.

(13) I think people doing drugs is a symptom of a societal problem of people living in unstable circumstances. Therefore, I think we should focus more on dealing with those circumstances than just criminalizing drug usage. That being said, unless there is a good reason for drugs (e.g. medical marijuana), I don't know why we should allow it. So, I would probably have more lenient laws in general. The buyers should of course have less punishment than the sellers.

I think alcohol has health benefits, so that is one reason to allow it. I would be in favor of looking at lowering the toxicity rate in driving from 0.08 to 0.02, if that resulted in safer habits for people. Alcohol is also used in some religions (my religion, for example).

(14) They don't police the world, but certain parts where they want to. I think it can be good to help out a nation, but if they don't want help, it is probably better to not help them. They can disagree with our ideals, as long as they have basic human rights.

(15) I'm not sure about the Iraq War, simply because I haven't done the research, because I'm not that interested. I'll trust my leaders unless there is evidence not to trust them. Innocent until proven guilty.

(16) I think privacy invasion should be checked by the Constitution. I think we should try other ways before using privacy invasion, to begin with. I'm not even convinced privacy invasion is doing much if any good, though there are serious liabilities with it. This is more of a libertarian vs. populist idea, than Republican vs. Democrat, I think.

(17) I'm not convinced that the problem with education is a lack of funding. That said, I don't want there to be too little funding either.

I don't think they're against welfare for poor people in general. I think they are against it for those who are capable of working, but choose not to work, for no good reason. I do think that Republicans in general should give poor people more opportunities, more ladders to wealth.

There are probably a few poor people are lazy, but I would say that at least a few don't have a good education or know how to get a good education, even though they want it, and so they should be given opportunities for learning.

I would say that they hope that the American Dream is possible for everyone. If not, that would suck, and so why not try for it? If you fail once, big deal. Get back up and try again. That being said, we should still help those people out, and more than just basic human needs.

(18) I don't think Republicans are necessarily against something new. They just want to know more clearly what they would be losing if they made the switch. Some might follow this saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", though I don't quite agree that this should be applied everywhere.

(continued #18 in comments section, though it doesn't have to be included in judging.)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Matt532 2 years ago
I guess the saying is true. "Anti-voting"/stricter voting laws disadvantage liberal voters.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: JuliusCaesar// Mod action: Removed<

7 points to Pro. Reasons for voting decision: Well I am a liberal :D

[*Reason for removal*] None of the point allocations are explained. The voter appears to award them entirely on the basis of personal bias.
Posted by Matt532 2 years ago
(18 continued)

In regards to Medicare, I think they see problems down the road, and they want to solve it before we get there, because they think that the sooner the problem gets solved, the easier and simpler the solution is. I have no idea regarding the Republicans and Medicare being socialism. So, I won't comment on that.

This brings up a point I want to make though. In general, positions change because they see things differently now than in the past. As long as they get better and not worse, I'm fine with them changing positions, even if the first position was terrible, though I would make sure that they don't slide back into their first position in that case.

I think conservative talk-shows have some good points in them, but I'm also not satisfied with them at times as well. Same with liberal shows. I just agree with the conservatives' thinking more so in general.

It's not 1% of the Republicans with these ideas, I agree with you there.
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