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I give the Columbus Blue Jackets bad luck.

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Started: 11/24/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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The Columbus Blue Jackets have had a pretty good season so far, but the problem is, they can't do it in front of me. In fact, the only games that they lost in regulation home were the games I went to! Those games, they were playing like zombies, and if I could rate them only by the games I went to, I would rate them last in the league! I think I'm giving them bad luck, and this is the final straw! Can anybody convince me that I am not giving them bad luck, if so, before I never go to another Blue Jackets game again?


You do not give the Jackets bad luck because you are not the only one that goes to the games, luck also has nothing to do with sports, it's talent with maybe 1% luck, also you are not playing in the games therefore you have no way of influencing the final score in the games, you are just a fan. The Chicago Cubs had the billy goat curse for over 100 years and yet they managed to win the World Series.

I personally saw 12 Toronto Maple Leaf games one season and I'm not even a Leafs fan, just got the tickets doing business, went to all 12 games and the Leafs won all 12 games and I don't even like the team. Does that mean if I went to all of their 41 home games they would have won all 41 games, not likely.

Your luck just happens to be coincidence that when you go they lose, Columbus Blue Jackets are one of the worst teams in the NHL so the odds are most times you go they will lose, the odds are stacked against you

Out of curiosity why is a Pittsburgh Fan like yourself watching the Blue Jackets and not the Stanley Cup Champions Penguins?
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I believe in superstitions, so I believe I am giving them bad luck, and their lackluster performance gave them a 2-0 loss to Calgary last night. Also, if you give one additional fan a ticket or an additional fan sells a ticket to someone else, then that could affect the players' moods and then they do better or worse. An example of that is, say, in a baseball game, one batter is batting with a runner on base. That runner attempts to steal but fails. Then that batter hits a home run. If the runner hadn't attempted to steal, then the pitcher would have pitched differently and the batter would have had different strategies, too, so the home run would have never happened. Same thing here, if one single opposing fan comes and sucks all of the spirit out of the Blue Jackets, then the Jackets don't play as well.

Also, I am a Pittsburgh fan, but I live in Columbus, so I go to Blue Jackets games instead.


Those are some interesting points, but unfortunately there is no such thing as superstition. There is no scientific proof to show that it exists. Athletes are very superstitious, but I believe it's their frame of mind, it's how they prepare and cope with the everyday grind of the NHL or MLB or whatever sport they are in. Justin Morneau who used to play for the Minnesota Twins in baseball, I believe he is with the White Soxs now is very superstitious of the number 33, that is his uniform number and when he was a kid he could not leave the house until it was 33 minutes after the hour. So you take that example and apply it to anyone else, do you leave the house at 33 minutes past the hour, how many people do, maybe one other person in the world.

Superstition is a personal belief just as curses are or religion people choose, all personal beliefs. Even though it is quite a coincidence that the Jackets lose when you are there, there is no scientific proof that you cause the loses. In fact I know you don't because you are not the coach or player or their goalie who gets paid to keep the puck out of the net therefore it's not you. And luck is a toss of a coin, you have a 50% chance of being right or wrong
Debate Round No. 2


I somehow checked your profile page, and it says that you commented that adults are "just boring people". You are an adult, so you basically admitted to yourself that you are a boring person. I do not believe that you, or any other adults, are boring.

Also, you have an interesting point, but there is such a thing as superstition. I read an article about how someone's car didn't start whenever they ordered French vanilla ice cream, but the car did when they order any other flavor. This is a coincidence, or superstition, but that is because there is something really going on. Same with the Blue Jackets, the coincidence that they lose all games that I go to and win every other game, means that there is something wrong with me, even sitting in the top end of the arena. The Jackets just play lackluster. But I never saw Matt Calvert, so maybe he just doesn't want to show in front of me or something, so there is really something going on there as well.

Here is the webpage about the French vanilla ice cream:

So, that means superstition is actually true, and that I actually am giving the Blue Jackets bad luck.
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Posted by madness 1 year ago
So we have to prove bad luck doesn't exist?
Even if it did then you wouldn't be the cause of it, considering thousands of people watch these games, why would you be the bad luck?
That would be a self centred way of thinking.
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