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I have a house.

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Started: 5/13/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I have a house, who disagrees?


Prove it. You are Pro so you have the burdon of proof that you have a house.

and of course you cant prove it so you lose this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Everyone has a house, if you don't, why would you have a computer? Not library because a hobo won't go to the library would he?


A Hobo could go to the Library, or a Labtop may be the only thing he owns and he must engage in this debate from a place like McDonolds or Burgerking that has free WiFi access. I challenge you to prove otherwise if you are to win this debate.

and it doesnt actually matter if you are a Hobo or not in order to be able to say you do not have a house. Your 18 years old (according to your profile as of right now when I made this post) , to suggest you already moved out of your parents house and paid for a house in full of your own..... is ridiculous. Did you win the lottory? Were you on the news? even if you were on the news you couldnt prove that was you on the news, the 17 year old who won the lottory, you could only claim it was.

My more important point though behind all this is if you live with your parents, you do not HAVE a house, they HAVE a house and you are allowed to SLEEP in that house, though in no possisive since do you HAVE ownership in this place you get to live in at the mercy or love of others.

and I may even be jumping the gun about saying your parents HAVE that house. If you pay rent, then its the landlord who HAS a house that you RENT.

even if its not a RENTED type apartment you are living in, and there is a deed to you house with your signature on it, it not actually yours until you have made the last payment on it, its the Bank who HAS your house. What you HAVE is a house payment, or EQUITY. but you cannot in any full since say you HAVE A HOUSE.

all that aside you may not even be living in any such a shelter. If you live in a TRAILER, or an RV, then please do not be offended when I say this but you do not fufil the resolution of being able to say you have a HOUSE. you have a TRAILER, or you have an RV. By all means those can be said to be a HOME and I mean no disrespect toward having an RV for a HOME as opposed to a HOUSE for a HOME, if fact you probably live a more adventurous and expensive life if you family travle in your HOME all the time than a person who live in a suburban house. But rhetorically speaking you do not have a HOUSE, you may say you have a HOME, but its not the traditional kind of HOME formally known as a HOUSE, its a RV, or a TRAILER.


In short my opponent has to prove they
1) do not live with there parents
2) do not live in an RV or Trailer but rather a House
3) do not have any further payments on there House
4) and that they are not Hobo altogether.

and of course its impossible for my opponent to prove any of this. He could scan a pitcher of the deed to His house of provide a link, doesnt mean its not actually just a pitcher of his parents deed to the house they own and he is pretending to have there name.

proving you own a house basically requires you be able to prove who you are, and that simply cant be dont over the internet. you could be anyone, you could be Justin Bebier, you could be Bill Clinton, you could be O.J. Simpson, you could be bad little omish boy that snuck into town to use a computer. you could be 18 like your profile says or you could be lying and your actually 12 years old, or your 38 and a pedofile hopeing to find some prey to establish dialouge with on this social networking site. Mabye your a Saint or your Sinner, all we have your word to go on and our own principals of optimism or pessimisism or paranoia to choose weather or not to just trust your word.
Debate Round No. 2


Do you serously think that a hobo has enough money to buy an RV, labtop, you mean laptop? NO, how about Mcdonalds, maybe not. But your just saying, if I had an RV, then I have a house.


You could be a Hobo because he spends his money on junk he cant afford and doesn't really need like a laptop, or its a hand-me down from your wealthy best friend that got a new laptop and gave away his old one to you. Sure its got a cracked screen and the mouse pad doesn't really work but you can now access the internet while loitering in McDonalds pretending to be a paying customer but your actually just there to watch there TV and fill a cup you pulled out of the trash can with there Soda so it looks like you paid for something and the employees will leave you alone while you debate on this website a debate with a resolution that allows you to day dream about having the status of owning a house.

My argument about the RV was that an RV is a HOME but not a HOUSE as specified in the resolution. you have offered no rebuttal to that case I made.

I thank my opponent for finishing this debate with me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by The_argueonator 4 years ago
home is where the heart is so every one with a heart has a house therefore agentrocks wins
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