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I like potatoes

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Started: 12/15/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I like potatoes. Yes I do. Potatoes are for everyone. Even me and you.


I disagree with the assertion that you like potatoes. As a random person on the internet who has never met you, I feel I am in a privileged position to know what you do and do not like, and you do not like potatoes.

I posit instead that you are in fact a lover of quinoa. Since the recent "superfoods" craze that has swept quinoa into dizzying, hipsterish heights, you have become ashamed of your real love and in a reactionary turn have begun touting the humble potato as your food of choice, though this is false. You do not really like potato, but you like what it stands for " simple, wholesome food, that is not tainted by hipsters or band-wagon jumpers, or health-food nutjobs. In an effort to distance yourself from these types of people and return to a state in which you feel comfortable with your dietary identity, you have begun broadcasting your love of potato, though this is done in bad faith.

(Here I use the term "bad faith" in the way that Jean-Paul Satre used it, to suggest a sense of self-deception or inauthenticity, in which a person adopts false values under social pressure, disowning their innate freedom).

My forthcoming argument will address your thee assertions, that a) you like potatoes, b) potatoes are for everyone, and c) even for me and you. I take your central position to be that of liking potatoes, and I focus on this in deconstructing your further assertions on the suitability of potatoes for the general populace. I instead argue that you like quinoa, that your assertions are based on attempted self-deception or "bad faith," and that potatoes are not for everyone, not even me or you.
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Posted by Teen_driven_crazy 1 year ago
This is both hilarious and ridiculous. NO ONE CARES IF YOU LIKE POTATOES EXCEPT YOU @DERPY234!
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