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I like to keep my excrement. People think this is wrong

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Started: 5/20/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Many people of todays society seem to think that me keeping my poo after i've been to the toilet is wrong. I strongly disagree, it's something that I have created and If i want to keep it then I will certainly do so. I always walk the streets with poo in my pockets + in my hands. Ive actually had the police called on me one time, I was trying to buy a magazine, and i forgot to hide my poo, i almost placed a turd in his hand instead of money! oops!

Getting back on track, I would love to debate with someone who thinks this is wrong as ive been bottling my feelings up now for a while



Accepted. Poo should not be kept and shown in public facilities because it is immoral.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm new to this website and debating so I dont really know how to format it, or if there's any etiquette to follow but here is what I have to say.

Everybody makes poo. What's different from my poo to the next guys poo? sometimes I wish there were other people to trade poo with just to explore the world of poo a little bit more.
I love the sensation of poo in my pockets, it feels warm on my thighs and keeps me that little bit warmer in harsh conditions, its also nice to just dip your fingers in if youre feeling a bit cold!

I would love to hear an argument based on both topics, the public poo carrying and then the poo in my pockets, are you strongly against both?


Welcome to DDO! You're doing well. Thanks for keeping this debate in the Misc section.

I. Keeping poo is unsanitary and may lead to death.

Poo (or fæces, butt mustard, Hershey squirts, doo doo, etc.) is unsanitary. They contain death inducing organisms such as the Deathicus Shyticus, and facilitate the growth of bacteria such as Fecal coliform. Allowing these organisms to grow inside of your pocket is endangering the health of you (suicide is illegal in this country. ‘MURCA), AND the people around you.

In addition, poo is a chock hazard. 7 thousand infants die a year because they chock on poo. 9 thousand dogs a year dies because they chock on poo. And, and astounding 200 thousand adults die every year because they chock on poo.

II. Keeping poo in one's pockets in public is a violation of human rights.

Poo is an aggressive agent that disperses molecules into the air around it. Those molecules then sexually violate everyone around it by sneaking up their noses, ears, mouths, eyes, and any other openings found on the human body.

You cannot justify this with “I didn’t do it. It was my poo.” Facilitating the sexual assault of your poo is just as bad committing it yourself. Like we all keep leashes on dogs, so you must not let your poo disperse aggressive odor molecules in public.

And, what makes you think the poo wants to be in your pocket? Poo are sensitive and nice things.

III. Keeping poo is an insult to people whose poo are not as good as yours.

From what I have heard, your poo is simply amazing. You will make others who do not have superior poo feel marginalized. This is like that one giant show off who likes to shove his large objects in other people’s faces. Nobody likes a show off.

You stated that you want to trade poo with others. You can do this in private, in the General Poo Trading Sewers. There, you will find a large variety of both high quality poo and exotic poo. In fact, I have seen purple poo in the Sewers. However, you may not display it in a public setting. Displaying it will get you a felony in the same degree as exposing a minor

Conclusion: Keeping poo is bad on several levels.

Thank you.


Debate Round No. 2


Bungrumpy forfeited this round.


^^Forfeited. Extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


Bungrumpy forfeited this round.


Well that was disappointing.

I hold that keeping poo is immoral.

Vote CON.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheCurious 5 years ago
It is obviously only humourous and it is fairly funny.
Posted by MLP_Troll 5 years ago
Dude wtf your crazy. get a life stop keeping poop.
Posted by medic0506 5 years ago
You guys ain't
Posted by tompony 5 years ago
He may or may not have a fetish for poo? Just saying after his second round
Posted by sagacity 5 years ago
con shouldn't have brought morality into this.
Posted by tompony 5 years ago
Your fecies are to stay in the toilet no wonder you got the cops called you are a bit distusting in my case. Honestly I've seen nasty things but this is truely disturbing.
Posted by Bullish 5 years ago
Poo ought not to be kept as bling and carried around regularly. Challenge accepted.
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