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I should get my grandson an uglydoll for his birthday

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Started: 6/1/2012 Category: Society
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Hello!!! This is my first debate in a few months so please go easy on me. Now, my grandson is really into stuffed animals and I think uglydolls would be perfect, but now I'm questioning myself. Will he like it? I really can't decide so I need help.
First round is just saying what this debate shall be like. Debate doesn't officially start until round two. This isn't a very serious topic. 3,000 character max. I hope this will be fun.
For information about uglydolls before the debate starts please check out these two links.


Hey I'm fine with discussing ugly dolls and I accept the terms and conditions.

I presume you wish to get your grandson an ugly doll and I am to persuade other wise.

Am I correct?
Debate Round No. 1


Alright, I believe that I should get my grandson an uglydoll for his birthday. Why do you think I shouldn't?

I am sorry my argument for this round is very short. I just need to know what you think.


Its fine that your round was short because it clearly states your point.
My reasoning behind you not giving your child an Ugly doll is a simple one: Better options.
In this round I will provide 2 different stuffed animal brands that I believe are better.
1.Monster Factory [4]
This plush brand offers a variety of aesenthetically pleasing dolls. There masculine so you won't have to worry about that as well. There surprisingly humorous with their blank expressionless faces.
Another notable feature about Monster factory dolls is that their website is frequented more than ugly dolls [2][3] rates websites based on how often they are visited with the most frequented sites have the lowest number [5] Face book by common knowledge is one of the most frequented sites.
Ergo one may come to the conclusion that Monster factory is more popular than ugly dolls.
Another brief notice about Monster factory dolls is that they have a series of funny videos involving their plushes [7] this will allow your grandson to show them to his friends and in turn bring smiles to your grandson's face and his friends.
Also monster factory dolls are not sold in retail unlike ugly dolls [1] So maybe your grandson knows somebody with an ugly doll and he can show them how cool and monster factory doll is. Thus making him appear more well informed and not having the" same old stuff" as his friends do.
2.Shawnimals [6]
A. Publicity
Shawniamal's characters are already well known themselves.[8] These characters were used in the video game "Ninja Town". This game won several major awards in the gaming industry so thus gamers know about the characters (on the off chance your grandson plays video games)
B. Aesenthetics ( How they look)
Ugly dolls are in fact monsters, however I will give them the credit of being slightly adorable.
But I believe shawnimals are even more adorable.
Look below we have one of their products "Mustachio"

This is a mustache! Wearing a MUSTACHE!
I rest my case
Masculinity/ humor
Despite being "nice" monsters Ugly dolls are not very masculine
They are of lighter spring colors. Spring colors in themselves are feminine.
If you look at Shawnimals they are ninjas and mustaches.
Mustaches are one of the manliest objects [9]
Ninjas are in a manly occupation
Since your grandson is male there is no way you could face gender issues with shawnimals!
Also mustaches are amazing and with-in pop culture very humorous. More humorous than monsters
1.With the plus dolls I have presented there is no gender problems
2.The dolls I have shown are more widely known and popular ( It is logical to assume a popular product is an effective product)
3.The dolls I present are more pleasing to the eye
Debate Round No. 2



1. Ok, but the monster factory plush animals are very different. My grandson is going to be twelve and those seem a little babyish to me. Also if you look at the copyright date uglydolls is 2001 and monster factory is 2010 so it seems to me that monster factory might have copied uglydolls and well uglydolls should be unique if you ask me.

2. The shawnimals seem to look very cheap to me. My grandson does not play much video games. (for an old man like me I do know a lot of the new things that are "in")

My grandson already owns two uglydolls. I want his gift to be special. Uglydolls are very vintage with their tin toys and all. I believe that they are very cool looking.



Pro arguments against #1
A. monster factory appear to be childish
B. Monster factory might have stolen similar ideas from ugly doll
A." I do not believe monster factory dolls are childish," ( My rebut of my opponents argument) check in the source below for evidence of this statement.
On my first source [1] you'll realise that this monster has tattoos (not all the monsters have tattoos it the humor in this one) tattoos aren't really childish
on my second source [2] One may notice that he has a tie and under the category of "substitute" thus he is dress for success (more so than ugly dolls), he has a tie (a non childish piece of neck wear) and a job (In 1rst world countries children do not have jobs- in 3rd world countries they do... kony! Giving jobs to the job less!)
Also in the above source you'll find that "Rudy" looks more realistic and less cartoony than ugly dolls[3] ( Ugly dolls use simple colors and use straight edges thus carttoony[5]) Since Rudy is realistic (compared to ugly dolls) it is a less childish doll.
B. I am unable to see how copying an idea sways you away from purchase of a product. Nicola Tesla stole the idea of Thomas Edison's electric cable and made it better. There is no problem with this since, Tesla created a far better product as a result.
Pro arguments against #2 Shawniamals
A. they look cheap
B. Video games
MY Defense
A. To appear cheap one must assume they are not worth the price of said object. In the source below you will notice that there is no visible stitches or craftsmanship errors and its size is relatively large. -Plus its a mustache [4]
B. My video game argument was 1. To state that it had a relation to video games (Since your grandson has no relation to video games this point drops. I accept this.) And point #2 was that There were many people who enjoy shawnimal's characters.
"My grandson already owns two ugly dolls. I want his gift to be special. Ugly dolls are very vintage with their tin toys and all. I believe that they are very cool looking." -
I can't really say anything against this since its your opinion. But my purpose is to try and sway you (in this singular debate) and the audience away from this idea. But I do believe the dolls I have presented do have their own "coolness" much higher than ugly dolls.

Debate Round No. 3



I do not really like them and my grandson won't like them so we can just drop them and forget about them.

Monster Factory: I must agree with you on the sense that they are not childish and I take that back. If you check the prices, you can see that uglydolls are less. I was looking for something probably the same price. I do truly love uglydolls and well more than the monster factory animals.

I have made up my mind and will get my grandson an uglydoll for his birthday. Thank you for debating with me. This was fun. I hope the best for you in your other debates, and may we debate again sometime. Thank you again and farewell.

I would now like to show you this uglydoll video.



Thank you for debating this topic and I'm sorry I could not change your mind.

Even though I could not change my opponent's mind it is now up to you on who is the most convincing,

Reasons to vote Con:
The two options I provide are more aesthetically pleasing
They are both masculine
And the products I have shown are popular.

Thank you vote con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by mee2kool4u369 6 years ago
Posted by TheOrator 6 years ago
I kind of want that mustachio doll now...
Posted by TheOrator 6 years ago
The Con is actually a couple hours out of town today (I dunno if he'll be staying over night), so I doubt he'll be able to reply in time for orund 2. Hopefully he'll be able to debate round 3, but I'd suggest you wait as long as possible to post your next rebuttal after this one is forfeited. I also suggest you provide a case as to why you should get him one as this round was taken from you, but that's just me,you don't have to do it.
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Vote Placed by Microsuck 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:05 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro dropped almost all of con's cases. I am really g lad that pro is not my grandfather.
Vote Placed by TheOrator 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: well, I wish the topic could be voted on whether or not con convinced pro to buy or not to buy a doll, but unfortunately I have to vote on arguments. Con argued with better points, and more properly negated points against him while Pro dropped a few things, so I voted for con in the round