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I will win this rap battle.

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Started: 12/23/2012 Category: Entertainment
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I made this impossible to accept for now. If you want to accept, pick two fictional characters who will be represented in the battle, with an asterisk next to your desired character (i.e. Megaman* vs. Samus; General Grievous vs. the Terminator*, etc.). Feel free to list off as many combinations as you want. I'll choose one that works for me (obviously I don't want to do a character I know nothing about or don't like, or face off against an obviously superior character). When Con accepts, their first round should only indicate which characters are facing off.

Heads up: there is a 1000 character limit.

Voters should take the following into consideration:

Conduct = rhyme
Spelling and grammar = spelling... and grammar
More convincing arguments = quality of lyrics
Used most reliable sources = had the best flow


Darth Vader vs. Bane (you vs. me)

Although making stuff up will be allowed I'd prefer if we were honest about things they did in their lives.

My sources will be


For the above link paste the (comics) onto the end because that won't be on link...

As well as movie.

Don't say something like "I lost my virginity at age ten" because Darth Vader only lost it to Padme at like 17.. (I dislike Darth Vader a lot and don't care, he is the epitome of a cowardly villain).
Debate Round No. 1


This is a test that your masked a** cannot pass
You are no match for the force - of my d*ck in your a**,
I'll skull-f*ck you with my blood-red lightsaber,
Make you the Emperor's slave to do his manual labor

You don't know the power of the dark side, b*tch,
I slay en masse and get away without a hitch
Your strength and intellect don't seem to count for much
You failed in your plan to kill a man with a crutch

Troopers, splatter this rebel's Venom on the wall
Make him wish he could go back to his little prison stall
Maybe you should clean the c*m out from your little teddy bear,
And hey, here's a f*ck*n shirt that you could just maybe wear

I rule a galaxy, you were the half-assed king of Gotham for three months
Compared to me, you're a little girl from the Brady Bunch
I'm a Sith lord, you couldn't even land a single punch
I'll force choke your b*lls and feed em' to kath hounds for lunch


There is no lord, not you not me,
There is only brute strength in this galaxy,
The force of will, to survive the most brutal conditions,
The motivation, and dedication to survive and win all competitions,
I beat the a$$ of batman, like snapping a toothpick in two,
And if you were to come to the REAL WORLD I would annihilate you.

You and I are similar in one way, we know the benefit of life-saving machinery,
But you have only one advantage over myself, you are better at receiving a fatality,
You died to save your son, from the real Sith lord's electric flow of evil,
You are good one day, super villain the next, you bipolar man with no testicles.

I'm a beast, I killed a grown man at eight,
The most bada$$ thing you did at that age was masturbate,
You were a geek, you built a robot and all it could do is talk,
And, in the most retarded manner possible, do what I presume is walk?!
C-3PO is the stretch of your talent? Beating anyone up is mine,
I'm the Obi Wan Kenobi to your former self, I'm f*cking divine.

I fight to protect, I serve my female counterpart well,
I was raised to be a warrior, all I grew up knowing was hell,
My life story is one helluva thrill to listen to and tell,
The only thing your life story is, is a joke,
You f*ck a bitch as a Jedi, then you murder her with a choke,
You're insane, all you really have left is your waste of space brain,
You know what all men in my prison screamed in any fight I was in? "BANE!"
They screamed in my support, whether I fought a man tall or short,
I'm like an indestructible castle, My muscle power is a god-sent fort,
Think you're better than me in any way? Well here's a f*cking thought,
I stayed loyal to my woman to her death, I never gave up, I always fought,
I was a warrior, a terrorist, a sadist of the finest order,
The only thing special about you is narcissistic personality disorder.
Debate Round No. 2


Damn right I'm crazy, Bane, and that's all I can be
When I've got next to God-like powers flowing through me.
And by the way, that a$$ p*ssy Anakin is dead.
I killed his a$$ when Sidious got into his head.

So you served your woman well, well guess what: I did too;
There's a lot more than choking chicken that the force can do,
And not to mention, Tali told me that I'm bigger than you,
And that she has to clean your mask of the sh!t that you spew.

Speaking of your sh!t, what's this sh!t about me?
You're saying I'm bipolar 'cause I stick up for my family?
It was my impression that you hated the bat;
If so, why help him, and work for him, at that?

I heard you're in with the League of Shadows, so cool.
What, did you play b!tch-boy daily with Ra's Al Ghul?
When you're a drug-addict I guess you have to do what you can.
Did he make you face your fear of having sex with a man?

You've never even seen true brute strength in your life.
How's my star destroyer match up to your teddy bear knife?
I could snap you in half with a wave of my hand,
Drag you to Tatooine and drop you in the pit of sand.

Don't talk about coming to the real world, Bane;
You were born in a fictional prison into 2D pain.
You're a 2D stock bad guy made to raise hell,
At least I've got a mothaf*ckin story to tell.

So you think that you can match up to Obi-Won Kenobi?
Well, Bane, I'm your bane, and that's how you're going to know me
When your sitting and digesting in the belly of the Sarlac,
It should feel like home, but you can't climb out the top.


Oh You think Anakin is dead?
Are you delusional in the head?
The only thing That's dead about Anakin,
Is that you now have the equivalent use of penis as Ted.

You wanna compare the use of force to that of GOD?!
Well I'm evil on a whole new level, nearing that of the devil,
Was that really the best line you got?
What terrible lyrical value, sh!t on a whole new level.

You think I played b!tch boy with Ra's Al Ghul,
I beat the sh!t out of all of them fool,
I was the alpha male of the pack,
If this was a rap game, they were white and I was black,
If this was a debate, they were opinions and I was a fact,
If this was a train ride, they were the train and I was the track,
I led them, I told them what to do, I was the alpha male, yeah I was the silverback.

I knows six active languages,
And two additional arcane and
dead ones.
I speak panish, English, Persian, and Latin the best,
I'm the king of rhyming puns,
I invented my own form of calisthenics, meditation, and a fighting style,
I'm a beast of a genius with a giant penis,
Yeah you're like God, You're like Chuck Norris,
But you know what else is easy to see?
I'm the devil, on the whole new level, You're Chuck Norris, and I'm Bruce Lee!

Stop trying to be something special,
You're a worthless slave to the force,
You think my drugs are prescriptional?
They make me kick like the back legs of a horse,
I breath venom, like a snake,
When I Jump, there's an Earth quake,
I CHOSE to have this machine,
You were forced to by your loss,
I'm the KING, you my b!tch, you the queen,
You're the secretary and I'm the boss.

I'm superior to you in every respect,
Apart from one... There's no point lying,
There's only one competition between where first place you'll get,
It's a race to see who's better at dying.
Debate Round No. 3


So you were the track and they were the train, just like I thought:
They rode you all day whether you liked it or not.
You're a b!tch, and hell, I ain't even your father.
If you didn't talk smack, then I wouldn't even bother.

Let me break this down for you, nice and simple:
Imma' pop your a$$, you mothaf*ckin a$$ pimple.
You smack addict, go back to the bat, or I'll attack
With strategic mad force to your little nut sack.

Why do I get the feeling you flirt with Ra's more than you assert?
You're a quirky f*ckin merc, mess with me and you'll get hurt.
I'll make your blood spurt all over Tatooine's desert.
I'll put you in the dirt and fill it faster than Neil Peart.

I'm the blackest rappa in the galaxy, next to Lando.
You chew up and spit out rhymes like Marlon Brando.
Maybe you should pull the microphone out from your a$$,
You'll need that space for my giant d*ck mass.

Recently I've been trying to learn how to speak French.
Can you teach me how to say, "I f*cked your little wench?"
I had to get creative with my built-in wrench.
I tightened her loose p*ssy and got rid of the stench.

Your entire life is a model of failure, don't you see?
You failed to protect your pathetic little girlie.
Not only did you fail that, you failed to kill the bat,
And if you fail to see that, you're just an a$$ hat.

When I first sensed you, I thought, "who's this tiny mortal man?"
But it doesn't matter who your are; what matters is my plan.
When I take off your mask, it'll be very painful for you,
Then I'll go blow up Gotham City like you failed to do.


RationalMadman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
16 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
ur round 5 was too good
Posted by toolpot462 5 years ago
That was a good combination, it was fun.
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
*4 i meant
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
That round 5 was top notch.
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
I have to admit you're the only skilled rap battler on this site I've met as of yet.
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Nice... round 3
Posted by toolpot462 5 years ago
RationalMadman, I'll accept the Bane vs. Darth Vader battle. Remember not to start in the first round.
Posted by toolpot462 5 years ago
Text. I'd do a video one, but I don't have a camera.
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
Is this text or video?
Posted by DoctorDeku 5 years ago
Mario v. Luigi

The Kool-Aid man v. The sun on the raisin bran box

Daffy Duck v. Ronald McDonald

Nicki Minaj v. Lil Kim
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