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I won't conradict myself

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Started: 1/24/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I've recently seen a couple of these debates, and quite frankly, I'm interested.


1. From rounds 1-4 Con shall ask 10 Pro Yes/No answers.

2. If this occurs, Pro may explain why the answer is neither Yes or No.
3. Con may point out any contradictions from rounds 2-5, but no new contradictions may be pointed out in round 5.
4. Definitions of words shall not be abused - the first definition from a dictionary shall be taken.
5. If I am found to be contradictory, Con wins.
6. If I am not found to have made a contradiction, I win.

If any rules are violated, all 7 points must be given to the other person.

By accepting this debate, my opponent agrees with my rules.


I mostly accepted this debate because I see a contradiction in my opponent's rules, but if my opponent responds to the contradiction properly next round (as I am not allowed to point out contradictions in this round) then I will carry on with the debate and point out contradictions that my opponent has made.

Are you a christian?

Do you believe in evolution?

Are you an atheist?

Are you a republican?

Do you have trust in our government?

Do all men have rights?

Have I broken any rules of this debate?

Have you broken any rules of this debate?

Do like cheese?

Do you like cheesecake?
Debate Round No. 1


1. Yes, I'm Roman Catholic
2. No, I'm a creationist
3. No, I'm Christian
4. Yes, Conservative
5. Not really, Obama hasn't realy done anything.
6. yes, constitution states all men are equal
7. not that I know of
8. Not that I know of
9. restrant cheese is the best.
10. Yes


The first contradiction of this debate is in the rules that my opponent proposed. In the third rule he says that I can point out ANY contradiction in round 2-5 but then he says I can't point out a new contradiction in round 5. Aren't new contradictions apart of ANY contradiction? Therefore, he contradicted himself by saying that I can point out any contradiction and then he says I can't point out any contradiction.

Do you believe in a literal six day creation period?

Does global warming exist?

Do you like cake?

Do you support the views of the Republican party?

Do men have the right to die?

Do you support PETA?

Is carbon dating accurate?

Do you support the war in Afghanistan?

Have I broken any rules of this debate?
Debate Round No. 2


No one day in the bible can be years
yah why not
most of them except GW
can you clearify on this
I guess so if your refurring to the animal rights group
No, by far it is not
War on terrorism good except I think we've somewhat gone to far


Does my opponent realize that if he does not respond to my first contradiction then he loses this debate?

Can you please answer all of my questions?

Do men have the right to die?

Do you like debating?

Are you good at debating?

Will you win this debate?

Do you like speaking in front of people?

Are you a good speaker?

Have I broken any rules of this debate?

Do you like cheese pizza?
Debate Round No. 3


1st of all I missed the GW question, but answered it in the Comments sections if you didn't see it before this round began, 2nd Any contradictions I make and you drop are considered a dropped contradiction.
Violations: You violated the rules by not asking enough questions in the last round and this round
1. yes
2. A humane way yes
3. yes
4. maybe
5. yes, THanks to the NFL I have no fear of it any more
6. Yes, I made state in debate my novice year.
7. yes
8. yes, pizza is good


The first contradiction is the one that I pointed out in round 2 about the contradiction in his rules. He never responded to this contradiction therefore it stands.

The second contradiction is that he said that I didn't break any rules of the debate and then he said that I broke the rules by not asking enough questions in rounds 2 and 3. However, I did in fact ask ten questions in each round. In round 2 I asked the question "Aren't new contradictions apart of ANY contradiction?" this is in fact a question that follows the rules and in round 3 I asked ten yes/no questions (there was no trickery in this one), therefore, I did not break the rules and my opponent DID contradict himself.

Do you like communism?

Was Stalin a good person?

Do you like chocolate cheesecake?

Does global warming cause hurricanes?

Do you support Euthenasia?

Do you like puppies?

Do you like dogs?

Did you win the debate?

Do you like happy bread?

Are these questions pointless since I am not allowed to point out new contradictions in round 5?
Debate Round No. 4


1. No, I use to support and still somewhat socialism
2. No, he put people in labor camps
3. I never tried it but probably yes
4. yes, it made Katrina more powerful
5. No, if I'm a veg. I wouldn't want to killed.
6. Yes,
7. Yes
8. That's not for me to descide
9. you mean you as a person, ehh your okay
10. somewhat, I just coppied and paced from someone else's match and it looked interesting
11. Do you want to debate something after this.


My opponent didn't refute the contradictions that I pointed out therefore they stand which means that you must vote CON.

And in response to my opponent, you can pick the topic if you want.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by kelsey.elly 6 years ago
umm... pro u answered his question with a question is that a violation of the rules?
Posted by lannan13 6 years ago
forgot to answer the GW question it's yes I believe it exsits expsaly since I live in Kansas
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