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ISLAM vs atheist evolution ( islamic view about evolution is different and pointed in Quran)

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Started: 5/27/2013 Category: Religion
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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there must be rules.
1 no spelling and grammar jargon (means no point shall be awarded for spell and grammar)
2 the voting would be only for arguments and evidence or resources. all outer sourced evidences must be read. and also be replied, if necessary.
3 every thing must be presented with definition ( linguistic or literal meaning than specific meaning).
4 i will use Quranic verses and Hades ( saying of our prophet saww)
5 the final and important the debate must be in series. like not only one debate but series of debate to come to some conclusion.
9 No slag and disrespect to our believes. ( ALLAH swat and prophet MUHAMMAD SAWW) or Qur'an
7 NO trolling and also no mockery.

the debate must be in section, all part must not be mixed.
Also the topic must be start from the very beginning of universe or if there was any other universe and shifter or transformed into this.
i want u to present the case in systematic way and also step by step.
because this debate is gonna be in series so u can choose one part from this list.
i will use this debate in other debate that's why i put the list also here.
u can do all part in the list but some other guy can also.
(ID or intelligent design must also be discuss at every stage)
the evolution of universe. (cosmological, physical and chemical)
the evolution of human. (biological)
the evolution of animals. (biological)
Relation of ALLAH with evolutionary process. (for me)
your explanation of evolution.

all above are connected and interrelated and also belong to each other and without connecting each other and also explaining the very first stage late is automatically void or meaningless.
( means for biological evolution the earth must be in existence so first talk about evolution of earth).

First of all here i will take the word evolution as literal not biological.
from the above link
The English noun evolution (from Latin ēvol$3;ti!3; "unfolding, unrolling") refers to any kind of gradual change.
It is used in biology, of biological evolution, in economics, historical linguistics, and many other technical fields where systems develop or change gradually over time, e.g. stellar evolution, cultural evolution, the evolution of an idea, metaphysical evolution, spiritual evolution, etc.

i want u to put your case right in this round.
and also i am most concerning the atheist view about evolution.

i will try to prove that atheist view about evolution is wrong. ( we are evolved from apes or the shifting or transformation of micro to macro evolution).
u have to prove my idea or view.

burden of proof is shared.

no spell and grammar restriction. ( things must be understandable but the not much restriction like capital in the beginning or punctuation like that)

plz present your case in this round.
let start.
any mistake must be correct in comment or next round if necessary.
and things can be put in comment and consider if necessary.
even after the debate and before voting time finished, like any mistake which need to be corrected.


First of all, I would like to thank my opponent for instigating this debate. I accept his rules, and shall immediately begin my case in the first round.

(Note that my sources are clasped between brackets and assigned a number, in order for fast consultation)

To begin, let us examine what Islam is. Islam, in it's purest etymological sense, means "submission" or "obedience" (1). Contextually, it means "submission to God" In other words, you shall consider God (whom I shall call Allah to distinguish from the other versions of God in the other Abrahamic faiths).

Islam believes that Allah created man, in his own image and likeness, that he is his supreme and most sublime creation, and that he was made to bow to him. This is one of the most basic tenets of the faith that Muslims profess.

Atheistic evolution states that man was created via evolutionary process, mandating no divine hand or guidance, and that he came to be by completely naturalistic means. Also, people who take this view often reject any form of supernaturalism, rejecting the idea of angels, jinns and other creatures of non-natural origin. These creatures are talked of often in the Quran and thus not believing in their existence is by default, not being a Muslim.

In this debate, my case shall be made in 4 points:

1: Philosophical discourse; in other words, I shall show philosophical arguments against the existence of a deity in any form, implying that Allah does not exist, therefore invalidating the Islamic view of evolution supported by my opponent.

2: Evidences of evolution by completely natural means; I shall show that evolution, as mandated by the naturalistic and completely scientific theory that it originated from is correct.

3: Evidences of lacking in Islam's view of science and evolution; I shall show that quite often, the Qu'ran is wrong on many scientific issues.

4: Responses to my opponent's arguments

Debate Round No. 1



"Islam believes that Allah created man, in his own image and likeness"
Above this is not islamic believe. Also in the provided link this concept is not present this is totally wrong concept, actually this is christian point of view.
The following is verse what Islam says:
The Creator of the heavens and the earth. He hath made for you pairs of yourselves, and of the cattle also pairs, whereby He multiplieth you. Naught is as His likeness; and He is the Hearer, the Seer.

A) completely naturalistic means
nature is the laws made by ALLAH and creation is nature.
We make house its nature and every thing being need house or at least some place to sit and be safe.
Making a house is reaction and 100% natural.

We cook food. Most of time uncooked food could be deadly.
And for cooking we need fire which was creativity.
Creating fire.
We need to make or create utensils and weapons to survive.
In older times human were using weapons to hunt.
But we now a days use to safeguard ourselves.
Creation is natural.
All atheist are creative by them self.
They always say be creative find new things.
Create me machines.

B) rejecting the idea of angels, jinns and other creatures of non-natural origin
i have already dealt about this in my other debate. So no need to talk.
Flaws in your premises.
U called them non-natural origin.
ALLAH said in Quran that he created jinns from spark of light. Or smokeless fire.
Which is heat or energy which is 100% natural.
Following debate show about little bit about ALLAH and also jinn and devil.

1: Philosophical discourse
my brother philosophy is not allowed.
Its against the rules. I have already mentioned above that only (cosmological and physical or chemical) or biological aspect must be discussed.
No philosophy also:
this debate is not about GOD.
Both part must assume that GOD exist and both part must assume that evolution exist.
Than after that.
Both parts would justify the all stages of evolution from both side.
Like if i say ALLAH created the universe than i must say how he created if that is logical and scientific than our point of view is valid.
And i never said GOD is part of our evolution i said:
evolution of universe,Human and animal evolution.
Islamic believe is ALLAH is after the universe and not included in it even he is present in universe but not as being but with he noor ( light=> actually no other suitable word for noor in English) and also with his knowledge.
ALLAH is not evolved but he is evolver.
And plz dont change the subject of the debate
see the above link ALLAH is not part of any thing.
n noun (plural theories)
1 a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. Øan idea accounting for or justifying something.
2 a set of principles on which an activity is based: a theory of education. ØMathematics a collection of propositions illustrating the principles of a subject.

in theory in an ideal or hypothetical situation.

C16: via late Latin from Greek theoria 'contemplation, speculation'.
(Above the theory is supposition, idea, independ of the things to be explain, and word preposition.)
preposition:(a statement expressing a judgement or opinion)

well it seems u have chosen the evolution of universe.
Its good u choose in order.

the universe is consists of 7 skys.
The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth His praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving.

1st SKY:
The very first sky is where we live. Description of this sky is given in Quran.
2nd to 6th SKY.
There are angles hell and heaven and prophets and souls of pious and good peoples.
7th SKY
the biggest is 7th and every sky in front of next to it is like a grain on sea shore.
In the 7th sky there are numerous creature which ALLAH made and seas and many other things.
After the 7th SKY
Only ALLAH is after 7th sky holding all infinities other wise universe is finite.
surah e fussilat 41 and aya 9-12

Say (O Muhammad, unto the idolaters): Disbelieve ye verily in Him Who created the earth in two Days, and ascribe ye unto Him rivals? He (and none else) is the Lord of the Worlds. (9) He placed therein firm hills rising above it, and blessed it and measured therein its sustenance in four Days, alike for (all) who ask; (10) Then turned He to the heaven when it was smoke, and said unto it and unto the earth: Come both of you, willingly or loth. They said: We come, obedient. (11) Then He ordained them seven heavens in two Days and inspired in each heaven its mandate; and We decked the nether heaven with lamps, and rendered it inviolable. That is the measuring of the Mighty, the Knower. (12) But if they turn away, then say: I warn you of a thunderbolt like the thunderbolt (which fell of old upon the tribes) of A'ad and Thamud;
the above link present much phenomenon.

Little is understood about physics at this temperature, and different theories propose different scenarios .

Below link shows that scientist know so little at high temperature also all are theories about that not facts.

the following link shows the christian view of evolution also called creation evolution. In which evolution is discussed.
A theory of theistic evolution (TE)

finally i want u to delay your argument time and post at just last time because i will be away for may be 4 days i could not be able to post my argument at time.
If u post late than i will come back and post my argument.


raphael.verelst forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


argument extended.
i will explain all in next round.


raphael.verelst forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Chapter: 7 , Verse: 54

your lord is allah, who, in six days created the heavens and the earth, and then willed to the throne. he throws the veil of night over the day. swiftly they follow one another. the sun, the moon, and the stars are compelled to his order. his is the creation, his is the command. blessed is allah, the lord of the worlds.

Chapter: 25 , Verse: 59

(it is) he who, in six days created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, and then he willed to the throne. the merciful; ask about him from he who knows him.

Chapter: 57 , Verse: 4

He it is who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is moreover firmly established on the throne (of authority). he knows what enters within the earth and what comes forth out of it, what comes down from heaven and what mounts up to it. and he is with you where so ever ye may be. and Allah sees well all that ye do.

4- Chapter: 11, Verse: 7

he it is who created the heavens and the earth in six days - and his throne was over the waters - that he might try you, which of you is best in conduct. but if thou wert to say to them, "ye shall indeed be raised up after death", the unbelievers would be sure to say, "this is nothing but obvious sorcery!"

5- Chapter: 32, Verse: 4

It is Allah who has created the heavens and the earth, and all between them, in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority): ye have none, besides him, to protect or intercede (for you): will ye not then receive admonition?

6- Chapter: 10 , Verse: 3

verily your lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority), regulating and governing all things. no intercessor (can plead with him) except after his leave (hath been obtained). this is Allah your lord; him therefore serve ye: will ye not receive admonition?

7- Chapter: 50 , Verse: 38

we created the heavens and the earth and all between them in six days, nor did any sense of weariness touch us.

Following verse, explain these six periods:

8- Chapter: 41 , Verse: 9

say: is it that ye deny him who created the earth in two days? and do ye join equals with him? he is the lord of (all) the worlds.

9- Chapter: 41 , Verse: 10

he set on the (earth), mountains standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measure therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in four days, in accordance with (the needs of) those who seek (sustenance).

10- Chapter: 41 , Verse: 12

so he completed them as seven firmaments in two days, and he assigned to each heaven its duty and command. and we adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. such is the decree of (him) the exalted in might, full of knowledge.

the above link gives the exact pictures of every step.

I think in above link every thing is mentioned, I do not need any thing more to present. Any who wanted to know, please read the above article given in above link.

The following link also gives information.



raphael.verelst forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


again the deabte is ruined.
why they forfeit.

it was again i must say begining.
i will do continue it with others.

wel at last.

Islam is best.
be a muslim and show muslims are good peoples.
Islam is best.


raphael.verelst forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
28 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by harrytruman 2 years ago
Personally, I'm a guy who uses his brain, this is why I chose not to be a atheist or islamaniac.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
yes no pro at all.
i will be available than.
Posted by calculatedr1sk 4 years ago
It's unfortunate that your opponent forfeited the round, makhdoom. I'll be busy so I won't be able to debate the next section of your series until some time next week, but I'm looking forward to it. We could have a second debate with the resolution I posed earlier about whether Shari'ah law is the most beneficial way to organize a society if you're still interested, but I'll be busy probably until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Good luck in the rest of your debate.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
oh man again mistakes.
i don't know what is it.
well i have mentioned no spell and grammar mistakes.
why forfeited.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
i gave broad description of my idea there is huge detail of every step what Quran says.
in my argument i posted much in links so see that and answer me from there as well.

and dont break order.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
oh man i read ur msg now carefully.
dont jump on human and animal evolution now.
deal with universe from the first step.
no biological.
plz dont break order.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
i will come back on Monday morning.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
plz post ur argument in last hour or last day
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
well i want u a favor i will also mention in argument plz dont post ur argument early i will go out for three days, so put ur argument in last moment so i can come back to reply.
i think u will do that favor.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
lol i have tackled the philosphy see my other debate i will put link in this debate also u have to answer that in this debate if u want to put the GOD element in this debate also.
man i said that coz thanks to my ALLAH i have so much to share. thats why multiple topic dont gives good debate.
i said i will do in series.
i have separate GOD series.
if u wanted to do about GOD than join me in that series.
i put this debate in religious section not philosophical section.
also who told i said its easy to refute GOD in philosophy is easy means i have accepted my defeat.
in my point i said its easy to prove as well as refute coz in that depend on man not facts.
u need to be philosopher.
the bigger the philosopher the chances of victory is easy.
i am not here to win and loss.
i am here for sharing knowledge and truth and to take also.
u want the primary attribute of ALLAH and assume no body can give for that Christians made Jesus as GOD so that they can give primary attribute of human.
but thank to ALLAH we don't need ALLAH has given us for himself.
that philisophy is pre islamic and why we use it when we have best Quran with us,
and ALLAH also.,
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Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: con FF
Vote Placed by Subutai 4 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
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