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Idiot Republican vs. Democrat Debate

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Started: 9/3/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is an idiot Republican vs. Democrat debate part of the Troll Tourney set up by ESocialBookworm which more information can be found here. (

The debate is about who can make the most idiotic Political arguments in this debate. No sources will be accepted.

Republican- Lannan13

Democrat- UchihaMadara

1st Round is acceptance.



I accept!

Good luck, Lannan :)
Debate Round No. 1


Contention 1: Reduced to no taxes on the rich.

The rich people is what makes this country run! If it wasn't for them big wigs then we would not have gotten' out of that recession. You see these rich people get money and then they use money to make a buisness and that buisness makes jobs which gives the average Joe a source of income and some money. Did you know that the rich already pays like 2,000 times more then the average Joe! No wounder we hit that recession! It's because of the government is restricting our job makers and entrapanuers thus killing our economy. Flatt Tax where it's at. Rich people do make this country run, they are the risk takers and they are the entrepreneurs that make jobs. And the economy is a very easy equation, You need a job to get money, you need money to pay your bills, you need to pay your bills so you can eat. See therefore the rich make this country run and besides their tax rate is like 200 times the normal rate so that is why our economy is in the toilet rich now.

Contention 2: No Gun Control.

Democrats are crazy if they have their way even butter knives will be illegal. You see guns don't kill people, people kill people. If guns killed people then how the Heck do people make it out of gun shows. You see an armed society is a happy society. People say if you take away guns then we'd be fine but look I think I see a bat that can kill people, an alligator, a snake, a plane, a car... are we going to ban them? Do you honnestly believe that criminals will fallow gun control laws? Then you must be a special brand of stupid. Stop them with your vote for the Republicans.

Contention 3: Abortion

Many people think that abortion should be legal cause "it's her body and the government shouldn't have any control over it." But I believe that our great president Ronald Ragen stated, "How come everyone for abortion has already been born?" Americans have the right to live no matter how small. Now what many people charicterise living creature is if it creates waste, needs air, and needs food. Well the feste's heart starts to beat after a week and a half or so, it pees inside it's mother *ewwwww*, and it comsums netruants through the mother blood flow thingy.

Contention 4:Funding Education

Back in the 50's Americu was number 1 in education. Best in the world! But since then the government has given schools money and America has dropped since then. It seems like the government wants our educational system to fail! We need to stop giving so much money to education inorder for our schools to suceed again. It's like schools were healthy and then we given the schools money to fund education. It's like we gave crack to schools.
Contention 5: End the Wars

The democrats just like to point the blame at the GOP when we try to keep our people safe! We were attacked on September 11th, 2001, so as Americans we said, "Hey **** you man, you attacked us we are going to beat the **** out of your little Islamist ***** *** group." Al-Qaeda hasn't died yet, because A) you can't kill an idea, and B)Al-Qaeda is in Syria and Mali so this war isn't over yet. Then you have ISIS chopping people's heads off in the Middle East. I guess they're a little camera shy. Then the Democrats had put America into the two biggest wars in history, WW1 with Wilson and WW2 with F. Roosevelt.

Contention 6: Immigration

Democrats are just way to friendly to them Camachos. Those Mexicans "sneak across" our borders and steel our American jobs. They take our "oppertunities" and leave us Americans behind with less jobs. Heck them Camachos don't even pay taxes, so they are like criminals and should be thrown out of this nation.
My opponent is able to bring up any other topics for debating if he wishes.


C1) Government Regulation of the Economy

Read any Dilbert strip, and you will know that large scale corporations are completely and utterly incompetent. If we leave the economy unregulated, it will all be in the hands of those clumsy large-scale enterprises. Do we really want that? NO! The only viable alternative is to let our government take care of things instead!
Of course.... our government does have an unsettling resemblance to an extremely large corporation.... but that's only because of them filthy rich Republicans! Oust them, and the government will run as smoothly as peanut butter (without nuts).

C2) Legalize Abortion

A woman's body is a woman's body! She should be allowed to do what she wants with her body! It's just like how she is allowed to kill rapists who are trespassing on her body without permission... in the same way, she should also be allowed to kill babies who are trespassing on her body without permission!
It's the perfect analogy. "Pro-life" people don't even have any ground to stand on anymore.

C3) Legalize Drugs

Smoking pot is really awes- oh wait, no that's not what I meant... What I meant to say is that the societal harms of drugs aren't enough to warrant their banning. And this one doctor from California wrote about pot's obscure medical benefits on his blog a while back... that's pretty close to empirical.
*takes a puff* Marilize Legajuana!

C4) Legalize Illegal Immigration

Recently Mexico overtook our homeland as the fattest nation in the world. We will not stand for this blow to our national pride! We Democrats have come up with an ingenious way to regain that glorious position...
By legalizing immigration, we allow all those pump li'l Mexicans to pour into the country, thereby increasing USA's obese population ratio substantially. Not only that, but the Mexicans will also work in our McDonalds and Taco Bells, helping fatten up our native population as well! It's foolproof. USA will retake its rightful title within months of the plan's implementation.

C5) Legalize Gay Marriage

We shouldn't discriminate against gay people....
Why? Because discrimination is a CRIME.
And CRIME is for n!ggas.

C6) Can we just go ahead and legalize everything?

I mean, let's be consistent here, right?

C7) Gun Control

We can use perfectly clear and sound logic to see that if you don't support gun control, you are *directly* responsible for the shootings in Sandy Hooks and Aurora, along with every other mass murder incident that has happened in the past decade. It is evident that only the morally corrupt can possibly oppose gun control.

C8) I gave more contentions than my opponent

Therefore, I am smarter than him and you should trust my logic more than his.

I expect a full concession from Pro next round.
Down with the Republicans!

Debate Round No. 2


Contention 1: Taxing the Rich.

We cannot tax the rich, because the rich make us jobs for the poor people. This is taking away people's homes, food, and money, so supporting taxing rich people is supporting making kids homeless and that's just sick! Do you ever wounder why Africa and people in China is so poor? It's because they barely have any rich people, that's why there are famines in Africa causing kids to starve to death so if you support taxing the rich then you support making kids starve.

Contention 2: Legalizing Abortion

Do you ever wounder why everyone that supports abortion hasn't been aborted? It's because their mother's decided to go with the Pro-Life route and they listened to their babies and decided not to be heathens and abort their children. Also if this is legal you could abort someone that will be important in the future that could cure cancer or AIDs or might even be the next President. If you also support abortion then you don't support the Constitution, because the Constitution says we have the Right to Life. MEANING ABORTION IS UNCONSTITUTIONIAL.

Contention 3: Drugs

Drugs aren't cool man. They make you fat, because they give you the munchies. Hence why Mexico is the fattest nation in the world is because they do a lot of drugs and eat a lot of tacos because they're always high. They can make you wacked in the head and make you think that you can fly like Superman, but really you just fall to the ground and slatter like a bug on a windshield. Look at Mario, he does shrooms all the time and you know half of the crazy stuff he seas, who knows if Princecess Peach is really just some old hag.

Contention 4: Illegal Immigration

Do you even wounder why Mexico is now the fattest nation in the world? It's because all the skinny ones ran and jumped the fense. You also see that all the Mexicans left in Mexico are just sitting around all day smoking pot like Cheech and Cong and also eating a lot of tacos, because they got the munchies. Also all the Mexicans that jump over the fense take our jobs. If you look at the South Park news we can see that those illegals came over here and "Took Our JOBS!"

Contention 5: Gay Marriage

We can't legalize gay marriage, because it's against the Bible and the Bible is the one true book that everyone should believe in and if you don't then you're wrong and need to check yourself. Also if we legalize gay marrage then all the straight people will have to break up with each other and we will be tearing apart good loving families and this will hurt the children, because then the children will be gay and then you'll make everyone in the world gay.

Contention 6: Legalizing Everything

We can't legalize everything, because that's a sin. You have to ask yourself what would Jesus do? Would Jesus steal a car? Would Jesus kill someone? Would Jesus rape you? If the answer is no then it shouldn't be legal.

Contention 7: Gun Control

Sandy Hooks was a conspiracy set up by the democrats so they could take away our guns and Obama could create a New World Order where he enslaves all of humanity. We have guns to protect us from bad guys and if a bad guy breaks into our house and threatens to rape and kill your family then what are you going to do without a gun? Tickle him to death.

Contention 8: Contentions and Logic

I am smarter than my opponent because my name starts with a L and his starts with a U that means I'm smarter, because my letter comes first in the alphabet. Plus I've been here longer and have more expierence so you can trust me over that crusty old American Hating Liberal.

Back to you Con.



First of all, I would like to point out something very important...
Each of his contentions are actually backed by typical conservative reasoning, with only the rhetoric being somewhat silly. The resolution specifically states that this is an *idiot* politician debate, so displaying rationality and sound logic is completely unacceptable! This is a conduct violation on Pro's part that should not be overlooked by the voters.
And with that out of the way, I shall move on to rebuttals...

R1) Flat Tax

Pro thinks that the rich help the economy.... WRONG! Again, we can refer to highly reliable sources such as Dilbert comics to see that rich people are mostly dumb, selfish, arrogant, and hot-headed. Do we really want to help these people out by giving them tax breaks and empowering them to fund more @#$% Republican political campaigns? No! If anything we should steal all their money and use it to pay the Mexicans (ref: contention four).

R2) Gun Rights

Pro claims that "guns don't kill people; people kill people". In that case, let's ban people too! Then, afterwards, we can just turn to contention 6 and legalize everything, effectively returning things to normal. And remember, since gun control isn't the same thing as a gun ban, gun control laws would still be around even after the pans-legalization.

R3) Abortion

Cross-apply my abortion contention here. So what if babies are humans? Rapists are human too, and women can still kill them for trespassing on their bodies. It makes no difference. The analogy I presented is absolutely unbeatable.

R4) Education

LOL! Pro actually still cares about our education system!
Forget it, buddy. The Asians are smarter than us and always will be, so we Democrats have done the smart, economical thing and just outsourced all the jobs that need an actual education to Asian countries.
That way, we save money on trying to "improve" the education system here (pfffft), AND we can continue receiving a constant flow of cheap electronic goods.

R5) Foreign Relations

Pro claims that all the wars waged by Republicans have been in the interest of the people's safety.
However, as Pro himself states, "Democrats had put America into the two biggest wars in history", so we Democrats have contributed even MORE to national security! Ha!

R6) Immigration

Cross-apply my immigration contention here. Making sure we keep our glorious title of "Most Obese Nation in the World" is far more important than whatever economic BS Pro was talking about.

Democrats win! As usual.
Hopefully, NOW Pro will have the sense to offer a full concession next round...

Debate Round No. 3


Hey, I'm debating this idiotically. I could go up their and say that abortion can't be legal, because the sky is blue, but that's just rediculious and has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. This debate is about the idiotic arguments between the Republicans and Democrats and we show how stupid they can be. I'm completely justified.

Contention 1: Flat Tax

THe rich are good people, because they help give the poor people food and money. If we look at Jesus we can see that he was the richest dude ever and he did stuff like make the blind see and help the lame walk. You see Jesus was rich, but did none of the things my opponent is talking about so you know it's Jesus and if Jesus was rich and does it you know other rich dudes do it to. That's why Democrats always hate Republicans, because they hate Jesus. Democrats also want you to starve, because they don't let the rich make jobs and they give you food and homes; we can see that it's the Democrats that want the kids in Africa to starve to death and they want your kids to die too!

Contention 2: Gun Rights

You see my opponent and I agree that people are evil and would kill and rape everyone, but if it weren't for guns we would all be dead and would be having our eye sockets raped by some necrophilliac who is a scavenger. This is also caused from taxing the rich too much so if you don't want to have you ee sockets raped by some creepy guy then Vote Republican and Pro.

Contention 3: Abortion

You can see that I send out Jesus, he uses REPUBLICAN PRO-LIFE ARGUMENT..... IT'S A CRITICAL HIT. You see my Jesus is more important, because what would have happend if we aborted Jesus? We would all be burning in hell and it would be the Democrats fault. So vote Republican so you don't have to burn in Hell!

Contention 4: Education

You see we used to be number one when it came to education, but because the evil Democrats have destroyed education with the root of all evil, money, we have fallen. You don't mess with America and it's because of those stupid Democrats that those Asias are smarter and make technology. Think about this for a moment. If Asians really were smart then why can't they drive a car right? You see the Democrats have made stupid people appear smart and it's their fault. Fix it with your vote for Republicans.

Contention 5: Foreign Relations

The Democrats have killed Americans for no reason. FDR keep America out of World War 2 and if we would have involved ourselves earlier we would have given Germany a taste of Freedom and killed Hitler ourselves, but the Democrats were too scared to. Bush did what was right and we attacked those Sand People in the Middle East for attacking us. Those stupid Democrats let it happen, because Clinto was too busy getting blown by Monica.

Contention 6: Immigration

Mexico is the fattest nation in the world, because they do drugs and the sit on their fat buts and eat cheese dip all day. That's why all the skinny Mexicans came to America. There is obviously a problem with those fat people in Mexico and their fattness infected America in 2009 when their Piggy Flu killed thousands of Americans.

Contention 7: Anarchy

Dropped by my opponent so all points extended. Remember, What would Jesus do?

Contention 8: Drugs

Dropped by my opponent, so please extend all points.

Do what Jesus would do and vote Republican and Pro!



It is unfortunate to see that Pro chose not to concede, instead actually arguing his impossible position all the way through to the very end...
Time for counter-rebuttals!

A1) Government Regulation of the Economy

For the last time, Pro.... RICH PEOPLE AREN'T COOL.
I notice that Pro cites Jesus several times. Well, Jesus actually hated rich people! He himself was homeless preacher, and even said “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”... Jesus is a democrat at heart!
So if you don't buy that Dilbert comics show that Republican policies protecting the rich are dumb, then at least follow your inner Christian and listen to what Jesus has to say on the matter.
Praise da LORD! (and vote for us, while you're at it)

A2) Legalize Abortion

Pro once again ignores my amazing analogy... I'm quite disappointed, actually.
A woman would not be punished for killing a rapist who is trespassing on her body, so why should she be stopped from killing a baby who is trespassing on her body?
The Constitution is just a piece of paper; this is pure LOGICK.
There's no way you can still be against abortion after seeing this.

A3) Legalize Drugs

Contrary to Pro's opinion, drugs are VERY cool. Ask anyone.
Pro actually supports my position here by referencing Mario's drug addiction; who wouldn't want to be like Mario? Besides his many powers, he has has an infinite lung capacity (how else could he get through all those underwater levels?), so we can all see now that anyone who says "smoking pot is bad for your lungs" has no idea what they're talking about.

A4) Legalize Illegal Immigration

Pro just doesn't get it. National pride is everything. Being fat is pretty much the only thing we Americans are good at anymore, so it is absolutely essential that we are the BEST in that respect no matter what! Mexicans are already the best at lawn-mowing, taco-making, and burger-flipping; they don't need any more titles.
And who cares if the immigrant Mexicans take over our jobs? Less work = more fat = more national pride.

A5) Legalize Gay Marriage

Actually, the Bible is not the one true book. How do we know? APPEAL TO BLUESTEEL! And there is no way that can be logical fallacy because it even rhymes. Pro's argument is refuted.
My argument for legalizing gay marriage is way stronger.
Also, Pro says that if we legalize gay marriage, we will inadvertently "make everyone in the world gay". However, "gay" also means "happy", so essentially, Pro is saying that by legalizing gay marriage, we can make everyone happy!

A6) Legalize Everything

Pro claims that legalizing everything is a sin, but we can pull another appeal to bluesteel to show that an objective morality (including the idea of a "sin") doesn't exist!

A7) Gun Control

Pro asks "We have guns to protect us from bad guys and if a bad guy breaks into our house and threatens to rape and kill your family then what are you going to do without a gun?". But then he goes on to give the correct answer to that question: "Tickle him to death."
That's also the perfect way to defend ourselves against Obama's New World Order, in case Pro is right about that.

A8) Contentions

Pro claims that because his name's initial letter comes earlier in the alphabet, he is smarter than me.
First is the worst, Second is the best, and Third is the one with the treasure chest!
Since Pro and I are alphabetically first and second, that means that I am the best and he's the worst!
As for his argument regarding experience, that would also make him smarter than whiteflame, which is obviously not true so HA!


Before I wrap up, I would like to briefly make a few points about Pro's counter-rebuttal round..

1. I did not drop his contentions about "anarchy" or "drugs".... he never made those in the first place!

2. He ends off by saying "Do what Jesus would do", and I have shown that Jesus is a democrat so.... he basically just told everyone to vote Con :D

Thank you all for your time.
Vote Con! Just like Pro said!

Debate Round No. 4
16 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Daltonian 3 years ago
Thanks, lol, I try.

It was really close, and I was convinced by the raw intelligence of both sides.
Good debate.
Posted by UchihaMadara 3 years ago
LOL. that was the best troll RFD ever
Posted by Daltonian 3 years ago
Abortion is moral because unborn fetuses go to heaven, and by killing them, we're pretty much guaranteeing them a free ride into eternal happiness (heaven!)

Abortion = eternal happiness
Posted by Daltonian 3 years ago
I'm going to vote within the hour.
Posted by UchihaMadara 3 years ago
thanks for the vote, debatability.
Posted by debatability 3 years ago
and okay logicallunitic... why don't WE debate and you can run the arguments lannan put forth in R2. then we will see exactly how intelligible those arguments are
Posted by debatability 3 years ago
unlike the neglegant daltonian, i shall vote in the today
Posted by Daltonian 3 years ago
I promise I'll vote in the morrow
Posted by LogicalLunatic 3 years ago
@Debatability: how are they (Round 2 Pro) stupid arguments?
1. Japan actually is considering regulating knives after a recent massacre perpetrated with a knife. Japan is a nation where guns have been illegal for a long time.
2. In the 19th century and before this, America was near the top in regards to education. The school curriculum for 5th graders in the 18th century was stuff that adults today don't know. There were people who had memorized the Bible by age 13.
3. The war on terror wasn't particularly dumb.
Posted by UchihaMadara 3 years ago
lol... you basically just said that most republicans need help... i wasnt trolling when i said that pro's opening contentions are actually based in typical conservative logic.
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Daltonian 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:23 
Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to Pro because he mentioned Jesus in his arguments more and that makes con a heathen, which is unsportsmanlike. He also used the n-word, and Democrats aren't supposed to be racists!!! S&G also to Pro because he made more spelling mistakes and is thus obviously more stupid. However, Pro also failed to act more idiotic than Con in making appeals to religion and to Jesus, which are fairly common amongst far-right social conservatives. Pro totally dropped Con's brilliant Dilbert Comics contention. His arguments were more idiotically-motivated and relied on pure semantic idiocy, whilst I found that Pro's were more based on actual fallacies (which are still dumb, but not as dumb!). So, because Pro was inherently less dumb, con is awarded the win as he is more satisfactory in his idiocy. I also recasted my vote a bunch of times cause I can.
Vote Placed by debatability 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Con's perfect logic far surpasses pro's argumentation. Though both sides had very dumb arguments (as they should) I have to say that uchiha's arguments were much more entertaining. While reading Lannan's arguments I felt like I was reading the arguments of a genuine idiot trying to look smart, making them slightly less funny. Anyways, I vote con because I am a democrat too and weed is good and so is the killing of babies.