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If America would be better off without the Jews.

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Started: 11/7/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My argument is that There are 2 forms of fascism. One that is public and one that is private. If you observe the actions of the politicians ever sense the Jewish population rose to power there has been a turn of events that are catastrophic in every Americans way of life. First and foremost I am referring to about 100 years ago when they purchased every form of media outlet so they can censor what I am showing you.

Also I would like to remember how they rose to power like Hitler did.

By discrimination instead of voting for who should be the administrators in a country that is supposed to be Christian. Now we know how Obama got elected.

We know who is ahead of the central bank which has already been debated to be evil.

We know who runs the media.

So they tell everybody a bunch of lies such like how the life of a married couple is a burden to there freedoms.

Then they tell everybody that all races are equally accomplished.

Then there is Palestine:

Everybody knows the Americans where dragged into WW2 by the Jews.
Our relationship with Germany was fine until they where offered Israel by the British.

That is what dragged us down.

We can pretty much Identify the problem coming from an organized religion. My argument is that maybe you have over stayed your welcome and we need to fight these Jews like the Russia peopl had to fight Stalin. If we do that then the people can have there voice heard. We have our houses back and most wars will halt because we are 1/2 way across the globe.


I oppose this ridiculous motion, its racism in every way possible. You cannot be any better than the Hitler if you argue that America would be better off. Hitler claimed this, he tried it and guess what, you have a genocide.

Just remember that the media is controlled by all different kinds of people. In fact most news channels are not run by Jewish people.

If America is the land of the free, this is the opposite of it, you suggest that the removal if certain groups is a good thing. Just remember that it was not just the Jewish people who caused the world problems. You claim that 'Our relationship with Germany was fine until they where offered Israel by the British.' It is a false statement. WW1, the Americans fought against the Germans as well. The recent phone spying allegations on the German Chancellor was not going to improve anything.

Hitler rose to power using the emergency powers that Germany had in its law. Your claim is as false.

Anyone can see that this is a very bad argument and that the claims are made on very thin ice.
Debate Round No. 1


Your Argument is like a long horn, You got a point here a point there and all this bull in between.

This is about America's relationship with the Jews more so than Germans in the 1900's. Altho I will humor your statements regarding how the Jews where not responsible for Americas entry into WW1 and WW2.

Benjamin Freedoms final words on his public speech in 1961 where:

"How much can you depend upon there(The Jews) loyalty? You can depend upon there loyalty as much as the Germans depended upon in 1916. We(The Americans) are going to suffer the same fate and hens for the same reason.

As for your statement regarding the demonizing of Hitler:

That is JFK, One of the greatest political figures of all time. It was the Jews who where responsible for assassinating him. A book published in China backs up 100% of what JFK tried to do. There also several similar books printed in Russia like the one you see here:

Also I don't know where you got the idea that America is the land of the free ever sense the Jewish conquered it. So I thought I might explain to you what freedom really is:

the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Expelling the Jews is the Key to your freedom. As Benjamin Freedman said in 1961.

"The Jews have fooled you so much so that you don't know if your coming or going".

Ever sense the Jews in America rose to power they have filtered every media outlet. Every book in the Library is censored and the only freedom of speech you are going to find is on the Internet.

The only reason we have our gun rights in because we can 3d print them at home now.
As you can see it was a group of forieners that are trying to take all our freedoms. By god I wont let them take it.

here is a good example of what freedom really is for all those reading:

Here is a good example of that Jew money you love so much.

Hitler was fighting against the Capitalistic system. Infact famous musicians like Eminem, Ice Cube, and Korn are siding with Hitler on that now.

Oddly enough so did Russell Brand:

If you are a real American you should be out here picketing with us. I am saying this because I love my country. I do love it.


All I see here is useless sources that are biased. You think that all Jews are rich capitalist people, I have news for you, they are not. In fact many would agree that capitalism is not the best way forward. But removing Jewish people will not solve this. Any fool could see that. You say that the only freedom of speech is on the internet, well I have news for you.
This is the net neutrality campaign which is clearly showing that freedom of speech and neutrality will not last forever. You still don't understand that they have not "infiltrated" the media. As stated before, the top people are mostly not Jewish. Looking worldwide, the BBC is not controlled by a Jewish person, neither are most news networks.

America is not the land of the free. Neither are you. As your little dictionary help...
the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Jewish people have the ' right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.' Clearly you have destroyed your fundamental pillar to your argument.

You also comment (with bad spelling may I add), 'As you can see it was a group of forieners that are trying to take all our freedoms.'

I reckon that most Americans were actually not native there. You came from places like Spain, France (New Orleans being the area of many French ancestry) and the UK. So history begs to differ.

Hitler was not fighting against capitalism, he was actually apart of the far right party that would promote this.
'The conservative Nazi Hermann G"ring urged Hitler to conciliate with capitalists and reactionaries.' Clearly not what you were claiming.

I searched 'Eminem against capitalism' and nothing of a reliable source came up. So clearly you were using a bad source there for your information.

Basically, your argument has been built on sand and with a couple of searches, it can be dismantled.
Debate Round No. 2


My job is very easy all I have to do is tell the truth.

I never said they are all rich capitalist people. I do know for a fact that most of the communists(which is coupled with captialism) are indeed "Gods chosen people" as the you tube video stated. If the administrators are the ones enabling that and indeed the Jews are the majority supporting capitalism because they invented it then I think we are pretty much in agreement that the root of the problem is coming from the same political group.

Also your correct we are allowed to speak freely. How ever if you are the only ones speaking on TV/Media/Text Books to our own nation and its people then I don't see how that's free speech, I see an illusion of free speech designed to dupe the gullible Goyim(as the Jews call it which means non-Jewish nations) into doing what ever the Jewish administrators want them to do.

If you own the media you can get away with pretty much anything in the white house so that means they can do things like crash a plane into our building and blame it on the Muslims then deny it. Without the media saying anything about about the Jews it makes me believe it was really them.

Also I did provide proof the Jews own the whole media/government like its a monarch in my previous post by the Jew Benjamin Freedom. He like many other Jews dont think you should be creating the illusion of free speech.

As for the foreiner status I would like to remind everybody that the people he is reffering to are the Native American Indians. They approved of immigration and look what happened to them.

There is no indication that Hitler hated capitalism. He was opposed to the Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party which were to one extent or another marxist (Which is coupled with capitalism). But his suppression of these parties was based on his desire to get rid of opposition parties not hatred.

It is the Jewish administration that wants abortion and gay marriage which is whats causing the population of Americans who built this country to die out so that a minority can which is indeed a race, sub nation(that ruins everybody elses), culture, political party, and religion that has one goal in mind. Global sovereignty.(Remember our definition of freedom). So the key to freedom is deporting the Jews to Israel and closing off our borders then we need to voice our opinion on that as loudly as possible.

Regarding Eminem, Ice Cube, Korn I found what you are looking for...a global revolution...sounds like Hitler doesnt it?

Oh and guess who else is under fire by the ADL Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown for simply speaking.

What was that you say about the freedom of speech? BS, Yeah I thought so. For those of you who are reading this the ADL was designed to keep equal rights for Jewish people so they can take yours.

As we near the end of this debate I realize that all the Jews are going to oppose this notion because there Jewish. Also those who did not watch what the Jewish man said about his own people will oppose it.

Are you ready for the truth cup cake? We are losing our America to these goat f*ckers and don't be afraid of them calling you a racist and start acting American.


Here is a map of the house of representatives by state,
Clearly a minority are Jewish.

You comment "There is no indication that Hitler hated capitalism".
This clearly shows that at the start of his rise to power, "At first this involved organizing bands of thugs to attack socialists in the street." If that isn't hatred, I do not know what is.
You think that all Jewish people are the same. That is indeed more incorrect than anything else you speak of. Not all are capitalists and to those reading this, all his articles are very biased and written by groups that are also very biased.
The Eminem story, he implies that it "sounds like Hitler doesnt it?" The word "Global Revolution" has been used in everything from technology to media so that is not a viable argument.
Your paragraph "As for the foreiner status I would like to remind everybody that the people he is reffering to are the Native American Indians. They approved of immigration and look what happened to them."
Precisely, you have no right to judge anyone. If anyone has a right to even think of claiming what you are, its the natives (not that they would).
It is not true about your comments about "abortion and gay marriage." Their scriptures mirror exactly what the old testament says in Christianity as well as the start of the Qur'an in Islam.

To conclude, it is not the Jewish community that he speaks of that is slowing down progress in the US, its the kind of people like him who refuse to see that globalization is happening and that hating certain groups is no longer acceptable.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Apollo353 2 years ago
Eh, no it isn't the Forbes top 100 clearly show the top bosses are mostly not Jewish.
by the way, reliable sources
Posted by 4freedom 2 years ago
Let swallow the hard fact that most of America economics is controlled by Jewish. Besides, all US companies indirectly support Israel through the US government military
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
For Jews only? That is clearly incorrect. While Jews have contributed heavily to business--they are NOT the only people that participate in it. In fact, many of the top positions (including those in the banking system) are non-Jews--who also have an extremely prominent role in Hollywood.

To say your assertions are lacking in support and (objective) evidence would be an understatement. Your entire argument is based around personal bias and discriminatory views.
Posted by 4freedom 2 years ago
Well yeah ALL of them are. I don't see how america benefits when all the top paying jobs are now for the Jews only. Its nearly impossible to get into Hollywood these days without some Jew allowing you in. Its not like anybody really climbs the corporate ladder that quickly, Clearly there is some tribalism going on.

What about cosher food tax. We are paying for that even tho this is supposed to be a christian nation. Why dont you guys just stop playing king of the world if everybody doesn't want the Jews to be the global administrators.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
Nope, read the debate perfectly clear. You've only listed two websites (the main one is obviously not an objective source).

If we were to debate I would absolutely list the benefits--to the U.S there has been many. Some of its top industries are attributed to Jews.
Posted by 4freedom 2 years ago
Maybe you miss read the post. I included facts on everything I posted.

So far nobody has said any pros to keeping them here. Not even the jews have listed any good things about them.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
Too bad I didn't see this debate. What Pro constitutes as the "truth" is simply personal bias and misinformed opinion. All sources used lack credibility and factual evidence.

In other words, he is relying exclusively on propaganda for argument--which is of course, easily refuted.
Posted by 4freedom 2 years ago
You see I have an easier job on this debate than Apollo353. All I have to do is tell the truth.
Posted by Adam2isback 2 years ago
Fascism was a belief of totilatarianism.
lol Jews engage in oppression, not totaliterianism

open-mindedness is so stupid
Posted by Adam2isback 2 years ago
Hitler would laugh at you, 4freedom.
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