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If Emotional Intelligence Exists, Homosexuality Must Be a Choice

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Started: 3/15/2013 Category: Health
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Clarification: This debate is not over whether or not homosexuality is a choice. Please do not join if that's what you intend to argue about.

This debate will argue over whether or not homosexuality must be a choice if "emotional intelligence" exists. That is if people can educate their emotions and choose what they feel, homosexual feelings would be one feeling among others that could be chosen. A simple syllogism will be provided to explain:

"Emotional intelligence" lets people control their emotions.

Sexual orientation is an emotion.

Therefore, "emotional intelligence" lets people control sexual orientation.

To be clear, this debate is not about whether or not emotional intelligence exists either. Voters should note that it's very well possible that neither emotional intelligence, nor sexual orientation control, might exist. However, that is not what's being debated here.

What's being debated is a very simple resolution: If emotional intelligence exists, homosexuality must be a choice. Given the above syllogism, burden of proof has already been satisfied, so rebuttal up to Con.


I will be arguing that homosexuality is not a choice, emotionally or in any other form.

I'll start off by a scientific study to find the chromosome differences in gay men to straight men ( There even mentions his excerpt "Since sexual orientation is such a complex trait...". Hear that? It's not based on emotional intelligence, although you can make the case that some people choose to ignore their homosexuality and have relationships with girls although they aren't sexually attracted to them. There's a bunch of genes, DNA and chromosome properties that effect if a person is gay.

Now I know you said that this debate was not about whether homosexuality is a choice, which is weird, but I have stated from another scientific view that homosexuality is not based off emotion. Therefore your whole argument is flawed because sexual orientation is not emotional.

Also why have this debate in the first place if it's obvious that homosexuality is in your DNA and genes?
Debate Round No. 1


I don't disagree with what you said (although some might say the "gay gene" is controversial).

However, emotions in general are genetic, so "emotional intelligence" would entail the ability to control one's genes:

I also find it odd that you suggested sexual orientation isn't emotional. You know what it means to be aroused, right?


I understand what it means to be aroused. I understand what emotions are. However, you would agree that not everyone' emotions are the same correct? Ever see that episode of friends where Rachel becomes attracted to some fat guy on the street when she would have never been attracted to him before? Sure some choice is involved with your emotion, but a lot of people feel different emotions naturally from their own DNA/Genes. Being aroused is emotional, but who you become aroused by is not emotional at all (which is what this talk is about no?).

And there is a difference from what you stated now and what your initial argument was. Of course people can, in some way, control their genes (even if it is undesirable), I even gave an example of a homosexual pretending he's only aroused by woman even though he really is not. It's a different argument to make a choice based on what you want then what you don't want. You are right in saying that homosexuals can act straight their entire lives, but that doesn't make them straight.

If you polish a turd, it's still a turd. If you cross dress, you're still your original sex. There's no difference with this case.
Debate Round No. 2


Pardon me, but you've said a lot that's off-topic.

One, this discussion has nothing to do with different people's emotions being the same or different.

Two, I'm not sure how referencing a character in a fictional TV show helps.

Three, this discussion doesn't have to do with actually choosing emotions. It has to do with how if "emotional intelligence" is real, then homosexuality must be a choice. Whether or not "emotional intelligence" actually exists is another topic.

Also, you were vague when you said, "Sure some choice is involved with your emotion, but a lot of people feel different emotions naturally from their own DNA/Genes." Can you prove that the same genes evoke multiple emotions, and that people choose which emotions to evoke?

Yes, who you become aroused by is emotional. That's why everyone isn't bisexual - they're not aroused by everyone.

There's also a difference between behavior and feelings. Pretending arousal isn't arousal itself. Yes, if you polish a turd, it's still a turd. Yes, people can act, but acting isn't feeling.

This debate is on emotional control, not behavioral control.


BaseBool forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


OK then. Please vote Pro.


BaseBool forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MasturDbtor 4 years ago
"control your emotions"

They don't exist. Free will is an illusion. And "emotion" is an unnecessary construct.
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