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If God exists..

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Started: 3/14/2013 Category: Religion
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According to many religious books, God is making it clear that he knows the destiny of all his creations. God is almighty.

1. If God already created humans for specific reason on earth, to make give them free-will and letting them choose their own destiny to save their soul after death on earth.
My question is: How can you have Free-will when everything is already destined?

2. With so many religions that have existed on earth, how can individual humans possibly know the ACTUAL true book from the ACTUAL God?
- If you are born in a traditional Christian family, then you most probably are raised believing in Jesus Christ. Therefore according to Islam you are going to hell.

On the other hand, if you are born in a muslim family somewhere in Saudi Arabia, then you probably are a muslim. According to Islam, all non-muslims will go to hell.

Now, my big question is:

99 % of all religions are traditionally binded to family roots, while 1 % is mostly people who converted to the specific belief, due to preaches or some friend recommendations.

So, having so many opportunities, how can I possibly know the actual book of God?
What if I'm wrong? Will I go to hell for eternity, even though I lived my life helping others, and was better than the actual person who didnt do good things, but he will still have a chance going to Heaven, only because "their" God promised them if they believe, they will eventually get to Heaven at some point in afterlife.

Also, God said that all of his creations are equally treated and no one is better than the other. Ok here I will clearly have some thoughts. Not saying anything against the idea, but how on earth, can we all be even, when people who lived before the Prophet arrivals in places where they didnt see civilization, like Indian-americans? Or people who lived thousands miles away from the middle-east? Will the people who never heard about religion go to hell?


Ok so a lot of things off the bat I can eliminate for you.

The issue is free will is explained with physics, you'll get a better understanding with this vidoe:

The idea is that basically there's an uncertainty principle by heisenberg and it explains that we can never determine the location of an electron because all the possible locations it can go to exists. Therefore it's impossible that someone can determine the future events because the "electron" can never be accurately located.

The answer for number 2 is that nobody knows if any religious book is true, if any are at all. All religious books are man made so they could all be wrong about hell, but one could be right about heaven. We won't be able to find out until we're dead. Here's a picture everyone should be following:
If a god exists and is what everyone makes of him, he wouldn't inter-vein in your lives and would be happy with you living life to the fullest.

So to restate, you will never know the real book of god, again assuming there is one, and honestly it's bull crap to think that a god would send us to hell for a "crime" we committed that we were unaware of. If he made us, he would know that we cannot know the unknown. So there's no need to worry on going to hell because we aren't given an accurate list of "laws".

And lastly, I will tell you why this could not be more false. Explain to me why there are people born with deficiencies, regardless how healthy the mom's pregnancy was. Explain why the rich always win and the poor always suffer. Explain why some people have genes that make them an overall better person then someone else. You can't answer these questions because there is no explanation. God obviously did not make everyone equal, that we can count on 100%. Your last point is extremely flawed because now it implies that a man made thing determines where you end up in a super natural state. That point is dismissed.

Live a good life and help others live a good life and I promise if there is a hell, you will not go to it. If there isn't, then at least you have lived a good life
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Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
Simply, if we have Free Will, god cannot be Omniscient, because it could not predict an outcome of many randomized free wills.
If god is truly Omniscient and exists, we thus cannot truly have Free Will.
They together in one sentence creates an Oxymoron.
They create a Paradox that cannot be resolved, neither rationally, nor subjectively.
Posted by qopel 4 years ago
This was just a Q&A session, not a debate. The questions were valid and the answers were valid.
Just proves that we have free will and God is not almighty, if he exists at all.
Posted by Sagey 4 years ago
Frankly this belongs in the Psychology dept.
Truth is, religion is simply a byproduct of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as Neurology is now finally discovering.

From studies into the visions of many great religious martyrs, their visions and beliefs generated from those visions are consistent with TLE.
Muhammad, Moses, St. Paul, Joan of Ark, etc... all appeared to suffer Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and this was the cause for their visions of and hearing voices of god.
Yes, religion is just the result of a brain malfunction!
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
i wish i could do all debates at once. but i am a human and live a normal life. i have to spend time on my life. other wise i would answering all question in depth.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
dear knowledge is so vast.
go and get it and spread it.
there is one more place called. araf. which is not in hell and not in heaven. but between it. you can say that just like world.
that is made for those who never heard of ALLAH and true religion.
ALLAH is just.
this place is also mentioned in Quran.
and the answer for those who never search truth is given in Quran. its the book of guidance.
read it randomly.
the key is randomly.
he will guide you.
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
those 1% are the best believer.
Posted by natoast 4 years ago
It seems like this would go better in the religion forum.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro answered all of Con's questions. I do not know what Con was attempting to prove (no clear resolution), so obviously he did not meet the burden of proof.
Vote Placed by qopel 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This was just a Q&A session, not a debate.