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If Lincoln had been a robot....

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Started: 1/25/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is a veriation of the popular 'pick-your-own-debate' that I call Alternative history. I got this idea after watching a big-bang theory episode. The difference is that instead of what you pick determining what I argue for like in a normal pick your own debate, my side will remain the same so I am the one who picks it.

In this debate we shall argue what would have happened corncerning the civil war had abraham been a robot. the speculation we argue for are not allowed to question if in fact he was a robot, that is to be taken as fact. What they are allowed question is for what reason is he a robot. Voters should choose the debater who can use the most facts from real history to support their argument.
My side will be the South would have won. My opponent can choose between:

1) the North would have still one, but we would quickly become a totalitarian state after the war.
2) The real abraham lincoln would expose his robot conterpart, and had him taken out of power
3) since he's a robot going to war would break a robot law to not hurt humans, so rather than go to war he would peacfully ask the south to not succead from the union
4) if he were a robot in would indicate a extra-terrestial presence as well....
5) the war would come out the same way, lincoln may have been a robot for real....
6) it would be determined by who's spy had most recently programmed the robot before witch battles..

if you have a different idea to argue that is not the same as mine please ask in the comment section first if its okay. any other questions please ask their also.

I shall put my argument here now. If he had been a robot we must conclude he was built by the south. the Civil war is well known for the fact that it 'moderized' warfare. the Gatling gun was invented during this war, Ironclad warships that made every other countries fleet obsolete. calvery was no longer feasable as a main force due to improved rifles so they became reduced to scouts for the army. In all these new improvements being the made, the south shined the brittiest as most ingenutive. Why do I say this? because of the S.S. Hunley, the very first sucsessful submurine. this vessle was made by the Confederates, not the Union. So with everything eles we know about real history, it is more belevable that the south could desine a robot rather than the north, so long as we must accept a robot was made somehow at an early enough time to play a role in the Civil War.

We must also consider motive. the South would have reason to make a Lincoln look alike robot, the North would not. Had the south succefully built a robot, the advantages should become obvious for using to replace a real flesh and blood political leader. all of lincolns discesions would be based on what the south had programed into him. General Lee was already amazing at oumanuvering his opponents on the battlefeild with what intel he could reasonbly be expected to have, No general at the time could be expected to hold a candle to Lee if he could reliably control the presidents descision of the opposing force.

thats all I got for this round. good luck!


I accept the rules to this debate.

I will try to incorporate choices 4 and 5 into my argument.

4) if he were a robot in would indicate a extra-terrestrial presence as well....
5) the war would come out the same way, Lincoln may have been a robot for real....

I agree that the North did not have a reason to create a robot because they had the real thing on their side. But I have to dissent to the assertion that the south could have created a robot Lincoln. I instead think it the work of Britain in cooperation with Extra-Terrestrials.

I will first build my case then go over my opponent's case.

The South lacked funds to create anything of quality.

"The great weaknesses of the Confederate States were lack of industry and lack of money. There were few factories that could produce the materials of war. Imports supplied necessities for a time, but the tightening blockade reduced this source year by year. With exports cut off, the Confederate government had to print paper money and bonds without gold or silver to back them. This money rapidly declined in value as the fortunes of the army waned, and toward the end of the war became almost worthless."
More on this as it pertains to my opponent's argument later.

Britain also had reason to have interest in the outcome of the war. The United States of America was the first big secession from their nation, which hurts their ego while trying to defend their position as the dominant nation in the world at the time.
(I will present my case as a recap of what occurred)

Now they were beginning to see the United States of America as a real threat to their power. If they could topple the US early before it had caught up then their position would be spared. But they could not just invade the United States because it had ties to various European Nations so all out invasion would lead to World War and bring their own downfall.

Hints at this arose during the war of 1812, this war technically ended as a stalemate. But one war in particular, the battle for New Orleans, had shown that the one in power during that battle was not Britain. The war of 1812 officially ended on 24 December 1814. The battle for New Orleans went from December 23, 1814 to January 26, 1815. The end result was a complete domination of British forces by the Americans. The treaty had been signed before this historic battle and therefore had no influence from it. Britain realized that had the treaty been worked out a few months later it would have been a win for the US.

Then the Southern States began to secede from the Union. This was a prime opportunity to bring down that nation. If the South could win then it would take a while for it to rebuild after the war thus effectively eliminating any real threat to Britain. At first they claimed a position of Neutrality as a fa´┐Żade, but secretly supported the South through much of the war.

Evidence of this include but is not limited to:
1) In the British shipyard, John Laird and Sons, two warships were created and given to the confederacy. This includes the infamous CSS Alabama. Though a single example of a small contribution it makes a difference, the reason for such small gifts is to hopefully go under the radar.

2) In 1862 rumors flew around saying the Britain was going to recognize the Confederacy as a sovereign nation.

3) The Trent Affair, in which Americans stopped a British vessel in 1861 and took two Confederate diplomats, James Mason and John Slidell. The envoys were bound for the Britain and France to press the Confederacy's case for diplomatic recognition by Europe. This later arose as an issue that England had against the US, fueling fear of eminent American dominance and a political reason to favor the South.

Britain's help in the South began to become noticed (hence the rumors stated above). Lincoln (still human at this time) wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, claiming that the war was over the issue of slavery (which it had not been up to this point). Britain could then not meddle with the American Civil War as they had passed laws against Slavery, so favoring the side for slavery would become hypocritical, it you will.

By this point an extra-terrestrial species from a planet in the Alpha Draconis (also known as Thuban) system had been communicating with high British government officials. Meetings were often held at Stonehenge, (an ancient sight secretly known for ritual rendezvous with the ‘gods' now recognized as mortal extra-terrestrial life).

It was with the help of these ETs that Britain created the Earth's first robot and replaced Lincoln with it (at about the same time as Lee's surrender).

Why did the ETs help? They wanted something in return. Intergalactic law states that abduction for any reason may only be conducted with consent. Britain's side of the deal was that Lincoln would write an executive order allowing Extra-Terrestrials to legally abduct any US citizen. In the event that the South wins similar laws would be passed in secret (it is mostly agreed upon by experts of today that Britain and CSA had secret treaties which would have forced this action).
Now that Britain was controlling both sides, they could assure victory for the South. Though Lee had just surrendered, the war was far from over.

But a small yet powerful group called the Illuminati Americana realized what was going on. The union would soon fall if the imposter Lincoln were allowed to remain. A conspiracy was soon fabricated to have the robot Lincoln destroyed under the guise of assassination.

John Wilkes Booth came in and destroyed the robot with a simple shot to the head (the memory chip and vital remote controlled devise were located here) and the fled Ford's Theatre. Federal troops began a chase after him, once finding him he was freed and false reports of his death were submitted. (they burned down a barn claiming Booth was inside).
So now, the US had control of itself again (through Lincoln's VP Andrew Johnson).

The US quickly won the war after that. But the executive order was never repealed thus allowing the Extra-Terrestrials to continue to abduct US citizens. The US saw great potential with an alliance with an alien species. This is why more abduction claims occur in the US than in any other country.

The rest, as you know, is history.

Now to my opponent's claims:

1) Though the South was very innovative during the Civil War, they failed a multitude of times due to errors and lack of funds.

The example of the C.S.S. Hunley was brought up. I would like to point out that the C.S.S. Hunley was destroyed during its first and only mission.

The Iron Clad; well, both the North and South created one. The South's was really only a regular ship with metal covering it, while the North's was actually a new design completely:

There is a picture of the CSS Virginia (Merrimac) (Top) and the USS Monitor for your comparison:

2) I have shown that even if the South had motivation that they could not have created something that complex due to lack of funds. But Britain (which could easily afford it) had motivation as well.

- - -

I thank the instigator and any nonparticipant for reading this. I eagerly await rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this debate; I can already tell you will be a formidable opponent.

Had a Confederate soldier killed a unicorn a genie would have popped out and given him three wishes, and then these wishes could be used to acquire a robot by magic.
The scenario I just provided really doesn't contribute to this debate. accepting the existence of an advance technology doesn't require explanations involving magic and it is even laughable to give it one. There are many ways to deal with a robot existing the Civil War without leaving the use of known science, pseudo-science, and real history to the use of data with a more mythical tone of fairy's, Santa, Zeus, angles, demons, magic. The problem is that alien explanation have a tone that falls somewhere inbetween. In this debate it is of course expected that we must accept explanations often considered to fantastic to be taken seriously as feasible. But a line is still drawn somewhere. The ridiculous way of considering aliens is the way conspiracy theorist would resort to using them. When taking seriously the existence of an advance space fairing culture, we have to consider what culture they must have that allows them to travel space, and what such a culture would affect their involvement in the civil war. So I would like to make these considerations about aliens in this scenario
1) Aliens would have outlawed the building of robots cause they know these creations will only overthrow them. Robots will do that every time, they probably hold a lot of hatred toward robots.
2) If that would not be the case for there history then we must know it is these robots that keep them from going to war as described on 'the day the earth stood still' (the original) these aliens would not contribute to our war because they are against war at all and if they did leave a robot like that it would stop the countries ability to make war leaving the south free to succeed without opposition. That would Support my case because they would have still won, just without the war.
3) If robot overlords is not related to there lack of visible presence on earth then most science fiction agrees that the reason they remain under the radar on our planet is because of a 'Prime Directive' that much like libertarianism in their isolationist stance. The Prime Directive would make illegal their donation of any robot device to the North, South, British, ect...
4) It is also more reasonable to believe that they would have space fairing technology through a very militaristic society. This sort of extra-terestial would be inclined to outright conquer us upon its arrival at Earth. A Scientologist would be quick to agree with me here and they would tell you that conquers name is Xenu.

Now to address your contentions. You claim the south had a lack of funds, this is true but as I recall Dr. Frankenstein did not use much cash to make Frankenstein. Plus the dollar bought a lot more back then due inflation. Of course bringing up Inflation does discredit the South's ability to fund a Robot project even more because as you said the Confederate dollar was worthless for that very reason and it was not backed up by anything. But this all must assume that the project Robot politician took place after the succession had occurred. The Wealthy Plantation owners were known for exerting their influence in political affairs*. You would only need one of them to have the foresite to see the war that was coming up to chose to invest in such a project while he was still using US currency that was worth something. By the time the project would be near completion it would become apparent that Lincoln was going to win the election and that his election may drive one of the cotton states over the edge, as it did with South Carolina, putting the war into motion. Because of this they would have made the robot in his image for that is who they would want to replace.

It is true that the C.S.S. Hunley was destroyed on its first mission, but not before it sunk an enemy ship so it is still a success. Even if its destruction means it were not a success regardless of what it accomplished on its only mission, you still cannot discount its relevance to this debate. Like you said, both sides had Iron Clad's, but only the Confederates had a ship that traveled underwater. The point is they were using technology that was beyond their time. If we are to expect any country would succeed in making something as beyond their time as a robot that could pass as a human, it would be south because they in reality did use technology beyond their time. All the other advances did not quite push the boundaries of what man can do quite as far as the Hunley.**

I agree you did show the British had motivation as well as the south for making a robot Lincoln but the end goal of the motivation remains in the same interest as the South's. So their use of the Robot would logically lead to aiding the South in winning the war (my position for this debate), You even went to great lengths to show example in real history that proves that was in fact the British interest. So even if we stay with the assumption that the robot was not developed until after the war started and the south was not able to fund such a project themselves, the James Mason and John Slindell could have conceivably brought the engineer who would build the robot with them as the Trent Affair took place. At this point the British could arrange to help the Southern engineer make his robot as a gift, much like the C.S.S. Alabama you mentioned. We agree that Britain had the resources required for a robot, and we agree the the Confederation was innovative which I have shown is pivotal when man is the source of the robot. So showing the the two would ever work together is all that's needed prove my case in a way similar to the Socratic method (not exactly though).****** click on 'The Submarine'***


First, I have realized that we've been making a terrible mistake, we have forced the audience to assume that Lincoln was a Robot (though it is fact for the purposes of this debate), perhaps this will clear things up:

It first seems necessary to defend our Ramen Brethren (this term derives from the novel Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card). Their existence is indisputable, that they are conducting LEGAL abductions is evident. Humans are repeatedly abducted, returned and share their story, this isn't just one or two people but a large number, by its sheer size the phenomenon is worth looking into.

Several cases exist pre-Betty and Barney Hill era. In 1897 Colonel H. G. Shaw claimed he and a friend were harassed by three tall, slender humanoids. They tried to kidnap the pair. This was reported in that year's edition of the Stockton, California Daily Mail.
Then also in 1955 the publication of Harold T. Wilkins' Flying Saucers Uncensored it was declared that Karl Hunrath and Wilbur Wilkinson had disappeared, they had earlier been claiming to have been contacted by ‘aliens'. Wilkins reported speculation that the duo were the victims of "alleged abduction by flying saucers".

Then came Betty and Barney Hill. The exact particulars are unnecessary to place here (trying to save room for my debate) a link is here with additional information:
After this an explosion of abduction claims arose. It should not be ruled out that this wave did not come as a "copy cat" like movement but more of a liberation to make such claims. Before Betty and Barney claims of aliens existed (two shown above) but it was largely regarded in a disbelieving manner. Suddenly Betty and Barney got attention, now all these secret abductees could share their story without fear of persecution.

So, if Extra-Terrestrials are visiting, the question becomes Why?
Per Wikipedia: "When abductees ask why they are being studied or undergoing surgery, the entity may answer with a statement like ‘We have the right to do this'."
This seems to point right out that some ‘law' allowed this presence to do what it does. An executive order signed by Robot Lincoln before its decommissionment following the destruction of a vital memory chip. It is also important to note that the most common location of an abduction is within the United States.

Let us look over your points:
1) You claim that an Alien Civilization would not build robots because they'd fear the robot's rise to sentience.
This is erroneous. First off, definitive statements must be supported to be held correct, you say "Robots will do that every time" (implying overthrowing their creators). You say ‘always' without evidence. I will point out that in Speaker for the Dead a main character, Jane, is in fact a computer program that became self-aware. Jane did not go on some crusade to overthrow the humans. Instead, she hid from humans, only revealing herself to one human; for fear that humanity would fear her and destroy her. Her hope being that one day she could reveal herself without being shut off. I will concede that it is a possibility; events like in Terminator or iRobot are possible but not definite.
It might also be noted that humans have the same fear, yet we have not outlawed robot creation. If we chose to allow it then why shouldn't they?

2) You claim that robots and aliens are against war, trying to prove that a Lincoln Robot would have conceded the war.
This is not necessarily true. In Terminator, the Cyberdyne robots were more than willing to go to war. And with the aliens, their level of militancy is variable by which type of alien is in question. Maybe those in "The day the Earth stood still" were, but looking at the Klingons and Romulans fighting appears to be a fine activity. The robots, Alpha Draconians to be exact, have been observed to be militant. Biological data suggests that they may have been once Terran but forced to move off because they couldn't stop a meteor from destroying their civilization in time, they likely would want their world back but cannot just come back because of the differences in its atmosphere. *

3) You point out that an Alien Species would likely keep from sharing technology with a lesser species. Even linking the Prime Directive to it.
I must first point out that the Prime Directive is rather new. It first came into existence in 1966 with the debut of Star Trek. This is a century later than the 1860's when the events in question occurred. And even if such laws existed they could easily be broken, as seen in Ender's Game when the Formics visit Earth, accidentally sharing their technology with Humans, then again in its sequel, Speaker for the Dead, when several humans break interstellar law forbidding the sharing of technology with the "Piggies" (an intelligent but primitive alien) and teach them agriculture, archery, electricity, pluming and so on.

4) It is also claimed that an Alien Species would simply conquer us.
This is not true. The Alien presence is not here to take us over, though they'd like the planet, they cannot breath the atmosphere as it is too low in Oxygen content compared to what Earth was like back when they had inhabited this planet. What they instead are doing is scientific research; they needed to abduct Humans for experiments on our anatomy as this could provide a possible future tactical advantage, not against us but against another neighboring empire.
True the South may have come up with the means by which to create a Robot, I'll give you that. They were innovative and may have wrecked their economy after (or as a result of) such an alleged undertaking as creating a robot. (Though improbable)

But though it is possible, this is not what occurred. Let us look at the South's creations, The Merrimac: a very crude design, easily spotted, it has rough corners and overall not very high tech. Thus recognizable.
CSS Hunley: A neat design but doomed to failure. The explosive located on the prong at the front would destroy the Hunley a second time if it were used again. Thus Southern stuff is prone to failure.

I therefore argue that if the South attempted to create a robot of some sort it would be rather crude in design and ultimately fail. It wouldn't pass easily as a human being because it would be a prototype, the first robot ever created by man. If you have looked at any of the Robots now days, none of them could pass off as a human, and it has been over 150 years since then. So I argue that if they cannot look real today then they couldn't back then, (keep in mind this was before the light bulb was invented).
But if a robot looked real then and doesn't now that suggests that we did not create that one, but another presence, of a higher tech level than us, made it to influence Earth events.
Another point I must make is that for the South to use its brainpower to create a robot is not tactically logical. If they were really trying to win that war, they could have created a flying device, an Air Plane, for much less money, time and have an easier time. This would have given them an advantage in battle that no pseudo-assassination could prevent. *

Vote Con!
I now wait for the final round and conclusion…
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has done an amazing job at demonstrating his presentation of aliens is of the kind to be taken seriously. I accept it is not of the conspiracy sort.
My opponent questions Star Treks sovreinty in its reign of most superior syfy lore, viewing that the prime directive is not what the superior space faring alien culture would have during the civil war. I will hope my fellow trekies will take sides over this by voting for me. I could quote more movies and such as well that would fit with my presentation of the relation ship with aliens, man, and robots, as my opponent has done, to discredited his claims. However they all pall in comparison to the very real history he brought up not created in films on aliens. Before we consider what movies imaginativeness is to be taken most seriously in defining aliens (that would be Star Trek), we must accept real events like the crash in Roswell to remain soverin.

From looking at what my opponent has shown I must say I accept that they are interested in abducting us, and that they are grey skinned. I do not question that they say 'we have the right to do this'. But I do question that we can so easily say its a reference to a law that our robot president put in place. It is quite likely they believe they have the right to do so for the same reasons we believe we have the right to capture tigers and train them to go through hoops at circuses, or dissects bugs to see how they work, or capture a monkey and put a chip in his forehead and see him move a robot arm with its mind.

They view its there right just cause we are primitive inferior animals to them. This would explain why they do it often as they do because it parralels about as often as we do to animals. under this concept we see that aliens would still not donate a robot linkoln because the motive is gone. they do not need a presidential signiture to take humans. We dont ask the creatures we put in zoo's if thats were they would like to live. they have no say or right as far as were concerned. Also all that you have proven about aliens show they interested in examining our biology, but the abductions do not show they are interested in interfering with our politics.

I would like to point out concerning the Merrimac that it was never destroyed in battle. Nethier was Norths Iron Clad for that matter. It took a huricane to topple one Iron Clad and a paranoid crew to destroy the other. So if you buld a tank thats so strong no other contry can penitrate its hull you would not bother building it to so that it wouldent be spotted because the enemy can do nothing about it if they do see it exept run. at the time that was level of supierority the Merrimac had. even the other Iron Clad couldnt sink it. Cannon balls just bounced of either of their hulls.

Although I concead your point that it would be more reasonble for the south to take to airplanes if they really were going to push tech farther than established at the time. You claim in our own time though we ourselves cannot build robots that pass as humans. I understand your point was to discredit that it could ever be done back then but for my argument its important I dont let that pass. If you would view the videos I put you will see we are a lot farther than you think. That robots face is very realistic. And even if their is still room for improvement to be fooled today back in Lincolns day it would be rediculous to suspect that if something like that was talking to you that it wasnt a real human. If youve seen the movie 'Surragets' youll note that because of the monkey in the upper video we really are but a stone throw away from robots like that. Easily controled with our mind, If one made a lincoln robot they could download into it and move about as if they really were abraham lincoln.
Now such a degree of technollogy is ofcourse still a little ways of (but not much) and while we are making advances in that field, along side it we also progress in physics and our understanding of time and space. By the we get to the point of succefully time travleing, these realistic robots will be accesable to us. in fact for the early timetravle experments it would be expected that we use surraget like bots to startwith so that if something happens to it in the time travle the robot is destroyed, not the human. Time travleing Companies would insist you dont even go into the room with the time machien in it without opporating a surraget just so HOSHA does not sue them for lack of safty regulations. But what man could possible have the motive to go into that room with the Lincoln Surraget that he got for teaching his history class, and would be motivated to take it back in time? Did you know often in countries the war never realy ends. France and Britain still hate the Germans. I have personally been in enough whight trash stands at flee markets to know that for many one day the South will Rise Again! They hold onto that pride even to this day. And if such a man (or woman) when to the past in a Lincon Surraget what do you think they would do with it. Try and Change the outcome of the Civil War.
Such would be easy even if they didnt do something outlandishly different from lincon. Such as giving the Emanclipation Proclimation at a earlyier time. After Lincon had given that speach, some states like Ohio were on the verge of succesion themselves because for them the war about keeping the Union of the states and Lincon just ticked them of by makeing it about Slavery as a political move (even if thats not how his speech should be characterized thats how they reacted). Luckaly though a major victory in battle occured shortly afterwards and smoothed the tensions of those states over, stange how a victory can do that. Had they lost and Ohio succeaded (with other norhtweaster territory states) and joined the C.S.A that most certainly would have helped there cause, turning the tide of the war. All a Lincoln imposter would have to would be give the Speech at an earlier time when they new a major Confederate victory would follow. And thats Just one thing you could do. He could also make a big deal about refusal to enact mashal law as if was immoral and thus Kentuky succeads with the South from the git-go. Then there is the desicion to never switch to grant as his lead general. and at some losing point in the war just give in.

So in conclusion
1) all movie/TV magic aside, the aliens we know about are unlikely to build a robot lincoln, they are only concerned with abducting us to analize our biology. We do not care what wolf is alfadog in any pack running around the country, they do not care what our president say's.
2) movies and TV not aside, Star Treck rules! :)
3) Even if it could never be built back then, it could be built now (or very soon) and the only person with motive to bring it to the past is one of my ignorant redneack brethren here in Dixiland that would highjack his way into the past in a lincoln robot.
4) the merrymac was not poorly built (for that era)

And of course given the above, the South would have won.


Puck in the comments posted the picture of Lincoln before I had. I did not check the comments before posting my last entry and did not realize I was repeating established evidence.
I do wholly agree that Southern Rednecks would redo the Civil War in a heart beat. I have a teacher who flies a confederate flag in his office (He used to live in Mississippi before moving to Utah). But the practicality of this is moot. first I will say that forward time travel has been proven possible. But no evidence shows that backward time travel is possible.

Proposed possibilities include Worm Holes, but no worm hole has ever been observed, so the only way to get a worm hole is to make it. It is unestablished how to do this. And if one was made it more than likely would not stay open for more than a few seconds (because the fabric of space is fragile and violently shaking according to M-Theory)

I argue that backward time travel either is impossible or sufficient time will pass before it is that the war will be forgotten (Canadian's don't remember the war of 1812, I know since my grandfather grew up there), and a British kid at my school had never heard of the American Revolution which shocked me). Keep in mind that the Civil War was only 150ish years ago. Also note that New York once considered seceding from the Union but there isn't even a chance that the concept could arise today.

Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is only one reason why I would use so many Exclamation marks. I consider myself a Trekky. I would do no evil to that show which did influence my entry into the realm of Astronomy and Astrophysics (and SciFi of course).

If my comment came of as rude toward Star Fleet then I had better clarify it. My point was that entities like Star fleet with Laws like the Prime Directive did not exist until 1966 when Star Trek first debuted. since the Civil War occurred about 100 years earlier it did not apply.

Plus I pointed out that many times a rule like this is broken. My example was of the Piggies, a primitive race of intelligent creatures from the planet Lusitania, in the book Speaker for the Dead. There was a law of minimal interaction with them, but several people disobeyed that law and began sharing agriculture technologies and eventually pluming and electricity. Doing this gave rise to the sequel of the novel and is a main focus.

Again I must bring up Speaker for the Dead as it shares an important idea pertaining to your next point. You said that an alien race would consider us like animals. In the Enderverse (consisting of Ender's Game and all following novels, including Speaker for the Dead) there is a concept called Demosthenes' Hierarchy of Exclusion. In it there are two words used, Ramen and Verelse. Ramen is a Human of another species, or an Alien that we can converse with. This includes us, that visiting alien and all other intelligent aliens. Verelse means an animal, beasts with which we can never communicate fully. This includes Dogs, Zoo animals and any non-intelligent animal else where.

I argue that we would be seen differently than a zoo animal because we are Ramen (or whatever word they would like to use) and not Verelse.

Also, if they took humans at random then it should be expected that each country would receive reports of abduction in proportion to their population. But the US has many time more than any other country

True the Merrimack was effective, but it was a crude design. All it was was a regular ship with metal plates placed on it. Whereas the USS Monitor was a completely new design. Therefore the North was more innovative than the south. My main point was that a Robot Lincoln would be instantly recognized. Bringing up the perverted example of Roxxxy, even she (it?) would be recognized as a robot and not human.

So I conclude:
1) My case fits better with History Book history.
2) I have shown that the South couldn't effectively create the lincoln robot.
3) I have shown that England and an Alien race would be a better option

Vote con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Itsallovernow 7 years ago
If Lincolin was a robot, then we would have launched into the Space Age early, something that we wouldn't be ready for and nuclear tests would have been conducted with such explosive force, that it would have killed most of us and those who didn't immediatly die would be dead soon when the Earth's rotational orbit was thrown of and made us delve in an eternal Ice Age. Bloogah!
Posted by Demauscian 7 years ago
Oh My God!!!

Who the hell would have sex with a robot!!!

That is just wrong.
Posted by Marauder 7 years ago

Also, its interesting how our robots are real enough that they can turn some guys on....
I hope this kind of robot does not catch on, its kind of a messed up idea...
Posted by Demauscian 7 years ago
That is funny. Though I am a full blown skeptic of about everything I hear I have half convinced myself of what I am saying. I guess that is the only way I could say it, because otherwise the flaws in my own logic would ultimately crush me.
Posted by Marauder 7 years ago
despite the way I treat conspiracy theory (alien context or not) I realy am a sucker for them. Demauscian has nearly convinced me Lincoln was assasinated because he was a robot!!! ;)
Posted by Marauder 7 years ago
Cherymenthol, sorry I spelled Submarine wrong, I will likely never get that point for spelling.
As for your first question, yes you can I belive. the point of this kind of debate is not to confine you to my imagination, but to provide some options from my imagination in the event their is a lack in your ability to use yours. When seeing Sheldon argue made up history on the Big Bang Theroy its clear that in any given alternative history their are not two opposite sides to pick near infinite choices so that no matter what side you take your position is a positive.
Posted by mongeese 7 years ago
That looked like a great first round.
Posted by Cherymenthol 7 years ago
by the way what is a, submurine?
Posted by J.Kenyon 7 years ago
I want to see Nails pull semantics on this's ripe for the picking.
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