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If North Korea were to invade South Korea, South Korea with US support would win

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Started: 11/11/2011 Category: News
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I believe that If North Korea were to Invade South Korea, then they would eventually lose the war against South Korea with US support.

Con must argue how the North Koreans would guarantee to win the war WITHOUT any foreign help (like from China or Russia)

5 rounds, 6000 character limit

Con may use the first round for acceptance or they can post their arguments.


I accept this debate on the subject that North Korea would take south Korea if they only had US support.
Debate Round No. 1


To be fair I will only use the CURRENT number of US troops in South Korea and not assume that the US will deploy more troops.....

North Korean troops are under supplied, underfed, and already have low morale compared to South Korean troops

North Korea has very few resources, in fact at night they have to kill the power to the nation just to concern what little they have

South Korea on the other hand has a current standing military of about 650,000
North Korea has a standing military of about 1,000,000
US troops in South Korea is about 28,500

South Korea GDP = $1.014 Trillion = $1,362 Billion
North Korea GDP = $40 Billion (34 times smaller)
South Korea spending on military = $36.77 Billion
North Korea spending on military = $10 Billion

So economics wise, South Korea during times of war has a far greater potential for military spending/funding than North Korea could ever match.

So just to summarize
1) North Korea has a very underfunded, under supplied military
2) North Korea has little resources to supply their overblown military
3) North Korea's military is not very modern compared to South Korea's military
4) South Korea could provide much more funding into their military than North Korea if war were to break out
5) South Korea's economy is far stronger than North Korea's


North Korea's military number is much higher than you have said.

If a war started people would join up (because they want to, because they have to) but the number would then equal:

18 million men
704 ships
1600-1700 aircraft

South Korea has this:

8 million men
170 ships
500 aircraft

U.S support:
110,000 men
100 ships
1000 aircraft

My reasons for US support is this:

The US are in multiple countries already, Afghanistan and Iraq prime examples, and there army is very spread out around the world. They also have troops back home, troops in Canada, you name it.

Morale: North Korea has morale. Kim-Jung II has forced people into the army with pay. That's pretty good, seeing how he is paying them. They know they are fighting the last war for their country, so they will fight to see that war done.
The South Koreans are scared of the North Koreans.
Debate Round No. 2


You claim that if North Korea went to war their true military numbers would swell up to 18 million when officially their current standing army is a very overblown estimation. North Korea has a standing army of just over 1.1 million people, but if every person in North Korea aged 17 to 49 were to all be forced into the military, their military numbers would only total 12.93 million.

Please provide a source for where you get your 18 million people army because North Korea only has a population of 24 million.

On another note of the 13 Million people aged 17 to 49 in North Korea you would still have to factor in how many of those people are actually fit to serve in the military so 12.93 million is actually the optimistic level of troops North Korea could muster, the true total of maximum military they could have would be around 10 million.

If North Korea forced every available person into the military to fight the South, wouldn't they do the same? South Korea only has a standing army of about 600,000 without US support but if they too were to force everyone 17-49 into their military then they're true military might would total about 11 million people. So in an all out war South Korea would be able to almost match North Korea's military.

Also consider the logistics of each country having to supply such a military. North Korea's population totals at 24 million people, and in a 12 million man army that leaves one civilian left to supply one soldier. South Korea on the other hand has 49 million in population and with their 12 million man army they would be able to have 3 men supply every 1 soldier, so logistics wise that would give South Korea a very large advantage.

As for North Korea's Navy, the true number of naval ships they have is 700 ships and 1600-1700 aircraft, but most of these armaments are old Chinese or Russian models that are very out of date. South Korea on the other hand has 170 ships and 500 aircraft that are very modern.

It is almost a fact that the North Korean air force would lose to the South Korean air force under any circumstance of war, and the same goes for the navy.

So already the modernization of South Korea's military to the North give the South a very good chance of winning the war. With US support already there the modernization factor only further tips the scale of battle into their favor.

As for Morale I have already shown how the North struggles to even feed their military, being malnourished would surely cut into their morale, especially during war time when supplies would dwindle... The payment of troops in North Korea isnt something South Korean troops dont have, they have it too and they dont have to bribe people to get more money...

Lastly the fear factor, the reason South Korea fears the North is because they fear that North Korea would start the war because that is the last thing the South wants. They do not fear the north for their laughable military power, and with US support the "fear" that you claim South Korea has would die out very quickly's_Army

To summarize:
1) North Korea's military is very weak and rather primitive
2) If both countries were to enlist every able bodied person then the numbers would almost break even
3) South Korea's military and economic superiority can help them supply a vast army whereas North Korea could not
4) North Korea's Navy and Air force are horribly out of date technology wise whereas South Korea's is very modern
5) North Korean troops have a low morale, as I have previously shown
6) South Koreans fear the North might start a war, they do not fear them for their military might.


This my source:

Just to point out, these are estimates by the US. It is my opinion that those numbers are real, and sheer military power will dominate.

North Korea has sheer military power.
Debate Round No. 3


The Con is arguing that sheer military power will always win wars regardless of military technology, but history has time and time again told a different story,

Falklands War
Argentina = 14,000
Britain = 10,000
Argentina surrendered after 2 months

Vietnam War
US = 1.83 million
Vietnam = 460,000
US left after 10 years

France vs Nazi Germany in WWII
France = 5 million
Germany = 4.2 million
France fell after 2 weeks

Israel - Arab in 1967
Israel = 100,000
Arab alliance = 240,000
Israel won after 6 days

Britain vs Sudan during scramble for Africa
Britain = 25,000
Sudan = 52,000
Sudan became a British territory after 7 years of resistance

Anglo Zulu War in 1879 during the scramble for Africa
Britain = 16,000
Zulu = 35,000
Zulu lost after 4 months and was divided into 13 kingdoms

Russo-Japanese War
Russia = 500,000
Japan = 300,000
Japan secured victory in less than 2 years

China vs Japan during WWII
China = 5.6 million
Japan = 4 million
Japan takes a majority of China's coast, capture the capital city, repelled only after heavy US intervention

What about the greatest upset in history? The Revolutionary War
Britain = 150,000 total
US = 90,000 total
US won in (glorious fashion) after 7 years

So sheer military power does not guarantee victory. I reinforce my points about how technologically inferior North Korea's military is, the true potential of the military South Korea can field in response, the low morale of North Korea's soldiers, and the lack of resources North Korea already has to fund their army.


gryphion forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Vote Pro :D


Sorry for forfeiting that round, I am very busy.

If military dominance is at a very large level, that it will triumph over less military power.
In a war with 18 million men VS 8.110 million men, that the 18 million will triumph.

Vote con!!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by imabench 6 years ago
and viper king if there were chinese support than the con would just hide behind all out chinese support and the debate would focus on the war against China instead of North korea
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
i put it like that because im tired of 3 day voting periods.....
Posted by gryphion 6 years ago
Sad. My opponent made 175 days for voting. It feels like he is worried who will win.

Vote Con!
Posted by Viper-King 6 years ago
HEY!!!!!!!!!! NOT HIDING! You need the Chinese or it won't be a fair debate!
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
The reason I put the debate like this is because
1) I didnt want the con to hide behind a possible all out Chinese rescue of North Korea to justify their argument
2) US and South Korea are already very intertwined in South Korea already, removing the US from the equation would remove the realistic- aspect of who would win in such a conflict in this debate
Posted by logicrules 6 years ago
@ all
If we didn't win we lost. That's the problem, ya all call Iraq a win. A win is when all the enemy are dead or surrender.
Posted by DanT 6 years ago
Also Nam was a stalemate, as the Paris Peace Accords in January of 1973, ended fighting between North and South, and lead to a US withdraw.
In March of 1973 we pulled out of Nam, and in August of 1973 Congress passed a anti-war measure so we couldn't go back to war. The North than invaded the south again, and in December of 1974 the North captured the province of Phuoc Long, which lead to the unification of Nam in July of 1976,
Posted by DanT 6 years ago
logicrules @

We won the Iraq war, because we toppled the Baath party. Now we are just getting rid of the remaining loyalists.

We also won the first Gulf War.
Posted by DanT 6 years ago
So US and south Korea against a lone North Korea.

Posted by logicrules 6 years ago
If NK invades SK it'll be USA v. China....and the US aint won a conflict since '45, cant beat Iraq and got stuck like chuck in Nam....Id learn mandarin if I were younger.
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Vote Placed by logicrules 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Debate lacked definitions and focus. Proof rest with the bringer of the affirmative, ergo pro loses as he provided no evidence only numbers.
Vote Placed by Viper-King 6 years ago
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