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If girls are allowed to join boy scouts, boys should be able to join girl scouts.

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Started: 11/22/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 7 months ago Status: Debating Period
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4 rounds.
Please don't use up all 3,000 characters if you don't need to, that bores people.

Round 1 - State your claim. Nothing else, don't counter. This is to state what you think.
Round 2 - State your arguments, but PLEASE DON'T counter (don't say "he didn't use a source" or "That probably isn't reliable" unless the argument is just completely stupid) This is more or less why you think your reasons, but more on it.
Round 3 - Refute and counter.
Round 4 - Last shot, go all out. (Still don't use 3,000 characters unless necessary)

My Claim:
If biological girls are allowed to join boy scouts regardless of their gender identity, then biological boys should be allowed to join girl scouts regardless of their gender identity.


State my claim:

No, boys should not be allowed to join the girl scouts.

Girl scouts was created for, and serves girls to teach them how to become strong, productive, better woman.

It is a volunteer, private club that gets to create their own safe environment where they can share common aspirations. Allowing boys in would change the dynamics of the group and harm the clubs vision and goals for the girls.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheDarkandStormyKnight 7 months ago
In my opinion, if this is how we should go we should either get rid of gendered scouts altogether or just change the way activities are organized between the two groups. It doesn't make sense to have the BOY scouts if it isn't just for BOYS.
Posted by Leaning 7 months ago
Eh, I imagine some people prefer shorter debates that have more the feel of a conversation in which two people are trying to understand the others point of view better. And perhaps change their own opinion.
Posted by tenyearsoflight 8 months ago
I would accept but it won't let me.
Posted by YakovF 8 months ago
"Please don't use up all 3,000 characters if you don't need to"
"if you don't need to"
I put that there because people for some reason think they have to use up every single letter they have.
Posted by WAM 8 months ago
But the boyscouts/scouts are a multi sex organisation across the world, with the "boy" not really having any meaning nowadays, while girl scouts/guides are specifically female.

In fact, the only countries where the "boyscouts" are not with both genders are countries in the Islamic realm, a few in southern Africa and PNG, and, as the only 'western', developed countries, Barbados and the U.S.A.

Because in the international realm, the great majority (14 only male, 152 with both genders) has both genders in their groups. Of those 14, 4 are not Islamic.

Furthermore, the U.S. does allow females only in some of its scouting ranks.

On the other hand, as already stated, the girl guides/scouts are a specific female orientated organisation, and are only accessible to females.

The "boy" in boyscout means very little nowadays. It's an organisation for both sexes. So don't get hung up over the name.
Posted by KostasT.1526 8 months ago
You are debating. You can't complain that your opponent's arguments are too long (while 3000 are really few but anyway) and that your opponent pointed out that you have either non-reliable or nonexistent sources. If that's so, you may do it on the youtube comment section and not a debate website.
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