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If humans came about by chance, why are we so special?

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Started: 12/26/2015 Category: Religion
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If we we're a result of evolution and not creation why are humans so special to have more than other species?

Why can we speak? Humans are born with the ability to speak something which other species are not. U. S. research says that babies are born with the basic fundamental knowledge of language.

Why do cows and horses off example just eat hay or grains but humans have a vast choice of foods to consume? There are approx 80,000 edible plants for humans. (Although cultivate a lot less)

We get pleasure out of consuming food and drinks and we just don't eat to live. We get together and eat and food is always special and appreciated in our lives. We get enjoyment out of it due to our tastebuds. We have about 10,000 tastebuds. Cows have about 250,000 tastebuds but not so they can enjoy more varieties of food but so they can detect any potential harmful toxins.

Why do humans have free will? This for me is a big question. Animals do not have free will but instead they have instinct. How are birds born with instinct that keeps them alive? It's built into them that they need to migrate in order to survive. A bird can't decide to become a horse. It has no free will .

Yet humans do. Not only do we have free will but we have a moral conscience. Animals however just act on instinct and learned behaviours. It appears to me animals are there to be enjoyed by us as companions and pets and we do get great enjoyment out of the amazing species on this planet.

Why do we have such a range of emotions giving us the most out of life. The ability to love and feel? Why aren't we just robotic?

Humans have qualities far beyond what is necessary for mere survival. In fact, we care for sick people and help those who are less fortunate. Why would we do that if evolution with its "survival of the fittest" were true.


I think that the first and most important point to make here is that evolution is a scientific fact. Humans, like all living things on Earth, are the result of evolution. Pointing to differences between humans and other animals does not change this fact.

The fact that humans can speak and other species cannot is not that remarkable. It is not difficult to identify unique traits in other organisms, traits that humans do not have. Yet verbal communication is wide-spread in the animal kingdom. This is exactly that we would expect if evolution were true: similarities (due to common ancestry) and differences (due to divergence). I assume you are not claiming that new born babies can actually speak. Of course, babies are usually born with the ability to learn how to speak as they get older, but some people are never able to speak e.g. if they are born with a defects in body parts that are required for speech. The ability to speak may also be lost e.g. if certain parts of the brain are damaged. Also, we can teach other animals to speak e.g. birds.

Humans have a vast choice of foods to consume because of agriculture. Over thousands of years we domesticated and bred plants and animals to suit our dietary needs. Practically all of the foods that we eat today are nothing like their wild counterparts. For example, look at the difference between modern corn and its wild progenitor teosinte. You would not want to eat teosinte. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts are all derived (through human intervention) from the same wild cabbage species. Although many plants are edible for humans, most are not. And the fact that many plants are edible for humans is not incredible when you consider, say, the many different kinds of insects that are edible for an insect eating animal. Also, you might be surprised what a horse will eat if you feed it to them.

Humans are not the only animals with reward systems in the their brains and there is every reason to think that some animals experience pleasure when engaging in acts that are required for survival (eating) and reproduction (sex).

Regarding 'free-will', our brains a different due to evolution, so our subjective experience is different in many ways. Humans also have instinct, and decision making has been observed in other animals. Moral conscience has also been observed in animals. There are heaps of videos on YouTube of other apes showing moral conscience. If animals are here to be enjoyed by us as companions and pets then it is odd that so many of them can (and do) kill us. I personally do not get any enjoyment out of e.g. mosquitoes that carry malaria.

Regarding emotion, that is also to do with the brain. We aren't robots because we have complex brains.

'Survival of the fittest' does not mean that we cannot cooperate. In fact cooperation is vital to the survival of our species, and cooperation has also been observed in other animals.

All of the questions you asked are interesting, and we may not have complete answers for all of them, but this does not change the fact that humans and all living things on Earth are the result of evolution.
Debate Round No. 1


Verbal communication through noises and speaking words are two different things. Birds being taught to mimic words is irrelevant as they do not understand what they are saying. I'm not claiming new born babies can speak of course not. I'm saying I've seen research that confirms humans have the ability to speak and understand language from birth. We are the only species which has the ability to use language and words to communicate verbally. Chimps for example do not have the vocal cords that we have to enable them to speak. They can understand a lot and use sign language but they have mental and physical limitations that mean they will never be able to speak. It's not built into them like it is with humans so I do feel that is special.

Very bold of you to state that evolution is a scientific fact.

There are many reasons why evolution makes no sense to me. Looking into evolution theories I've yet to see anything convincing. No one has come up with the missing link that would prove evolution. Fossils do not show any gradual change. Not one showing one species changing into another entirely new one. Also if we came from a common ancestor why is this not backed up anywhere? The fossil record strongly indicates that the major kinds of plants and animals appeared abruptly with no proof of them evolving into other kinds even over aeons of time. Where is the evidence that macro evolution took place?

Scientists worldwide have unearthed and cataloged like 200 million large fossils and billions of microfossils. Many researchers agree that this large detailed record shows that all the major groups of animals appeared suddenly and remained virtually unchanged, with many species disappearing as suddenly as they arrived.

Also I think humans are actually deteriorating as a result of accumulating mutations, or imperfections. Surely this undermines the view that we are evolving, or improving. We are getting sicker. In the 70's and 80's 1 in 2000 children had autism. Now it is 1 in 68. I see no evidence of evolution. There are plenty of other conditions that are more rampant now than there were previously.

Please show me some evidence of evolution without mentioning finches as that's all I ever hear about. Surely there is more?


Humans can be considered 'special' in certain ways. I'm not denying that. Other animals are special in certain ways too. Cuttlefish can change colour in an instant to blend in with their environment. We can't. I could go on forever giving examples. But it doesn't matter, because these 'special' traits are the result of evolution, not evidence against it.

It's not bold at all to state that evolution is a fact. Evolution is a fact in the same way that the Sun orbits the Earth is a fact. Your lack of understanding of evolution and the fossil record does not change this. Every fossil is a 'missing link'. Fossils do show gradual change but they do not show every change that ever happened because fossilisation is a rare event. Our common ancestry is supported not just in the fossil record but also in our DNA. The scientific consensus on evolution is as strong as any scientific consensus that has ever existed. If you think you have evidence to disprove it, then please publish your findings in Nature and collect your Nobel Prize. Until then, you are in no position to reject the scientific consensus.

No. An apparent increase in the frequency of certain health conditions in some human populations is not evidence against evolution. In the case of autism, the apparent increase could be due to e.g. changes in diagnostic practice, changes in behaviour, environmental factors etc.

Yes, there is more evidence for evolution than finches. The finches are just classic example because most people can easily understand it. It's really not up to me to spoon feed you the evidence for evolution. Take responsibility for your own education. Go and buy Mark Ridley's text book 'Evolution'. Spend some time reading webpages or watching videos on evolution from reliable sources like universities and science journals. Go and visit a museum of natural history.
Debate Round No. 2


There's no lack of understanding on my part and it's quite rude to suggest that. I've looked into it in depth and remain unconvinced.I don't want evidence of every change that has ever happened. It's just odd how not even one fossil has been found which proves the change from one species to another. Out of millions and millions of fossils from various groups there's no fossils linking them. The theories don't stand up to scrutiny Imo . The reptile to bird theory is laughable. No reptile fossils with feathers, or half leg half wing, nothing. Various life forms suddenly appeared in the fossil record with no fossils showing how they came to be so. So I am entitled to reject whatever I wish if I don't see evidence.

The Finches were studied and it showed that after the drought finches with larger beaks survived better than those with smaller beaks. What wasn't mentioned however was that finches with smaller beaks once again dominated the population. So all this shows is adaptation to the climate changes. Variation and adaptation is not evolution.. Finches although there are different types were still finches. Some of these finches are now facing extinction so...

I've been to the museum of natural history.

Why don't you look into cells for example. How they are even made up is mind blowing. Humans are made up of 100 trillion cells. All from one tiny fertilised cell. The complexity of mechanisms required for a cell to function is so massive that for it come about by chance is pretty much impossible. I read that just one cell alone could be like a city surrounded by secure walls, with a government that maintains order , a power plant that generates energy, factories that produce proteins, a complex transportation system and guards permitting what is allowed to enter. That's just one cell alone. It blows my mind. And I cannot possibly accept that all of that design which is what it is came about by accident. The theory of evolution wants us to believe that life came about by accident and then another series of undirected accidents produced the incredibly complex variety of millions different species.

If we dropped bricks from a great height over and over would they eventually land in the form of a perfect house? No. It's impossible. A house has to be built by a builder and designed by an architect. I believe earth and everything in it was created. No webpages or text books can convince me otherwise. I appreciate your input and I know u seem to be fully convinced with evolution. Thanks for your time


While you are laughing at the 'reptile to bird theory', scientists are busy studying Archaeopteryx. The theory of evolution may not stand up to scrutiny in your opinion, but it has stood up to scrutiny by scientists for over 150 years. What are the chances that you are right and every biologist over the last 150 years is wrong?

Adaptations are a consequence of evolution by natural selection, and natural selection acts on variation. Not sure what your point is about finches facing extinction.

Cells blow my mind too. But that doesn't mean a god did it.

Your example of dropping bricks (along with practically everything you have written so far) is proof that you lack a basic understanding of how evolution works. It's not rude of me to say this. I'm just stating the obvious. You should thank me for making helpful suggestions as to how you could gain a better understanding of evolution.
Debate Round No. 3


SarahAbe forfeited this round.


Blob forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


SarahAbe forfeited this round.


Evolution is a scientific fact. Unfortunately, faith tends to lead people to reject facts, as can be seen from this most disappointing debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Sophistication1 2 years ago
Autism used to be thought upon as a serious mental limitation, the image often popularized in films on the subject. But now we know people looking perfectly normal can also have Autism, so of course the "numbers" would've increased if you take Autism into a broader context.
I don't actually see how increasing numbers of Autism have anything to do with Evolution, in the first place.

"Also I think humans are actually deteriorating as a result of " .. Did you just say "I think", you're supposed to know, old chap, you're in a debate after all, you need to get your facts straight.

"There are plenty of other conditions that are more rampant now than there were previously." Rather than aversing a debate, why don't you just debate already? You're avoiding putting the facts on the table which make a debate.

"Please show me some evidence of evolution without mentioning finches as that's all I ever hear about. Surely there is more" We're debating, you're the one aversing arguments and going straight to disproving the opponent's arguments.. if what you really want is someone to tell you you're entirely right at everything you think then you shouldn't make a debate man. Perhaps take a course in coding and make an auto-approving Evie, so you don't have to bother anyone else with it.
Posted by Blob 2 years ago
*Earth orbits the Sun
Posted by DeepThought42 2 years ago
Personally, I think that life becomes all the more special when understanding that our origins are evolution based. To think that billions of years of cosmic change and evolution eventually lead to me is a lot more awe-inspiring than to believe that we were created from a hyper-intelligent being in a matter of days who had a plan for all of us in my opinion.
Posted by MagicAintReal 2 years ago

I know, it's like humans can do so much more than the other animals like fly, see extremely well in the dark, breathe water, hear extremely high frequencies, use our homing devices in our brains, use the lights that come out of our head to see in the deep ocean, hide in our protective shells to avoid danger, morph into a different form, shoot silk out of our bodies to trap and eat food, use our echolocation so we don't need to use our eyes, and reproduce millions of offspring.

Oh wait...we can't do any of those things.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
animals dont have a need for language like humans do, one could use their needs to make them intelligent

a fish cant put a stick in the ground, so it cant learn to build a house
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